Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gifts for Teens and Tweens

I do not begin to understand all the IPod..Xbox..DS3D..Justin Bieber world that surrounds “The Five.”

Shopping for appropriate Christmas Gifts was a challenge. I am out of “the loop.”

Some packages were wrapped in Justin Bieber paper..with admonishments to unwrap carefully.  There was Justin Bieber Perfume ( yuk), blankets, posters and t shirts.  I hope someone responsible is taking care of the JB Fortune.  I don’t see the attraction..even after watching the movie..then again I have never swooned or screamed after any singer in my lifetime.  I did feel a bit like screaming one time at one of The Unbelievable Uglies dances back in 1968 but only because one of Far Guys former girlfriends was there.

I was totally in the dark about the one piece animal cap/scarf/mittens that the girls absolutely loved. 

Paige and her Husky Scarf

Miss Paige’s was supposed to be a Husky.

Maddies showing the mittens

Maddie’s  was supposed to be a wolf.   I really couldn’t tell much difference..the wolf may have been a little darker than the Husky.


This was a gift that I won in a giveaway just before Christmas.  It was a perfect gift for Maddie..and she loved it!   Thanks to Susan at City Gal Moves To Oz Land and to Michelle at Rockin Heart Jewelry. Maddie loves all things horses or hockey.

Maddie and her wolf scarf and mittens

Maddie is our UND Fighting Sioux gal..she got a jacket, t-shirt, pants and a necklace.  She is not as wild and crazy about JB as her sisters. ( Perhaps someday she will be on the Women’s Hockey Team.)

Now a compound bow..that is a wonderful Christmas gift!  One that needed no explanation..I knew what it was and how it is used.

Noah and His Compound Bow

Noah  was very excited…he will need some place to practice.  I think I will shop for a bow..I have always wanted one..we can put a practice shooting lane someplace here in the woods.  It will be a good activity  to share with both of the boys.  Of course the girls could give it a try too:)

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DJan said...

I think Maddie is adorable as a wolf! And yeah, times are long past when I would scream at a singer. But they are young and will look back on these JB days and wonder why, don't you think? :-)

SparkleFarkel said...

"Yuk" to the Biebs' Perfume?!BLASPHEMY! (lol!) Wait (and YIKES!-->). Maybe the "something's wrong with this picture" is in my picture! I'm 57 years old and Justin's "All I Want for Christmas is You" is my ringtone!?!? *panics over the thought of having possibly lost her grip* My name is SparkleFarkle and I am a TrueBielieber. (LOLouder!) I think I'd be wise to have a twelve-step program for breakfast, dontcha thin'?

lisa said...

Looks like everyone was happy with Santa this year ;)

MTWaggin said...

The girls look adorable and I'm with you - always wanted to learn to shoot a bow and I think you'd have fun doing that with the boys!

Shirley H. said...

Gosh,I hadn't heard of those combination hats,scarf,mittens. What will they think of next? Thanks for clueing me in.

I don't "get" Justin Bieber either. He seems, to me, to look like a girl.

I was a teen during the Frank Sinatra screaming era but I never could understand what that was all about. One wonders it if was staged.

Now of course I love to see Sinatra in movies and I really enjoy his singing. But when I was a teenager, nothing!

Anonymous said...

I am just happy to know I am not the only one "out of the loop!"

I love the pictures of your grandchildren.

Happy New Year to everyone.

Rita said...

I was the perfect age for the Beatles and, even if I wasn't a screamer, I had such a crush on John. I can understand the Bieber crush thing. The fact that he doesn't look like a "man" makes him the perfect teen crush material. Safer, you know? I used to think he was such a sweet kid, but now he's already moved on to rap and wearing his pants BELOW his buttocks. He lost me. ;)

Love the look of the wolf hat, but having the hat and mittens attached I don't understand. Doesn't seem very practical. How would one go about shoveling snow or scraping ice off a windshield with those? Wouldn't you pull your hat off? LOL!

I am getting too old, I guess.

Karen said...

Doesn't matter what the gifts are, and whether you 'understand' them or not. If the kids loved them that's what counts, and it looks like you got big brownie points in that department:)

Nancy/BLissed-Out Grandma said...

Oh my, I've never seen those fur hat and mitten combinations either, but my grandkids would love them. Not that they're going to get them. And I know nothing of a compound bow, so I'm really out of the loop. But you and the kids will have great fun taking target practice together!

Country Gal said...

Yeah well us Canadians have no choice lol as Beiber's home town is only an hour away from us ! To me I cant see the hoopla over him either ! Glad all had a good Christmas though ! Never have seen the hat,mitts in one funny we are in the great white north and yet we dont have them here lol. Have a wonderful day !

Bobbie said...

Just remember.. as long as they're in love with JB they are safe at home! I can remember my room plastered with Mark Lindsey and Davy Jones along with some other heartthrobs of the 60's... and I'd give Mark's 8X10 glossy a kiss goodnight before going to bed at night. I'd never think of being unfaithful to him. Let's hope they stay safely in love with JB for another oh... say 10 to 20 years now. LOL.
I love the hat/scarf/gloves. I just saw those at the mall for the first time and was going to get one for my GD. Great gifts! It looks like Christmas was very much enjoyed at your house. Thanks for sharing..

Trapper Creek Daughter said...

As a teenager myself, I haven't been bitten by the JB bug and never quite got the obsession - give me Keith Urban or George Strait any day!

Never seen the once piece hat/scarf/glove combination before... interesting..

Laura said...

Well, I guess that's the only good thing about not having grandkids. I don't have that problem...yet. The only kid gift I have to buy is for my nephew's four-year-old son.
Great gifts! They're a pretty lucky bunch of kids!

Red said...

I think all older generations have been mystified to some extent about the younger generations likes!
I worked with kids all my life and still dig them. You can see the wheels turn.

An English Shepherd said...

Wolfs are cool as well ;-)

rkbsnana said...

Yep, I'm out of the loop as well. Your kids all look so cute. On the Bieber bit...my fourteen year old is crazy about him as well as my five year old nephew. Go figure.

Pamela said...

looks like all was a success.
My 15 year old granddaughter makes snide remarks about JB.. so I'm not sure if she is pretending not to like him or if she really doesn't.

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

Oh, she looks so cute in the hat and the two necklaces layered! I am so glad that she loved it, and that you won Susan's contest!! I was honored to be featured!!
As for Bieber, I think young girls will always swoon and cry over handsome idols....I don't know where it comes from, LOL, but it's been happening for generations!
here is a link to my jewelry shop on Etsy:

Girl Tornado said...

Looks like your grandkids enjoyed all their gifts Connie... I'll admit I was clueless about the hat/scarf/mitten combo item. This is the first news item here on your blog notifying me of their immense popularity. So I guess I am officially out of the loop, huh?!

I was never one to be over-the-top in love with any famous people. The only person I can think of, that I may have had a short infatuation with, was Davy Jones from the Monkees?! Never cared for David Cassidy or any other teen heart-throbs. I guess to me, they are just regular humans like the rest of us, except add fame and dollars into the equation. :-)

Rae said...

My grandsons got some furry hats similar to those - guy versions though. They are crazy about them. I don't see the fascination. The electronic stuff I understand because I am an old granny that plays the games too.

L. D. said...

Great photos of your grand kids and their gifts.