Saturday, March 14, 2009

Chance Gets Company

Company is coming, I am so excited! Miney is coming for a sleepover, she belongs to my sister, the tall guy and the two little boys, she is a Sheltie and she is beautiful!
I am waiting much longer til she gets here anyway??
She is here! Everyone meet Miney, that is short for Hermione (Harry Potter books), her littlest boy couldn't say her whole she is Miney..I Love Miney

We run and play ball, we share the ball. That's what friends do SHARE..besides that Far Side says "Sharing is a good thing." .. I think it might be one of her rules. I hope she remembers the rule that says Miney is not allowed squeaky toys at night..
We rest..and wait for SOMEONE to throw the ball.

I teach her how to catch snowballs in her mouth. I am a bit of a show is good when you have friends:)


  1. Dear Chance,
    I am soooooooo jealous you are cavorting with another female! I really had my hopes up....
    Anyway, I am glad you have a friend to run with.

    Love always,
    Emma Rose

  2. Those two look like they are having so much fun. What joy to watch them!

  3. How adorable! Hi...I am Debbie from Blueberryplains and am just checking in. I love your site and have added you to my favorite blogs list. I look forward to going back and reading some of your older blogs...meanwhile...this is a such a treat and it reminds me that my Jack Russell "Obie" needs a play date with his mom and dad and siblings down the road! :)

  4. Chance has good taste! Collie's are gorgeous dogs...and smart too. Chance is a lucky guy!

  5. OMGosh how fun for Chance! Miney is such a beauty. He must love her so! Great shots!

  6. that top picture is priceless.

  7. Those are some beautiful people. I mean, dogs.

    (Zack and Zanna said that.)

  8. Very cute, like two peas in a pod..:-)

  9. That is one adorable Miney - and a good-looking Chance to boot! What fun!

  10. Oh, so cute! I love to see dogs having a great time and enjoying life.

  11. Oh, they are both so cute!! I just love watching mine play, isn't it just so entertaining?!


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