Saturday, August 1, 2015

County Fair

Our County Fair is this week.  We decided to go over on Friday because that seemed to be the coolest day to go.  Years ago the fairgrounds used to be grassy with shade trees…not so much anymore, it was dusty.

Becker County Fair

We walked through the Commercial Exhibits and picked up another reusable insulated grocery bag!  Then we headed to the 4-H exhibits to see how my cousin’s daughters did.

Bailey my cousin Scott’s daughter is a great seamstress.

Baileys entry

This is her last year in 4-H.

My cousin Todd brought his daughter Sally over last week to show me the photos that Sally wanted to enter….she had about 12 photos and could only enter two.

Sallys Turtle

Sally’s Turtle

Sallys Black Squirrel

Sally’s Black Squirrel

Both girls are as sweet as they can be, their Dad’s and Mothers should be very proud of them…I sure am.

Milk a cow

There is lots to do at the fair…you can milk a cow.


Look at the spuds and wonder if the Amazon Box is really such a good display piece?

Joes Merry Go Round

Visit the Allan Herscheel 3-Abreast Merry Go Round that used to belong to a friend of ours.  The horses are showing some wear from being handled roughly.  In the olden days the horses were wrapped in their own padded quilts before they were hung in the truck.

It was a good day at the fairgrounds. 

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Anonymous said...

Bailey and Sally are certainly talented! I love the colors in your first and last photos, Connie. It's been so long since I've been to the fair. Wishing you a nice Saturday. xo

troutbirder said...

Somewhat less hectic than the State Fair but we enjoy both...;)

Marty said...

I love county fairs. Here, we have the Eastern States Exposition, a very big deal in the fall.

DJan said...

I wouldn't have even noticed that Amazon box if you hadn't pointed it out. I would be proud of those girls, too! :-)

Linda W. said...

Nice photos of the fair! I used love going to our county fair when I was growing up.

Karen said...

Looks like cardboard was a popular option for displaying the potatoes:) I'll be at our fair on Monday as part of the Horse and Hound 'competition'. Might have time to look around a bit, but if it is too hot, I won't want to bother.

Tired Teacher said...

Today is the last day of the Feemont County Fair. I wandered around on Thursday afternoon, and it seemed like there were fewer entries this year.

Congratulations to Sally & Bailey on their 4-H success. I was in 4-H for 16 years and loved it, and it amazes me of the variety of projects available to members today.

Patsy said...

WOW! that time of the year all ready!

Henny Penny said...

The Fair, one of my favorites things to do. How neat to win a blue ribbon at the fair.

L. D. said...

The tradition continues on. Having Fun at the Fair is the Iowa State Fair theme but we don't go so often. I really like the merry go round shot.

Gail said...

Wonderful to visit your fair.

Granny Marigold said...

It's fair weekend here too. My son and DIL and grands went last night. It's just too hot for me to even consider going but, the good news is that starting Tuesday the weather trend is for at least 5 degrees cooler.

Red said...

You found lots of good stuff at the fair. it makes it more interesting if some friends or relatives are showing at the fair.

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

My kids showed hogs and now my daughter's kids do, so we usually go to three fairs a year. I don't like the one in August, it's just too dang hot for me. Fairs should be in the fall! Those are cute little sun dresses, she did a great job and so did Sally with her photos.

RURAL said...

Our big fair will be on at the end of the month, we always look forward to it being over, because it feels as if our downtown area is finally given back. For two weeks we are overrun, crowded, and tooooo many people. That's why we are glad we live way outside of town lol.


MTWaggin said...

Our fair has gotten so bad we didn't even go this year :(. Love seeing those exhibits though and I liked the virtual visit to the fair with you!