Sunday, March 29, 2009


Sometimes I wonder... am I on the right track? Am I going into the woods or coming out? If I am coming out my feet are wet.
Am I on the edge of the road and going..right then left..and back on track .. then I think..even though the road is snowy soon to be muddy..I am near the frickin road..that's a plus! :)


  1. Hold on just a little longer! Spring is coming!

  2. Spring has sprung! Haven't you heard? Tell the snow to get lost!

  3. Ha ha! I love the snow but it is so wet, isn't it, when it goes...

  4. I guess I regarded this in more of a philosophical way and I am not sure if you meant it that way or if you were simply taking about winter being gone soon and spring being sprung? If you were talking about life in general...being on the right track...I once read that a successful life is one that is a responsible, meaningful, thankful, creative, spiritual life. I guess if I have all those things and more in place I am doing pretty good. Love your of these days I am going to try and go back and read your old posts!:)

  5. I feel for you Lady! Old Man Winter won't leave us alone either! And then! We lose our power for 12 about making an W.O.W. grumpy! No coffee til 2pm yesterday??
    Hawaii sounds pretty good about now and I've never had the desire to go there!


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