Saturday, October 18, 2008

More On Phone Calls

The other night Thursday to be exact..7:20 approximately. The phone rang, most of you that follow my blog know that I hate the phone. Well I don't really hate it..very strong dislike..may be a better description. It interrupts my thoughts, it requires my attention. I was tied to a phone for ten years..stuck with one in the Greenhouse because if I did not carry the phone and a customer called with a question..If Far Guy could not answer the question, he would have to track me down and give me the phone. Two people have now been involved in one phone call, it was just silly. So I took charge of the phone. I have often said that there are not stupid questions. BUT if someone calls me and asks me what in the world could be wrong with the plants she bought a WalMart or KaMe ApaRT.. that borders on stupid. You have no idea how much of a struggle it was for me to remain polite and ladylike.

I find it totally freeing that I can ignore the phone and not feel that I am losing a customer. I can put on my MP3 player with the headphones and not be bothered a bit by the incessant ringing. Escape..that's it.. I try to escape from the phone.

Back to Thursday...((Hugs to ANN..faithful blog reader)) It was a fairly stress filled day, I had turned down an invitation by my parents to go to Bingo, I turned down my chance at winning their new mega super dooper jackpot...and I really like Bingo. I wanted.. no....I NEEDED my time..and that would be my very favorite time of the week Thursday night from 7 to 8 to watch SURVIVOR. Sixty minutes of pure bliss stretched out on the couch...watching someone else trying to survive. Sixty minutes of total that I can be sane. Sixty minutes of no phone calls, my daughters only call during the commercials. Far Guy is in charge of the phone....and he is a perfect phone answerer..except he can't lie and tell someone I am not home when I am. It was faithful blog reader Ann...Hey Far Side I read your blog, I know you hate phone calls, but I just had to tell you I almost peed my pants when I read your blog sanity begins to slip slowly away. Goodbye sanity..Hello Ann.. we did have a very interesting conversation, and I did enjoy it..but I would have enjoyed it much more at 8:01.

Some people don't read my blog so they call when parents, and some of my computer challenged cousins. The people that know me well and read my blog love to irritate me, my brother, my best friends, my neighbors they all just call me anyway. There must be some strange contest they are involved many phone calls will it take to drive her totally nuts..she is partially nuts already..perhaps it will be MY call that does her in. I wonder what the prize is...

Just so you know I am not above monitoring phone calls..but the girls talking to Chance usually causes me to stop and think .. "Hi Chancy, did they leave you home all by yourself again, do you know where they are..woof woof" Now when they start talking to the dog..I know they are really desperate and need their Mommy or Daddy. So I should really pick up the phone, shouldn't I? Nope if they are well enough to leave a message they are OK til later.

Just so you really know there is no escape..this house has no lockable doors. Far Guy built the door to the has a Far Guy special lock..a piece of wood that slides over and locks from the inside, but the door shrunk and you can slip your finger in from the outside and unlock it. It comes in really handy for Far Guy when I am hiding in there and the phone is for me..he just opens the special "privacy lock" and hands me the fricking phone..:)


  1. I'm not fond of telephones either. I have an Aunt who is the town gossip, she is always on the phone. I have caller ID and don't think I don't use it!

  2. You are so funny---You would think there would be some place to hide. If only for a little while.

  3. I knew we were phone hating soul mates! By the way, I left Far Guy another message and even put him on my blog list - I think he's funny :-)

  4. Wasn't it you who said we must be long lost twins? I swear, having to be polite to some customer who bought a plant at Costco, or Wally mart, and now is horrified that it is covered in fungus knats, and mealy bug is not easy.
    Thank goodness for call display, that way when certain people call us, we can arrange to be "otherwise occupied".

  5. Thanks for the comments gals! It is nice to know I am not alone in disliking the phone!
    I do not have caller ID..but I have Far Guy!
    Martha, He had a pretty good week last week..sometimes he gets pretty wound up on his blog..or it just sits there when he isn't feeling good. He is beaming from ear to ear after I told him you were following his blog! I am his favorite blog subject..well better me than someone else!!

  6. LOL! I use Caller ID and just let the phone go to answer mode... What I can suggest for you, though, is to PULL out the cord when you don't want to be interrupted.. go on - do it! You'll feel much better after a whole hour of phone-free down time.

  7. Lady Fi, I think you may have just empowerd me to actually PULL out the's OK to do that?
    What will I have to complain about then..oh.. I bet I could find something else LOL :)

  8. I hate the phone too, in fact it's the Bossmans job to answer it anytime after six. We have call display and if it says "unknown caller" we don't answer it cause we don't know anyone by that name.

  9. Connie your so funny I just may have to call you again but then I'm not sure what show your watching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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