Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We are in a blizzard warning..it started to snow around noon. Roads to the big cities are closed..schools were smart enough to close before the snow began. We got a phone call from the lobotomized backwoods guy..he found several other things wrong with my computer..the DVD and CD drives..and a sensor..Far Guy says "Well we could have had a power interruption or spike to cause your computer to crash like a woodpile..one part fails and takes out another part."
I am still spring cleaning the kitchen, I am making progress between naps. Contrary to what Far Guy says, I do know where the pots and pans are..I just do not care to use them. I spent a couple of hours just in the junk drawer..sorting..throwing..rewritting recipes. I had a bunch of batteries.. Far Guy takes them out of the package and dumps them in the drawer, IF I were in charge of them I would mark them with a Sharpie with the date. He doesn't think that is necessary..so he is the official battery tester.

Hey Far Guy ..are these batteries any good?

He replies..I don't know test them. He sighs gets up from HIS computer and comes over and tests them on his tongue. He sorts them..no good, no good..yup this one is good, really good. He explains to me yet again that I can test them for myself..it is kinda like cooking..why should I do it when he is perfectly happy to do it for me. Just like he was perfectly happy to clean the oven the other day..he turned it on to clean and then we both scrubbed the oven racks until they looked just like brand new. So what if he got stuck with the worst one..he is the one that cooks all the time and cooks stuff over.
I am trying my best not to move too much stuff around in the cupboards, nothing worse than a confused cook:)


  1. Don't hate me - we are near 80 degrees today.
    Now, about the kitchen: Nalley is the expert dishwasher loader and I have no desire to bump him out of his job!

  2. If you are getting a blizzard does that mean it's headed my way??!! :( I hope not!

  3. LOL! Your junk drawer sounds a bit like mine, only I'm cleaning it for another year or two!
    I like your idea of napping inbetween everything! Maybe I could catch up on some sleep that way...
    I'm with you on the pots and pans...I see no purpose in using them when all it means is more work since another room will need cleaning!

  4. Don't hate me if I say that after our little snow storm yesterday the sidewalks dried up in the sun. That is the kind of snow everyone should get. Here today, a memory tomorrow. How am I going to make it up country? I can't stand it down here when it snows for days......


  5. Another blizzard??? Jeeze Louise, haven't you had enough?? I also see it's 9* up there by you as I type this. Don't even be thinking of sending that stuff down here when you're through with it!!
    The tongue as a battery tester?? Never heard of that one. Do your eyes light up when you do this:)))

  6. Hi neighbor, one of our drivers from my place of employment tried to make feed deliveries in your fine state today but came back to the safety of Iowa...... :). Nice blog.

  7. OH NO... that means it is headed my way! Stay warm dear friend.... spring will be here before we know it!
    Warm Wishes from my very WET garden in Ohio.

  8. Battery testing is Dirt's way of staying well. Now the girls and the son in law and some of our friends are convinced that it works. So how is Far Guy's health? Just wondering if Dirt's theory works even when folks do it for other reasons.

  9. Yup - we're on day two of a snow blizzard with more forecast for the rest of the week!

    Far Guy tests the batteries on his TONGUE?? How does that work? Is he hardwired - and insured?

  10. Would you believe my husband also tests batteries on his tongue! He says touching the two terminals with the wetness of your tongue causes continuity and what you feel on your tongue is a slight tingle if the battery has any "juice" left in it


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