Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Snow Melt

We have had a major snow melt here, the rain that began on Sunday continues to do battle with the snowbanks. Far Guy and I took some photos of the water in our area yesterday. We live in the Mississippi watershed, so all our water goes east and south. Our friends 90 miles west are preparing for the second five hundred flood in the Red River Valley in 12 years. We lived there through the "Great Flood of 1997." It was no fun at all. They are in for a real tough go this time..with a flood forecast that exceeds the 1997 levels. If you have any extra prayers..wing them toward the Red River Valley. The small amount of water that we have here is insignificant compared to them.

This culvert is open. It had quite a current.
The old, old river that used to exist in this area.

Water was across the road on the highway in seven spots in a three mile stretch.

The pieces of sod that the snowplow throws into the ditches sit on top of the icy snowbanks covered in water.

Our friend Ray, has no driveway and some of his boats have escaped. Ahh..Ray..maybe some of your boats are not lakeworthy.

Almost a few whitecaps.

The water in Osage, Minnesota. I was hanging out the window at this point, another car came barreling through the water and sent an icy wall of water over the top of us. I was drenched...and madder than a wet hen.

Water across our road.

Water in our neck of the woods. Today, most the the culverts have cleared and the frost has gone out, so the water is receding. We are in no danger of flooding here, for that I am thankful:)


  1. Wow that is amazing, that culvert's current looks like it could suck down a small animal!

  2. I wondered what was going to happen, you had SO MUCH Snow! Thanks for this trip, although it is a mess for you.


  3. Amazing photos. How unfortunate that you got drenched. The sky looks ominous in these photos.

  4. Lanny, I stayed in the car to take this photo..no close up shots for me..I let my lens do the work! Luckily this is in the boonies...and hopefully the small animals are safe in the woods.
    Linda, It is much better today..but we have more snow coming.
    Mildred, I wish some one would send sunshine! :)

  5. Hi Connie - Nice to see our road! Leah had been telling me that she couldn't get to our house to ck our flooded basement! See you soon, j

  6. Wow, great shots, even if you got soaked. Thanks for sharing. I have heard about the Red River area and sounds bad. I hope they can keep ahead of the flooding.

  7. Connie, I laugh when I imagine you hanging out the window! Why didn't Far Guy get a picture of that? I think you've been hanging out with Chance a little too long!;D
    That flooding stuff is scarey...we went down to Gulfport after Katrina and that was awful! Keep us posted.

  8. The flooding is so terrible and then the cold weather added will be unbearable. I hope it won't get as bad as anticipated.

  9. I love your photos (and am deeply envious of your ability with a camera).

  10. Wow, thanks for sharing those photos, incredible! Our area tends to get drenched and floods at times-- hubby has some awesome flood pics from last May. April/May, those are the dreaded months here. We'll see what happens this year!

  11. Wow! That is a ton of snow melt!! Excellent photos!!

  12. Ha ha ha! Thanks for getting 'madder than a wet hen' and taking these photos! Ah - the things we do for our blogs, eh?

  13. get out ye ol life jacket :) here where we;re having snow melt.. just before ANOTHER whitestuff storm moving in.. **sigh** spring??


  14. I was reading another Minnesota blog -- with lakes instead of their normal fields, too.

    Hope you dry up a bit soon.

  15. I'm sorry you got drenched but the photo was worth it. Last year, we had terrible rains when the snow was melting and experienced flooding but nothing like this. Wow.


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