Friday, October 8, 2021

Busy Days

 No big surprises with grocery pickup.  I even got some Apples at Wallyworld. 

I ran errands in town and stopped by my parents to wish them a happy anniversary in person!   Mom had Mohs surgery on a cancerous spot on her face on Tuesday...she has a few stitches but she looks pretty good. 

I had book club in the afternoon, the book was Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K Hamilton a vampire/horror book.  I give it a 3 out of 10...I would not read it again. 

I mulched leaves ... again... 6 1/2 out of 10 times.  I might even be able to stop at 9 this year we will see.  It is supposed to rain and I didn't want the dry leaves to get wet.

In the evening I made ice cream cakes with the help of my baby brothers bride and visiting Cindy. 

Far Guy finished all the woodcarvings for Christmas Ornaments...I have to do some final sanding before we declare that part finished...but the end is in sight!

 Today (Friday) is potato salad preparation for a party at my baby brothers lake place for my parents on Saturday afternoon.

So the days are busy around here!  I look forward to some calmer days next week....we get our flu shots next Thursday....I scheduled it for a few days that I could set aside to just be sick....and if I am lucky enough to not be sick I can find some things to do! 

Far Side


  1. Lots of stuff going on. I am having my booster next Monday, our library is hosting a month long walk in clinic. How good is that? Pfizer is the only booster available. Hubby had Moderna so I don't know if he can have Pfizer. Don't see why not. I'll ask at his dr appt.
    Sounds like a good but busy week.

  2. I've never made an ice cream cake. Can you share how to do it?


      That is the recipe I used except I did them in 9 x 13 cake pans. I made three pans and used 7 containers of ice cream. I also made lots of crumbles and fudge.

  3. I didn't have any reaction to this year's flu shot, other than a sore arm for a couple of days. Hope it will be the same for you. :-)

  4. Wow! That IS busy. Any one of those things would be it for me in a day. Thinking good thoughts for your mom's healing. And I want some potato salad!

  5. Wow! Busy--busy!
    I would pass on vampire books--LOL! ;)

  6. You are busy! Kudos for finishing the vampire book. I would have given up on that long before. Got our flu shots this and I guess we are really lucky. Not even a sore arm this time and that’s a first for me!

  7. I always hate the thought of "busy weeks" but then once they're over I'm glad they happened... as I find they keep my old joints well-oiled and moving. :-) Enjoy!! ~Andrea xoxoxo

  8. You've had a busy week. Glad to hear your mom is doing fine after her surgery. Happy Anniversary to your parents, it sounds like the party will be fun.

    Take care, stay well.

  9. Congratulations to your parents. It's good that you are celebrating them whenever you can now.
    We had no trouble with our flu shots this week. We get out Covid boosters next week and we have unplanned days after that one, just in case.

  10. You two always stay busy and accomplish so much. I always wonder what your newest Christmas ornament will be! The celebration for your parents sounds wonderful. Especially with that ice cream cake!

  11. You are busy! I have to live vicariously through your social life as I have none.
    the ice cream cake sounds delish! Good job on the ornaments.

  12. The red leaves are so beautiful. Usually our red maples here are the last to turn color. But when they do it's spectacular. Sounds like a wonderful celebration with your parents! An amazing milestone to reach!

  13. Hopefully you won't have much of a reaction to the flu shot.
    I used to make ice cream cakes every summer but somehow this year it didn't happen.

  14. Glad you got more apples! Hope your mom does fine after her skin cancer removal. Your book club book sounds awful....not my type of read. Stay healthy and happy you two!

  15. No flu shot reaction here, just a very mildly sore arm for a day or two. Dennis had nothing.
    Every year I wait patiently, (or not so patiently,) to see the reveal of the ornament. The year I got my very own, I remember how happy I was opening that package. It will have an honored place on our tree again this year.

  16. It is so wise to work on Christmas projects early, you can enjoy the days leading up to the holidays. I wonder what that feels like?! Happy Anniversary to your parents, enjoy the party!!

  17. It is nice you can have a birthday party for dad. He will love it and I bet he likes potato salad too.

  18. Definitely sounds like some busy days. Hope you're lucky enough not to get sick after the flu shot.


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