Friday, December 30, 2011

Last of the Red Hot Shoppers

I was so not ready to run out on Monday morning to shop.  I waited till Wednesday..then I hit Menards.

You see Menards had a 50 % off sale.  I knew I might be able to find what I was seeking there.

My list: Shiny Brites, a tree skirt, gift tags and wrapping paper.  The wrapping paper was a bust..I could have purchased Green Hornet or Transformer wrapping paper..there was not a plain piece of paper or one with whimsical little Angels or Birds left to be found.

My perfect Christmas wrapping paper exists only in my mind.  It has a white snow bank filled  background.  Cherub like children are decorating rows of trees with little birds and strings of cranberries and popcorn whilst forest creatures like deer and foxes and bunny rabbits look on. It has all colors on the paper so what ever color bow I grab works perfectly.

I got everything else on my list.

Shopping list

I really needed a tree skirt for the tall tree upstairs..I have a little tree skirt that barely goes around the tree that I purchased at a rummage sale for a quarter..this new one will be perfect.

The Shiny Brites are retro ones by Christopher Radco.  I now have two boxes of them.   Last year I missed the half price sale at Menards.  Two years ago I bought a full price..I couldn’t restrain myself.

Retro Shiny Brites and papers

This year the retro ornaments are nestled inside these Shiny Brite tissue how cool is that? about 50 years these will be collectable too.

Retro Shiny Brites

Next we hit the Antique Mall..a quick trip around looking for Vintage Shiny Brites..only one was found for $3.50..I passed.   John smiled as I walked up to his booth..he said “here look at these while I run home I have been saving some old photos for you.” I think John had a belated Merry Christmas..he now knows exactly what kind of old photos I will buy.  He had saved a whole bunch of old black and white photo Christmas cards…perfect.

Yesterday I was in another antique shop..a new gal was working.. I asked her if she had any old photos..she replied “ Someone must collect we don’t have any.” The shop owner came out and said “Hi ..we have no old have bought them all!” I did find four old photos there..sometimes  shop keepers have no idea what they have in their shops:) 

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Country Gal said...

I love antiquing ! Pretty shiney brights ! I will be antiquing for ols country ornimanets for our tree next year ! Have a Happy New Year !

Rita said...

Oh, those are really gorgeous shiny brites! How sweet of John to hoard photos for you and how funny you still found some old photos in that other shop!

All your shiny brites will be collectibles one day! You'll have to put them in your will one day to the person you know will keep them safe and together. ;)

Happy New Year!!! :):)

Leah said...

Yeah - I couldn't resist and headed to Menards on Monday - I found small shiny brites that say Merry Christmas with a horse and sleigh... I love them! Have a great Friday!

Anonymous said...

I love the ornaments and I love a 1/2 off sale! That tree skirt will be just perfect for the upstairs tree.

Wishing you a happy new year.

DJan said...

I had to laugh when you asked for old photos but there aren't any because you already bought them all! What fun that you have this most excellent hobby.

And the Shiny Brites will have to wait a whole year to join your other ones on display. They are beautiful! :-)

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Ooh how pretty! You just can't find those glass ornaments anymore like I remember from my childhood.

Happy New Year!

Laura said...

I went to our Meijer's thinking I could get some Shiny Brites for 1/2 off like I did last year...none.
We haven't been antiquing in a good month or even longer. Gasp! But our son's girlfriend (we love her!) gave us a gift certificate to an antique store that we've never been to! And it happens to be in the little city with an antique mall that I really like so I see some antiquing in our future. Would love to find some really good photos (I'm getting more particular as to what I'm looking for).
Can't wait to see your Shiny Brite tree next year. Hoping that the rumor that we're getting a Menard's locally is true too.

MTWaggin said...

What a fun shopping day though! Love the ornaments and I think you need to design that wrapping paper as I think it would be a hot seller - I know I'd buy it!

Linda said...

I ventured out on to the bank and spooked and ran.....way too many people crowding me. The grocery store was pretty calm after that, only a two person wait at the till. Glad you found yourself some future antiques.

Nancy said...

I didn't realize Shiny Brights were still being made. (Can you tell how long it has been since I've shopped for ornaments?)

Lynda said...

You did great getting Radco ornaments. Your collection is beautiful.
We had some old photos from my mother's collection that we "let go" ten years ago when none of us had a clue who was in them. I will not make that mistake again now that I know there are people like you who buy them. Who knew?!!
Sounds like you had a good Christmas even after the date!

L. D. said...

I am so jealous of the new ornaments. I stayed away again this year and yet maybe we can go by today to see if anything is left at Menards. Maybe I will just drive on by. We have one location in old West Des Moines that has antique stores but they are few and far between in this area.

RURAL said...

And here I thought that you made up the term shiny brights...LOL.

You have all of us addicted to them too, they are sooo beautiful. Now I am going to have to hit all of the antique stores around here in my search.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Rae said...

You got some really pretty shiny brites. If you keep buying ornaments you are going to need another tree to display them. I waited to shop until Wednesday too and it sure was nice not having to fight a big crowd.

Karmyn R said...

I'm glad someone was able to go shopping. I was NOT in the mood at all this year to even brave sales. I still haven't gotten myself to the grocery store - and I'm out of milk. I tell my kids - "You can have water or water to drink." Hows that for choices?

Nancy/BLissed-Out Grandma said...

Those Radco ornaments are gorgeous. I might have to go looking for some. Next year, after Christmas. You did well in your shopping! I waited all the way 'til Thursday to go to Target, and it was very quiet. I just wanted some gift tags and a couple of gift bags; could also have bought mountains of ribbon if I'd wanted!

An English Shepherd said...

Sales are always tempting... ;-)

Happy New Year to come :-)