Sunday, March 1, 2009

No Justice

Guess who got called to Jury Duty? Well it wasn't me.. do you suppose the Clerk of Court reads this blog? Do you suppose the computer that is supposed to spit out the lists randomly..has declared me a non random person? What gives? In the forty years that I have been eligible for jury duty I have only been called once, after I filled out the paperwork..they didn't want me..we had just moved to Buxton, ND and they clearly did not want to pay all that mileage. That was thirteen years ago for gosh sakes.

Far Guy always gets to go, he was called for a pretty interesting civil case..of course he could never discuss it until after the case was over.

It is not fair, I want to be a juror..I could be impartial, I could restrain myself from giggling, I could sit still without squirming for a few minutes, I could try not to yawn or fall asleep. I really would give it my best shot. I would refrain from eating cabbage and beans so I wouldn't have embarrassing bad gas that would clear out the entire courtroom. I could be a good listener and take copious notes and drive the other jurors nuts with lots of technical lawyer type questions. I could follow the Judges instructions. I might even break out my one good dress and wear some pantyhose and proper shoes instead of snow boots. I could wear my diamonds, and maybe even a locket and earrings..and makeup..and I will wear my hair down. I would try not to wink and smile at anyone.

Far Guy was called as a witness in a murder trial once. That was exciting, I got to sit in the hallway while he testified. He actually took care of the murderer when she accidentally cut herself with a knife after she stabbed her his birthday party. Three of us were trying our best to keep her birthday beau alive in the back of the ambulance only to have him pronounced dead once we arrived at the hospital. Far Guy was left behind at the scene of the crime. It took over a year for that case to come to trial. Far Guy had to be deposed and everything.
I am interested in your Jury to share? :)


  1. Have never done jury duty either!

    After this blog, they'll be knocking on your door! ;-)

  2. I was asked to do jury duty, however at the last minute they cancelled the trial. Rather a good thing for me, in those early 20's days, life was lived on the edge of a paycheque. If the trial had gone on for more than a day it would have bankrupted me.

    I am sure that they will be knocking at your door soon, after all, a girl needs a chance to wear her diamonds, and avoid cabbage and beans.


  3. I've been called a few times. I served on two trials, both involving drugs, one defendent was not guilty, the other was guilty. On one I was sequestered overnight. They treat you as if you were the criminal. When you go to bed, they take your key away so that if you go out, you can't get back in. No lawyer wants me on a civil case because I've worked for insurance companies and I've been told that I have an insurance mentality (whatever that means). I've always enjoyed the experience.

  4. I was called in to do jury once..out of 100 they pick 12...and guess what,
    I'm sitting there praying they don't pick me,I was the first was a rape case.not nice!

  5. Sorry, but I'm quite sure once you got all dolled up, you would not be able to restrain yourself from winking and smiling at everyone in sight, including the judge, the lawyers, and yes, even the defendant. That, plus not being able to refrain from eating all that cabbage and beans, well........

  6. I was called for Jury duty for the month of Feb. They never called my number, I'm kinda glad. I was called as a jury member on a case years ago, when my kids were young and I was a stay at home mom. I was so excited to get out of the house.

  7. I was called for Jury duty for the month of Feb. They never called my number, I'm kinda glad. I was called as a jury member on a case years ago, when my kids were young and I was a stay at home mom. I was so excited to get out of the house.

  8. Jury duty doesn't pay much out here. Was called twice, sat through the process for hours and hours...just to be sent home! First time was child abuse/death case..wasn't sure I could be unbiased; second involved a cop...I KNEW I couln't be unbiased!

  9. I have never once been called for jury duty and I really want to have that chance but alas no notice has ever graced my mailbox.
    I think it would be scary to have to testify in a criminal case.

  10. I've been called -- and thrown out the back door.

    Now -- I've got a horridly (no make that wonderfully) busy March and guess what> I AM ON JURY DUTY.

    I hope they kick me out the back door again.


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