Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Wistful Wednesday: Farm Diaries

I finished with the Farm Diaries last night.   Cross that project off my list!  It has been a work in progress since February 22 2014 when I began with the Farm Diaries of the year 1916. 

So it took me 6 years and three days to get trough 13 years of diaries.  I have learned to "read grandpa" quite well.  He didn't have the best was a relief when Grandma wrote as her hand was better.  Far Guy would try to help me and read the entries...when you cannot "read grandpa" it become frustrating.

1929 is the last year of the diaries.  July and August of that year were quite happy and equally sad for them as they welcomed their fourth child and said goodbye to Louisa better known as Ma or Mama. (Tracie's Mother)

I found out many things I did not know.  A tornado went through in July of 1928, it took down a bunch of trees.  That was also the year that they moved into a garage while their new home was being built.

Grandpa was the Coroner and went to a neighbors death.  They noted many deaths, a drowning and deaths of Grandmas sister Lydia and of the death of Jerry a nephew, and a sad day when a baby died. 
Farm  House in 1917 it was torn down in 1928 and 1929.

The Farm House unknown year .. perhaps in the late 1930's

The Farm House in 1945. 

I am kinda sad to leave these diaries.. I am grateful to have the chance to have a peek into their lives for so many years.

July 1929
July 4 went to PR Dads + Ruberts there, went back to the fire works in PM
July 5 haying awful dry
July 6 Saturday Born to us Archie Blair at 9-30 Mrs Trankner here to work Margaret Chilton here over night
July 7 Sunday had lots of company to see new boy had a rain
July 8 Monday awful dry haying helped wash
July 9 Tuesday  same work
July 10 Tracie in bed Mrs Trankner went home Mother came
July 11 -July 13 no entry
July 14 Sunday Ruberts + Dads came down  Mama not well Baby awful cross
July 18 Thursday  awful hot  + dry  Mother + Dad came out Mother sick
July 19-20 no entry
July 21 Sunday went for a ride awful dry Mother Henderson here + Mother Stuve here sick
July 22 - 27 no entry
July 28 Sunday went to the Park Frances stayed with the folks

Far Side


  1. I love hearing about the past. You are so fortunate to have so much history available to you of your family and Far Guy's. The pictures are wonderful. I loved the old farmhouse too but many abandoned them in light of indoor plumbing and electricity. There was an elderly couple in the town where I lived in Iowa who's son built them a new house right next to the old one and they didn't want the old one torn down. In the summer I would drive past on my way home from work and there they would be sitting on the old porch. Their history was there and you could tell they loved that old house. Glad you finally finished. Congratulations on such a major accomplishment.

  2. You are very lucky to have this information about your past. Congratulations on getting them all recorded.

  3. lucky to have those diaries. interesting entries.

  4. What a joy to have these to read! I think you will miss spending time with all of them.

  5. I so enjoyed this post! The pictures and diary entries, so interesting. 💖

  6. An amazing glimpse of life in those years. Thank you for sharing a little of the journey with us. I've pulled out the tub of scrapbooks my mother kept for decades - full of things she found interesting all around her. I'll need to figure out which one might be the oldest and then will go through each one slowly to savor each page. I'm guessing some things will be kept and some things will be saved. But thank you for the inspiration.

  7. Congratulations on finishing a huge project. Although my dad’s penmanship was fine, he wrote every letter with a pencil, so I feel for you in deciphering yours. So worth it though!

  8. Congratulations on your accomplishment. Are you going to have them published for more family members? My niece did that after she transcribed her paternal grandmother’s diaries.

  9. Well done! It is interesting to look back and hear what was happening in another voice. Dad didn't have diaries, but he did have notebooks that he kept track of spending. Those were eye-opening for me.

    Have a good day!

  10. I love this project and so wish I had a similar history for my family. I think the old houses had so much more personality than the cookie cutter houses now. (We live in one of those new houses.) The first home we owned in Omaha was built in 1898 and although it did have some quirks, like no electric outlets in the bathroom, I loved that house dearly. Dennis soon added electricity and some other modernizations and we lived happily there for several years. I cried like a baby when we moved out, but the neighborhood was just too scary.

  11. Wow! That is one major project tucked away. Congrats! I can see how you will miss your bit of time travel, though.

  12. What a great thing you have done for future generations to appreciate. Tucked away in one of my boxes somewhere I have diaries that my grandmother kept during the 1960s, and I am now thinking that I should probably do the same as you so that more people can enjoy them.
    Well done, Connie, you can be proud of your achievement :)

  13. Congratulations! You have contributed so much to future generations. As family historian you have much to be proud of and your family is fortunated to have you. The way things are these days most people would not put the time and effort into what you have done. Those last two years of the diary went fast. It's great when you can see the end in sight.

    I'm happy for you!

  14. These are really fun to read. I can imagine how sad it would be to finish these diaries. I have enjoyed them very much. :-)

  15. It was very good that they left something for the family and good that you took the time to learn Grandpa and write out the diaries.

  16. Fun reading the old diaries. I'd say you do a good job of translating. How's the breathing these days for far guy? What's your next project? Good luck at Bingo this week!

  17. Those old farm diaries hold a wealth of history. I noticed than the day after baby Archie was born there was a lot of company. That must have been hard on the new mom. Hopefully she had lots of help. You must be feeling good that the project is done and yet kind of sad that the diaries now come to an end. Do you know why they did?

  18. I bet it feels good to that the diary project completed. I've enjoyed the bits that you shared with us. You are lucky to have that family history.

  19. Congratulations on completing this worthwhile project! I know your family will treasure these memories as much as you are.

  20. That was a special undertaking on your part. You will miss them being a part of your life again. I am wondering why the diaries stopped.

  21. I have pages from my Grandmother's diary too. Interesting reads. My cousin destroyed the ones that included all of the family arguments and bickering.

  22. The first house is amazing. I see all those medium sized logs stacked on each other. I wonder if it was lined on the inside with vertical wood or logs. It would not be that warm but it was good shelter. The new one looks like our neighbor's bungalow next door.


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