Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wistful Wednesday : How they have grown

I have been taking photos of our Grands all lined up for a number of years. 

Watch them grow…seems to me they grew up REAL fast. The girls belong to our oldest daughter and the boys to our youngest daughter.

Grands 2004

Savannah 8, Noah 5, Madison 6, Paige 5 and Adam 3.

(Adam where are your shoes?  I remember saying that a lot.)

(Paige are your shoes on the right feet?)

2004 The year Grandpa carved them diamond willow walking sticks.

Grands 2006 (2)


Grands 2007


Grands at Cass Lake 2010

Summer 2010 at Cass Lake

Grands May 2011

May 2011

Grands November 24 2011

November 2011

gRands November 2013

November 2013  The boys are now taller than the girls…and Savannah is the shortest.

Grands  December 25 2013

December 2013

Grands Tallest to Shortest May 24 2014

May 2014  Maddie has now joined Savannah at the short end. This was taken the day Savannah graduated from High School.

Grands Tallest to shortest 2014

2014  Noah, Adam, Paige and Madison…you have to go with the flow sometimes.  Savannah was elsewhere for Christmas.

Soon that littlest boy will take his rightful place as the tallest…it is just a matter of time.

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  1. Enjoyed seeing the pictures of the Grands. They grow so fast. So many more adventures ahead. But for us grandparents, the memories of times past will always make us smile.

  2. What lovely grandchildren you have. They sure do grow up fast! My lovely son turned 21 yesterday.

  3. You have such beautiful grandchildren. And yes, they do grow up so fast.

  4. Through the years............ what a great idea to document their growth and changes, they are all growing up so fast as time marches on!!!

  5. It's nice to see the difference from year to year. I smiled at the t-shirt choices in the last picture, too. Individuals, every one! :-)

  6. Such beautiful people. I like the shot at the lake - I think I see Chance in it too!

  7. How they grow! Thanks Connie. I'm ok but the rehab sounds like forever at least compared to my knee replacement....:(

  8. I've been following you and the grands for about 7 years. Wow! How they have grown. I appreciate you sharing them with us over the years. They are very fortunate to have your blog/memories, photos, etc. as a permanent record for the future. Wishing you, FG and Chance a nice day.

  9. You have a beautiful family! It's always amazing to me how kids grow so fast. You blink and they have changed from children into young adults. It's so nice to have all the photos to remember those precious childhood years.

  10. That is a great collection of photos! I hope you gift all your grands with copies of those.

  11. How wonderful you've taken photos of your grandkids throughout the years! It's fun to see how they've all grown.

  12. I'm keeping a photo record of mine as well.It's difficult, though, trying to make a three and five-year-old sit/stand still!!

  13. Wow those pictures DO really show how fast they grow but what a fun way to remember!

  14. Funny how that happens, isn't it? With height, and all.
    God bless you all.

  15. Gret that you thought ahead to take yearly photos with them lined up .Good that you post them for us.

  16. Fun to see the cousins and now they changed from year to year. My favorite photo is 2010.

  17. wonderful photo's of the group. I am sorting photo's of my grand's,
    this move is a hard one.

  18. Precious.....You are blessed!

    Hope your enjoyin' your day sweetie :o)

  19. What wonderful pictures. They do grow so quickly.

  20. What a good post! Don't they grow up way too fast. Funny you can never tell who will turn out the tallest or shortest. You have beautiful grandchildren and they all look like they would be sweet.

  21. What a difference 11 years makes! Wonderful to have those pictures!

  22. Beautiful family. There may come a day when you'll have to settle for grabbing your customary line-up at weddings. When everyone grows up so fast, their lives run in a thousand different directions, it seems...

  23. Oh, I love seeing how they've all grown and turned into lovely people.

  24. It is fun to see how they all are growing. Boys are taller and I bet Andy is tall. They all look like they are nice kids with very individual personalities.


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