Tuesday, August 30, 2011

24 Days and Counting

I am really looking forward to being done at the museum.  I am tired of people and their problems.  I am tired of being the bearer of the news that we have no handicap accessibility and no bathrooms on the main floor. Those quilting ladies about drove me nuts..what a bunch of whinny women.  I am not sure who the artist is this month but I am hoping it is a young artist with a young following.  Send me people with baggy pants and their underwear showing and ones with piercings and black hair and platform shoes…anything but blue haired ladies with canes and walkers.

I have some comp days coming so I will be leaving earlier than the 24 days..I am looking forward to being done..I guess I said that before.

I have a few ongoing projects to finish up.  I have workmen coming in to do some larger projects in September.  The windows should be all cleaned by then so that some kind of special tinting can be put on the windows in some of the rooms to stop the ultra violet rays.  Sentence to Serve is supposed to be coming in to redo a ceiling in the meeting room.  Now there is a group for ya. ( I always wonder..what did they do?) The judge sentences them to community service.  For the museum that translates to free labor.  I suppose most of them wrote bad checks or something.. it is highly unlikely that an ax murderer would get sentenced to serve…right?

Museum Staircase

View from the second floor landing.

Gus the resident ghost has been busy..I like it when he haunts some of the board members..way to go Gus!  He turned on lights in the museum one night when a board member was there to check on an alarm.  He kinda likes the alarm action..I suppose he is lonely at night.  I have never worked in a haunted building before..sometimes it is a little spooky. I won’t miss Gus:)

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  1. Will you be going back there next year? Hope it hasn't been all bad for you!

  2. You have done a magnificent job, they may not let you go!

  3. Even though I have not commented in your Blog for a long time, I still have been watching what you Post. Noticed that you have a resident Ghost in the museum? Interesting. Who was he? Don't think I could stand whiney old Ladies, either. They would try my patience real fast.

  4. You have done a great job. I know you have had to put up with a lot. I know you look forward to finishing up.
    M. Lane

  5. What is it with whiney old ladies? Are they taking their frustration at life out on everyone else? I feel for you having to put up with them. You have done a good job at the Museum. When you are finished working there take a break and relax.

  6. I didn't realize the job came with an end date. I'm glad you will be able to return to your old self again, and that you were such a help to so many.

  7. 37 and counting for me!!
    You've done some wonderful things in a short time....will you get to go back..??


  8. We start things and all is well...then we are so glad they will end...People are funny that way...

    Now admit it, you'll miss Gus...he's different and such a conversation piece...

  9. Is the museum only open seasonally... or does someone else take over your role?

    That 'light at the end of the tunnel' feeling can be pretty energizing!

    I agree with Gail, you have done an awesome job. It seems that you really care about the place, but when you keep bashing your head into brick walls, it gets a bit painful!

  10. Send Gus over here I would love to have him visit ! So will ya be going back next year or that was an experiance your not willing to relive again lol you have done a great job there and they would be fools to think anything else ! Have a wonderful day !

  11. You won't miss Gus? I imagine he will be sad to know that. ;)

    Glad you're finally going to get a break!

  12. I'll bet the museum is a much better place thanks to your hard work. Here's hoping your replacement will be as diligent. Too bad for Gus.

  13. Hang in there - the end of the season soon here!!!!!!! Then we can get back to traveling the roads for pics!!!!hee hee!

  14. Summer break..eerr... Winter Break is coming up!!!

    I hope Gus doesn't get too pale without the ultra violet light...

    ...and maybe Gus can scare the "sentenced to serve" folks straight?

  15. I bet you are just a sweet kind darling to those old blues and don't mean a word of it.
    It has been interesting to go with you to the museum.
    Have a good kick up your heels kind of day sweety HEE-HEE

  16. Send those Sentence to Serve guys over to my place, would ya? ALL of my ceilings need to be redone. I don't care if they ARE ax murderers - I need new ceilings!

    Oh, wait, I probably need to be a non-profit, right? Dang it ...

  17. I hear ya girl. Some people can be such complainers. We have a second floor here in the office and I am ever so slow going up and down. One slow step at a time. My knees are so bad. Do those stairs bother you.

  18. 24 days you can do anything for 24 day! Hang in there, it could be worse... you could work all day long from 9-9 and still come home to crushed pop tarts in the sofa, pet hair in the corner, dishes piled up to the ceiling, and people who don't appreciate a thing!

  19. Connie just want to stay you done a great job I so enjoyed the quilt show and the tours of the museum. They should be giving you a bonus. GW

  20. Corker2, Gus was a boiler operator/janitor that lived in the building, he only had one arm. His son was killed in WW2 and he became depressed and committed suicide in the old courthouse, which now is the museum.
    DJan, Yes the job is only seasonal.
    BlueRidgeboomer I am not sure.
    Dreaming, Yes it is only seasonal, I would freeze to death since the building has no heat.
    CountryGal, Not sure.
    Leenie, I am sure there are many people that could do a better job than me.
    Becca, No the stairs are fine, I do use the hand rail!
    Anonymous GW..Thanks! ya right a bonus.

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I will be done September 30, I hope it is a warm month since the building does not have heat. I will be closing it down for the winter:)

  21. I have enjoyed your blogs about the museum, hope you find another job just as interesting to blather about.
    Most of the blue-haired quilters I know are delightful gals and always thankful when someone does them a kindness.

  22. Gus sounds like an interesting tease.

  23. I hope you decide by next season you decide you can handle the museum again. The posts have been interesting. Somtimes,we just need a break.

    Some of those "Blue-haired" ladies are pretty interesting even tn
    hough they fuss.

    Even though I fussed about the teens with piercings, I love teens" freshness and enthuiasm. I'm sure my grandparents fussed about me, too.

  24. I have personally taken an oath of to be a cranky blue haired old lady.

    I'm wondering if it is worth iit, stress wise, too, for you to go back in the spring. I guess you'll make that decission later.

  25. I wouldn't have lasted nearly as long as you.....maybe I'd be doing "community service" instead.

  26. I don't know what sounds worse - whiney old ladies or ghosts. Both give me the shivers.

  27. So yes, we are all wondering if you are going back next year?

    Apparently we have a ghost at work, lives upstairs in the loft. Kind of a weird feeling when we all go up there, bright lighting and all. Could just be altitude sickness, LOL.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  28. Okay - - - I saw you answered some of what I was going to ask. I agree you have given us some interesting blogs about the museum. However, I am sure Far Guy and Chance are going to be thrilled to have you back home.


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