Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Smile

I have been working on getting all of my photos loaded back into my computer. Finally they are there..where they belong..well not exactly how they were before..but getting there. Some of them make me smile. Today as March goes out like a Lion..a stormy, snowy Lion..I need a smile.

Spring 1994, Prom, my youngest daughter (East Side/Jen) is all dressed up, we are on the lawn at the school taking photographs. We are there just before the Grand March, my sister Julie, and my niece Toots (she has another name..but I have always called her Toots) and my nephew Jacob are there with us.

As I am snapping away with my camera, I feel a tug at my pants leg, a little voice is repeating "Auntie, Auntie" as the tugging continues. Toots who is not yet three years old, wants my attention. I bend lower, as she wrings her hands together like an old woman would, her head is bent down, her eyes looking at the ground, her little hands busy wringing....she has something to say. "Auntie could... Auntie could... could you take my picture with the princess?"

Of course I could..so here it is a memory captured. Toots will be going to her own Senior Prom this year..how time flies...:)


  1. What a precious picture and memory! Time sure does fly.

  2. How precious! I can almost hear her tiny voice asking to have her picture taken.

  3. With the princess! How adorable!
    My daughter dressed up as the good witch (Melinda) from the Wizard of Oz a few Halloweens ago...she had a TRAIL of little kids following her at the school party...they thought it was really HER.

  4. So sweet. Can we expect a prom picture of Toots in the next month or so?

  5. Amen, time sure does fly by! Hard to believe Toots is already old enough to go to her senior prom from looking at her in this photo. Lovely picture of the two of them. :)

  6. That is so sweet.:)

    I left a comment on my blog about my template.

  7. Just beautiful...lovely photo.
    Julia ♥

  8. omg that is amazing!!

    lovely pic!!

  9. How very sweet the memories!

    ...and don't you just love being called just:


    My favorite......neice and nephew call me
    "AUNTIE" also.........and it always makes me feel very special to them, as they are to me!

    Liz in PA

  10. one of those priceless memories

  11. Awwww, that is beautiful. She is always going to treasure that shot.


  12. Two Princesses! Precious Memories for sure!

  13. mmmm that time flying thing, we must all be having fun then eh?

  14. Oh, how wonderful! Thank you for sharing this precious memory and photo with us.

  15. what an infectious smile.. cant help BUT cheer you up. Also great your photogs are back safe and sound :)

    melting (snow) for the moment in montana


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