Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tour De Quilts

The Art Gallery upstairs is awash in quilts.  The stuffy “Old Masters” have to share their space with the quilts. (Ha!)


You can touch if you wear gloves.  There were women coming and going all day long on Tuesday.  Many were disappointed yesterday because they came from nearly Canada to see the quilt show.  I don’t make the rules..or the hours.  The Gallery Upstairs is only open Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturday. One lady was so mad I thought she might stroke out on me.  I pleasantly assured her that the historical part of the museum was open for her viewing pleasure..and would she like a Tootsie Roll?

Later I had an altercation with one of the “Artsy Fartsy” people..she said “I drug my daughter here to see the Old in the world can they be closed?”   I replied  “Because it is Wednesday, besides that I have seen those old paintings and to tell you the truth I was not that impressed.”  She about fainted,  she spit and sputtered and finally said “My husband is an Artist, you have no idea how wonderful it is to see 16th Century paintings in such a small town.”  ( Whoopee doo)  All the while I was getting a fine arts lecture her daughter was rolling her eyes.. I finally said “Well, we have many wonderful objects in our museum too and we are not closed today.” ( Her daughter had a wonderful time in the museum..and stopped by my office to tell me so too! )


Tess (my volunteer extraordinaire) and I toured the quilts on Tuesday.




They are all beautiful. I love all the colors in this quilt!


This one was my favorite!  There are oodles more:)

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  1. Oh I love the last one with all the farm animals on it and its hunter green one of my fave country colors ! Some people just think they are soo darn important and that everyone should be at their beck and call ! NOT !!

  2. “I drug my daughter here to see the Old Masters". That must be one of the great phrases of the 21st Century. You can see reproductions of old masters in books - the quilts are for real.

  3. I love that last quilt, too. The sense of humor in every part of it just made me smile. I thought for a minute that goat eating a sunflower was a border collie I know, but no...

    Yes, some people are really unable to understand that making plans by calling ahead and making sure about hours is essential. Oh well...

  4. What wonderful quilts! I think they are the 'old masters'.
    Thanks for sharing them with us, Far Side. :)

  5. Guess what, I'm coming to town today tosee you at the museum and the quilts too! talk later!

  6. I toured an art museum once and the "old masters" were often nude which surprised me.
    I didn't know how to interpret that and I'm not sure how I'd explain it to a child.

  7. I quilts are a work of art, just like the paintings. I paint and have been taking my daughters to art museums since they were about 5 years old. Nude is no big deal. They look at where the light comes from and at the detail of the lacework, for example.

    I respect the hours that yours are on display. The "tourist" should have checked that out instead of being rude to you.

  8. I love the quilts. The last one was super neat!
    I hate when people think that the rules don't apply to them. Like they're more important than...anyone else.

  9. Lesson learned - ALWAYS check the hours of operation before making an extended road trip to a museum.

    Thanks for the quilt photos - I love to go to quilt shows and dream.

  10. Well it is frustrating when you go somewhere and DIDN'T check the opening hours, and couldn't get in...:( Can you tell I've 'been there, done that'?:) I suppose if you are coming from a more populated area, you would be used to things like that being open most days of the week.

    Love those quilts, especially the farmy one. The second picture, the double wedding ring?, as you scroll down past it, it almost appears like it is getting bigger and popping out at you.

  11. You are becoming an "old master" museum ref!!

  12. My mother has made several quilts, and I love the feeling of her being, somehow, "in" them.

    Loved the Fine Arts lecture you received. :-) Some people are just too much fun.


  13. As wonderful as some historical art is, a quilt often has more heart. Those in your display are treasures!

    Too bad the Art Gallery can be kept open more often. And too bad you have to be the bearer of the bad news that it isn't

  14. I'm surprised to see hand made by ordinary folk quilts in the artsy fartsy department. They look like they should go in your foyer. I think you need to have a stash of anti-anxiety pills on hand for some folks. Hooo doggy, folks are crazy! I get why the art museum is open every other day, the chick that runs it has to rest her stiletto wearing feet.

    I love the colorful one! And the farm scene, right up my alley! But I wouldn't turn down any of them.

  15. The quilts are beautiful. You gotta love the 'public'. They feel the customer is always right and if they fuss enough, you will give them what they want. Sounds like you handled it well.


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