Saturday, August 27, 2011


Well it is that time of year again.  Corn on the cob cooked to perfection and dripping in butter, seasoned with a little salt and pepper.  Life is good when the Minnesota crop ripens.

These are the girls that help their Dad (one of my many cousins) grow and sell the sweet corn.  They were out riding one night and I stopped and hollered how is the Sweet Corn crop?  They said “Fantastic!”


They are delivering ten dozen this morning.  I have the day off to cook corn!  The grands love it, Far Guys helps, he even bought me an new stockpot so we can cook larger batches.

I just had to go through the entire recipe box to find the magic recipe that we all like.  Here it is just incase I lose it again.

Freezer Corn

4 Cups of Water

1/2 cup of sugar

1 stick of butter

Cook mixture until the sugar is dissolved and the butter has melted.

Add in 16 cups of cooked corn that has been cut off of the cob.

Cool..and package into freezer bags so you can enjoy the flavor of fresh sweet corn all next winter.

Last year we did 10 batches with 187 cobs.  This year we will have about 140 cobs cause the girls always do a corn dozen..that is 14 instead of 12.  So probably 8 batches and it will make about 60 bags, the bags each have about two cups.

Now to make some room in the freezer:)

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  1. Nothing like fresh corn. Yum.
    I recently blanched batches of turnips and put in freezer bags for winter soups. Enjoy your corn.

  2. Mmmm... delicious!

  3. What a wonderful idea...we have never used sugar but are going to try it now!

    TechnoBabe: We always hill our turnips and they keep very well that way.

  4. Corn is one of my very favorite vegetables. Enjoy your day.
    M. Lane

  5. Sounds yummmmy....corn here in NW North Carolina hasn't come in yet.....can't wait...

  6. Thats about the size of our batch last summer. I'm assigned the off the cob job. Last year I went hi tech with a board, a nail, and an electic knife. Enjoy the bounty!

  7. The only way to eat corn, in my opinion, is off the cob. I can remember how it gets between my teeth. This should keep you in corn for a while! I will miss this header when it's gone, I stayed to stare at it for a bit this morning.

  8. Each time we go to the grocery store (when they are selling our sweet, local corn) I always buy a few extra ears. As I'm cooking those we plan to eat, I pull out those I'm preparing - dunk them in icy water - cut off the kernels, bag 'em and throw them in the freezer.
    I'll have to try your recipe with a big batch - it will be fun, some time in February, to do a taste test!!!

  9. I tried that recipe the other day - silly me, I missed the "cooked corn" bit and struggled to get the corn off a raw cob! Now I know better!

  10. We are done - thank goodness! Planned on buying from the girls but grandpa's garden had way to much corn this year! We bagged 280 cups of corn I think that will be enough :) Have a nice day "working" at home day.

  11. Oops By the way - I love the picture - that field is such a wonderful spot for photos...

  12. Tasty!
    Hey, I see four chairs in your header, how perfect!, one for Far Guy, one for you, one for Dirt and one for me!

  13. YUM!!! Winter is so much better when you have some summer produce. It makes you smile just thinking about it!

  14. Drooling in Fargo... I LOVE fresh corn on the cob dripping in butter and salt, and maybe a little pepper too!

  15. Thanks, we will try this.Sounds better then the way we do it.

  16. I've always froze my corn - but never added sugar and water to the mixture. Hmmm....maybe I'll have to give it a try and see how this tastes!

  17. I have always put a little sugar in the water when I cook corn on the cob. It really improves the taste.

  18. Love corn on the cob! Never have put pepper on it, tho--just salt and butter. I'll have to try pepper, I guess.

    Those girls look like they were having a great time! :)

  19. Thanks for this, Far Side. :)

  20. As a kid it was always my job to take the filled plastic bags of corn and put them into the old International Harvester freezer. Our sweetcorn season was late this year but I think we will still be able to buy it through Labor Day.


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