Thursday, August 13, 2015

Oh Deer!

The deer are out on the bean fields in the evening.

6, 2, and 4 point bucks…

6 2 and 4 point bucks

Healthy looking critters….must be all the peas and beans in their diet!

Deer single in the bean field

Deer silhouette


I can see you but I am too well hidden for you to see me!  A fawn with spots was trying to hide from us.

Our evening drives often include deer sightings.  Chance thinks it is great fun!

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  1. Looks like a good "deer hunting" season this year.

  2. I think evening drives are fun, too. Great photos!

  3. That really is a hidden deer.

  4. Wow! That fawn was hidden really well! Fun photos.

  5. I love to see the deer and always root for them during hunting season. I hope they are enjoying those peas.

  6. They do have a large source of very nutritious food.

  7. Oh, that last picture just made me smile!!! :-)

  8. Wow, lots of deer! I suppose those farmer's fields are like a buffet for them.

  9. Well, they certainly do help themselves, don't they?!

  10. those are some nice looking deer :)

  11. Fun photos from your drive. We saw a deer in our back yard recently...probably eating our neighbor's garden!
    Do you remember our neighbor from Nalley Valley who had the 2 golden retrievers? They passed away and he just got two pups - Irish Cream Goldens. They are really cute; I've never seen any like these!

  12. I would too, Chance! Boomer



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