Sunday, March 8, 2009


Crash! computer could not handle daylight saving time.. it might be a goner. It will be going in for repair tomorrow..yes I found some back woods guy to fix it. We hope the hard drive is not totally fried.

Luckily I backed up most of my photos..not those I took in February..or March.. but the backwoods guy says he may be able to retrieve those. I took some great photos yesterday too.. oh well.

Far Guy is letting me use his computer..everything is strange..he uses Fire Fox, I use Explorer. His chair leans to one side because he likes to lean back in his chair and put his feet up. If I did that I would end up in a heap on the floor, either that or have to holler every time I needed help straightening up. His keyboard is strange too, it is much better than mine..his monitor is smaller... he also has a messy area and does not use a mouse pad.. my area three feet away is much neater..and forlorn looking..with a black monitor and a mouse that does not glow red..sad.. very, very sad.

Now the adventure starts.. lets see what photos Far Guy has!

A crooked, scanned in photo....taken in February 1987, back when Far Guy managed the Hockey Arena. That would be him driving the Zamboni! Back then, what hair he had was really silvery grey! This could be fun..well maybe not..but it is nice of him to share his computer with me:)


Lanny said...

Darn, bad business that is, that is for sure! Hope you get your computer back before you tidy Far Guy's area as you think between sentences.

hayseed said...

That photo made me laugh-I don't suppose he has photos of flowers in there...I guess it's a guy thing.

Unknown said...

I used my husbands lap top yesterday so I know what you mean. It felt forign to me, like using someones elses sewing machine.

The W.O.W. factor! said...

I'd be SOL..Cowboy doesn't have a computer..and if he did, he wouldn't have a clue how to turn it on or off!
If it doesn't cooperate with Whoa, Spurs or Reins; or live on hay and get around on 4 feet; or wearing fur ...he'd fail miserably at life......shhhhh, don't tell him I said that..

RURAL said...

We are thinking about a backup computer. It definitely is not "a good thing" when they break down. I am lost without ours.

I hope that yours is up and running soon. It does feel odd when you use someone else's computer.


Rising Rainbow said...

Sorry to hear your computer crashed......that really sucks. I'd feel lost without mine. Hope you get to retrieve your photos, that would be the worst loss of all if you can't.

Ed said...

Oh boy! Thant why I have everything backed up on Portable hard drives. The Zamboni brings back memories...:-)

Julia said...

There's nothing like your own know it inside out..
I have lost stuff, so now I have an external hard drive to back everything up on..
Best wishes that you get your photos back..
Julia ♥

Emma Rose said...

So sorry to hear about your computer. I hope it can be saved. After the 2nd time we went through that, we got a portable hard drive to back up to. It's really handy and easy to use. Great peace of mind too!

demainca said...

I was at my sister's yesterday at she let me use her lap top. I was like a fish out of water! She had to go get the mouse from the desk top and it seemed like it was taking me forever to do anything!
I have Free Agent (portable hard drive)is constantly running on my computer so I can't loose anything. Hope you didn't loose anything. and God bless your Cowboy's pea picken heart

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Hi Connie....what a fantastic blog you have going here! I couldn't resist joining!
Bummer that your computer crashed. That snap of the Krispy Kreme truck is way awesome groovy!!
If you have a moment or two of your life that you don't mind wasting, please mosey on over to my blog and say hello :)
Take good care and.....

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Anonymous said...

ughs i feel your pain... mine did on unceremonious crash a couple of weeks ago, tho nothing a new one didnt cure :) did the laptop thing for a week or so too.

gp in montana where we've gotten another2 inches of white stuff

Smart Mouth Broad said...

How weird to to sit to have to get used to new computer digs. Good luck with your repair.

Anonymous said...

Oh Connie~ so sad :-( Hoping your HD
gets fixed FAST! Cause you may be tempted to begin/continue Spring housecleaning or some such! LOL

Far Guy drove a ZAMBONI ???? Holy Cow!! He would be KING...well PRINCE at least in our house, cause we LOVE HOCKEY!

See you soon when you get back in the groove!

Liz in PA

Anonymous said...

Love the photo - reminds me of every Saturday, when the Zamboni comes out to polish the ice after ice hockey practice and in time for ice skating practice.

I love Firefox - will never go back to Explorer!

DayPhoto said...

Man, that is terrible! I would hate to have to use my husband's as he doesn't have one and where would I be? Ugh!

Thanks for the new blog sites to visit, I'm already so behind in work, that having a few more blog places to visit helps break up my day.