Sunday, August 2, 2015

Someday Projects

I finished the photo frames, yes I painted them and then sealed them and put in the new photos and hung them up.  Cross a project off the list!

bear photos


Bathroom Bears Project


I “found” another frame upstairs it doesn’t match exactly…oh well.  My OCD is controllable some days.

I decided on a basic brown paint, I may switch the accent colors in the bath from green to brown sometime over the winter.  I like browns…brown is an easy color.

Permit to carry

Finally got my permit to carry in the mail.  In Minnesota they are good for five years.  This was something I wanted to accomplish since last winter when we purchased my new handgun.  Far Guy has his Permit to Carry also, we took the class together…he is a better shot than I am, but with practice we will both get better.  We learned a few things in the class….so it wasn’t a total waste of time…I could have done with less stories.

Summer is 2/3 over, August is usually our hottest and driest month of the year.  So far our grass is still green and growing.  I mowed again yesterday mulching up some of the leaves that fell in the gale force winds the other day.  I also weeded our itsy bitsy flower bed.

I was able to complete a few more Christmas Ornaments, the count now stands at 49.  Progress is slow but sure.

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  1. Good Morning, Your framed photos look great. John enjoys browsing the thrift stores for picture frames. Congrats on receiving your permit to carry. I was surprised this a.m. to open the window and feel "COOL" air! The humidity is lower and it feels nice. Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. We need a permit to carry here as long as the weapon isn't concealed. I have a Smith and Wesson 38 which I haven't shot in a long time. Reminds me that it should be cleaned. My son lives out in the boonies so we used to shoot there. Frames and pics look good.

  3. You did a great job on the frames and I love the photos you picked!

  4. Love your bear pictures, much better than just random bears. Congratulations on getting your permit.

  5. The frames are very nice, but I am jealous of the fact that your lawn is still green and you have to mow! We are dry as a bone here. Weird weather. :-)

  6. It was beautiful weather yesterday, but I wonder if we will see that again until fall. I've been the lone holdout in my family about getting a permit. One of these days I am going to take the class. I love your bear photos, and the frames are perfect.

  7. Congratulations on your permit and your progress.

    The weather have progressed in extreme strangeness the last four to five years. We are having some respite from the extreme heat this week but we are dry.

  8. You really are amazing. I can't seem to get anything finished around here.

  9. Many in my family have concealed carry permits; however, I'm not a fan of handguns or the fact that people are walking the streets are carrying them either legally or illegally.

    Love the frames and the photos you selected. My yard is littered with leaves, too. They came down in the strong winds last week.

  10. The Evergreen State is going brown, which is very pretty on your frames, but not on our lawns and forests.
    Like that other "tired teacher" above, I am not a fan of hand guns, but I am glad that you are a responsible carrier.

  11. We don't have permits to carry, but I often wish we did. I remember when I was young and still living with my parents my dad bought me a small handgun and I carried it in my purse when I was driving alone at night. He thought I needed it after being followed by a stranger on a country road. It did make me feel much safer! Now we have cell phones, but they aren't much help if no one is around for miles.
    I like your frames!

  12. Your frames look great! It's fun to decorate with ones own photography.

  13. Okay, I'm going to ask a question that may sound very dumb, but... do you live in a high crime area? Will you carry your handgun in your purse so you have it available at all times? I know. That's 2 questions. When I was a young mom with 2 very little ones we lived in a remote area ( on a farm) and we had a 22 rifle that made me feel less vulnerable. Now gun laws in Canada are so strict I probably wouldn't be able to have that.

    1. No we do not live in a high crime area, but next to a very high crime rate area. We live in a remote area where law enforcement is at the best 20 minutes to 40 minutes away.

  14. Congratulations on getting your permit. The frames look good. I like brown too.

  15. The Bear photos and frames look really nice!

    I'll have to make sure I never tick you off if I'm in your neighborhood.... :)

  16. Brown is workable...even if you don't end up changing the color scheme in that room.

  17. You are busy! The frames turned out really nice and you always get your ornaments done on time! :)

  18. You want to carry a gun in a mall? But why, I wonder...

    Your frames look gorgeous!


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