Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bubble Lights

We got the downstairs tree up.  This year it will have one stringer of Bubble Lights for the entire season.  Last year we put them on the tree for awhile..then we took them off..they get pretty warm.  If they worry me too much I will take them off the tree and pack them away.

Putting on the bubble lights

Chance and Far Guy admiring their work.


The Bubble Lights are mesmerizing..the liquid heats up and then they bubble..some are slow.. so you have to tap the glass tube to get the bubbles moving.

The tree would only have lights..but the Calvary(Jen, Andy, Noah and Adam) stopped by on Sunday afternoon and the tree was quickly decorated.  Many hands make short work of a big project.  www shopjendotcom  delivered three gifts to be wrapped. Far Guy was going to drive 90 miles to pick up two items…and Jen graciously agreed to pick the items up for us.

More packages were delivered in the mail yesterday..we are getting quite a pile upstairs on the gift wrapping table.

The Calvary brought extra cookies from the cookie exchange..so we won’t be baking any cookies:)

Health Updates:

Far Guy is still exhausted..he tires easily..but managed his mile walk yesterday morning.

My Mom is surviving..she walked a short distance (five feet) with the aid of a walker in Physical Therapy yesterday.  There has been big medication mix ups several times at the Nursing Home..she is not getting her pain medication in a timely manner and then she gets behind and cannot catch up with the pain and lies awake all night in pain.  I spoke with her Nurse yesterday..and I believe my brother spoke to the Charge Nurse.  I told one of the Nurses that I can call every two hours if that is what it takes to get a Nurse to give her the meds. (they said that was not necessary)

It is very frustrating..yesterday I immediately knew that she had not slept well.  She has to be able to sleep to heal and to get better. 

Treatment for a broken pelvis includes bed rest, physical therapy and  pain management.  It may take 8 to 12 weeks before she is all better and is able to care for herself. 

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Muffy's Marks said...

Your poor mom. It is so frustrating when someone is paid to do a job and doesn't do it. That is the problem from nursing home to nursing home, lack of care. It is really hard to find a good one. There are a few dedicated staff members but they are few. And what they charge for a resident to be there, its a shame. I hope she gets out of there really fast.

DJan said...

Glad to hear you've got the tree up. As you said, many hands make easy work. Your poor mom... I remember when I broke my pelvis, they had the pain meds piped into me, and all I had to do was press a button for morphine to relax me and let me sleep. They told me that when they do that, people don't need as much.

Country Gal said...

They should have a pain med pump that piped it like Djan said she had I had one to when I broke my ribs ! You cant over dose yourself with it either ! Would be much easyer then depending on the nurses there ! I really hope she gets the care and rest she needs ! Hope Far Guy gets his rest as well . I find after a fall or accident or illness being tired seems to always follow even years after a way your body tells you enough is enough time to rest ! Glad your tree is up never seen those bubble light here they are cool. Have a good day !

Anonymous said...

The tree is beautiful! I'm sorry Far Guy is so very tired. I'm also sorry to hear about the frustration of dealing with a poorly organized nursing home staff. Your Mom is there for a reason and there is no excuse for her pain meds not being given on time.

Shirley H. said...

Please tell Far Guy to get a lot of rest. It takes a while to recover from what he experienced. We want him to listen to his body and take a nap when needed and not overdo at anything in this busy season.

Is your mother's nursing home very far away? I have heard that if the family visit very often the person gets better care. When my husband was in a nursing home for three years I went every day and I am sure the staff didn't really like having me there that much but I didn't care. I was his advocate. There were times when he was given too much drugs and I had to talk to them about that. Older people don't need as big a dose of drugs it seems.

I hope that you will keep on the nursing home staff so that your Mom can have enough pain relief to do her physical therapy. It sounds like she is being very brave and diligent- and being as active as possible will help her recovery.

Nancy said...

I can only imagine how much patients suffer when they don't have family to be their advocates. Bless you and your brother for speaking up for your Mom.

Prayers still coming your way for Far Guy and your Mom.

EBet said...

~It sounds so Christmasy around there~
I think you should call every two hours anyway, that is just terrible.

LindaG said...

Nursing homes are frustrating. You may need to call anyway.
And talk to your mom. The person answering the phone may not tell you the truth, if they are that problematic.
Hope things get better for your mom.

Glad you got your tree up. Good to hear Far Guy is continuing to do better, too.
Baby steps, as my hubby would say. :-)

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Oh bless your sweet Mama's heart. I just hate it when you can't get the cooperation ya need from medical staff. Booger!!!

Know that I have her on my prayer list. I truly do keep a list so I won't neglect someone I've told I'd pray for 'em. I'm gettin' old ya know? :o)

I can only imagine how awesome that big old tree is in person. I bet the bubble lights are truly spectacular on it but they do tend to throw heat!!! I love to sit and stare at them when I find a tree with 'em.

Now, does Far Guy snore when he admires his work??? He looks pretty 'relaxed' to me! Heeehehehe!!!

Ya'll have a blessed and marvelous day!!!

NCmountainwoman said...

It might help if you speak with the adminstrator about your concerns. Politely ask him or her for the toll-free hotline number for your state's reporting system. Explain your frustration with the lack of response to your mother's pain. It is awful, but sometimes the threat of a complaint to the state and the possibility of a visit or state survey might be enough to wake them up.

I remember bubble lights from my childhood. So fascinating to a child.

Lanny said...

Oh everything looks so pretty and Christmasy here on your blog. I haven't read since the "relatives on Sunday" picture, but Bet has kept me informed of all the goings on while I work at becoming a website wizard and she just has fun.

Ya know it is frustrating when the very people who know what it takes to heal are the ones who get in the way of it! Argh. And for every solution there arises a new problem. Sometimes I want to just take the Red Queen's approach and "off with their heads!" But then that wouldn't really help your mom. But saying it makes me feel better!

Karen said...

I second what NCmountainwoman said about the nursing home. In discussion with the social worker before my mum moved to the care home, she was talking about resolving conflicts. The last thing she said, if things aren't being resolved to your satisfaction, was to go to the media.
Hope you are able to come to an easier solution, and your mum heals quickly.
All the best to Far Guy as well, he needs both the rest, and the excercise:)

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope your threat means your mum gets her meds.

Glad to hear Far Guy is walking!

Love those bubble lights - never seen them before now.

Karmyn R said...

I pray your mom heals quickly. How awful for her.

As a kid we had bubble lights on our tree. I know my parents still have them - but I haven't been to their house for Christmas in so long, I don't know if they even put them up.

L. D. said...

I was hoping that the calvery would come in and help out a little at your house. I think your family pulled through and I didn't have to call up and yell at them. It is good that they are near. Pain medication is s must and it is hard to keep it going when you are in pain. I hope that everyday that it gets better. Fast!

Ellen said...

I'm really impressed with Far Guy walking a mile. As long as he takes it easy when necessary. I feel so bad for your mom. I've dealt with so many nursing homes and it seems to be a huge problem, getting meds on time. They don't pay their employees much and not only is there a huge turnover, they don't really take pride in their work. So heartbreaking. Hope your mom gets out of there soon. Bubble lights are my very favorite. Reminds me of our tree when I was young. I bought some new ones a few years ago and I just love them.

Mary Dowling said...

Praying for your Mom's healing. And happy that Far Guy is able to be up and around--a mile walk sounds good to me!

Rae said...

You are blessed to have such a wonderful Calvary come to the rescue. The squeaky wheel always gets the grease - be the squeaky wheel on your mom's behalf. If you call and "squeak" often enough the staff will get things done for her. She should not have to be in pain. Makes me mad when I hear things like that. There is NO excuse for poor nursing care.

Anonymous said...

I spoke to one of the nurses the other night. What a treat that was!! UGH. They HAVE TIME at night to give patients medication and obviously the one that I spoke with had no care in the world about proper pain management.

Nancy/BLissed-Out Grandma said...

Glad the tree is up and cookies have been provided! I think nursing home residents benefit from having family members talk often with staff regarding meds and other care. As others have said, try to get her a pump and call as often as you need to. I hope things will go better soon!

Lynda said...

Oh the nursing home stories we all might have. The cost is very high but they under-staff the nurses and CNAs. When my mom was "in" for rehab 11 years ago, she was on a dialysis diet. The good news is she was sharp enough to tell them the things she was not supposed to eat that they kept bringing her. We supplemented a lot of her food from home.
Your poor mom - - - you are right that it is easier to keep the pain away than try and take it away once it starts. She and Far Guy are fortunate to have you keeping tabs on them.

Ann said...

It's good to hear Far Guy is doing better.
Hope your Mom can get her meds on time.
Glad your family came through for you with all the help.
The love shines through!!!

Dreaming said...

I love the bubble lights! they are so cheerful.
I keep praying for you guys and your mom. I hope things improve.

Red said...

The first lights my Dad bought after w e got electricity were bubble lights . He liked them so much he didn't put them on the tree . He strung them on a narrow board and put them in the window.
Hope they get their act together with your Mom.