Saturday, December 17, 2011

December 17, 2011

It is slow going, but the gifts that have been purchased have been wrapped.  We are still waiting for two more deliveries. 

I am working on the Shiny Brite Tree is a good thing we are not expecting overnight company.

The beds are full of ornaments and ornament boxes.


The old loveseat is full of ornaments.


I am not sure why I have been keeping this old loveseat..we had a couch that matched..but Chance wore that one out.  Small grandchildren used to be able to sleep on they are all too tall to sleep on it comfortably. It is too good to throw out.


The tree coffin is empty. It is awaiting empty boxes and containers.

I have marked all the boxes and plastic containers with post it notes so I know what goes where when I pack them all back up again in about ten days.


The top of the tree gets decorated first then I take it off the stand and hold it and Far Guy puts the rest of the tree together and we both hoist it worked last year..I think Far Guy stood on a chair.  See that boom is loaded with Bee Gees and Beach Boys and Rock n Roll Oldies..great tree trimmin’ music:)

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  1. Ohhh, now it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! The Shiny Brite tree is going up! :-)

  2. Yahoo for the Shiny Brite Tree! Can't wait to see it all done!

  3. You are an energetic person!!! And I know I've told you before - - but I LOVE your house! I don't know that I have read about it - - - but is the lumber inside local or does it have a particular history? You don't have to answer today but when there's a slow day in the winter or if you have an old post about it, I think it would be interesting.

  4. You have a lot of pretty ornaments. :)

    I imagine the reason you haven't thrown the loveseat out is because it is still useful. ;-)

  5. I shall have to live Christmas through you...

  6. You are so organized, and I wish I could say the same! I love your upstairs!

  7. Cant wait to see the shiny tree all done! Love the room with the wood walls ! Have as wonderful day !

  8. Can't wait to see the Shiny Brite tree! I bought a box of small Shiny Brites last year on sale. Maybe I'll buy some more this year.

  9. My kind of tunes!!! Appears that Christmas is going to 'happen' at your house. Good luck with it all.

  10. Our kind of music, too!

    I always am on the lookout for SB's for you - so far, I've not had any luck, but maybe one day!!!

  11. That is one big project! Good thing you have lots of good high-energy music, not to mention lots of help.

  12. I love your tree coffin! You probably have to be organized to fit everything back in there. ;)

    You are more ambitious than I am. I will be another one living vicarious decorated Christmas through you and other bloggers--LOL!

    Looking forward to seeing Shiny Brite!! :)

  13. One has to be organized when it comes to Christmas celebrations. You certainly are organized and will have a pleasant Christmas.

  14. Sounds like you are really in the holiday spirit! Enjoy!! :-)

  15. Oh, yes, we need pictures of the finished tree.
    You have bunches and bunches of ornaments - and their vintage boxes are in great shape!!

  16. All the decorating we do and only for a short time. You must be like me, I do it for myself, I love Christmas decorations but hate to take them down.
    Blessings and Merry Chrsitmas

  17. I was kind of happy we aren't having company this year - because ALL the empty boxes are sitting on the extra "guest" bed - and I'm too lazy to find somewhere else to put them for now!


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