Monday, August 29, 2011

Tattoos and Toe Rings

I have no tattoos or toe rings.   I have a friend that has both.

I never noticed them before..well you know we live in Minnesota and most of the time we are all covered up so we won’t freeze to death.

Tattoos and Toe Rings

I told her that the blueish purple of the Pansy accentuated the purple parts of her old lady legs. 

I am not sure I could wear rings on my toes..I am sure they would cause me to walk funny.

I cannot wear the flip flops that have that “thingy” in between my toes either.  I remember wearing them as a know the real spongy looking ones that came in all colors?  They didn’t bother me whenever I put a pair on in the store..I start to feel light headed and oozy..then I take them off and the bad feelings go away. The web between my market toe and my home toe must be really sensitive.

I don’t think I would like getting a tattoo either…I don’t like needles and I don’t like luck I would get some huge infection. 

It used to be that only “ a certain type of woman” would get a any old lady can get one, just not me.

For the record this tattoo belongs to blog reader Ann..good thing she has a sense of humor, she walks just fine with rings on her toes and in those flip flops and hopefully she is still speaking to me:)

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Laura said...

Me too! Me too! I bought a pair of flip flops this year thinking I would just deal with my hatred of the toe thingy...and I couldn't. Plus, that part where the straps attach to the foot part? Makes me feel like I'm constantly walking on rocks. I threw them away. Couldn't do it. Wore them all the time growing up (when I wasn't barefoot).
And tattoos? I wanted one when I was 18. A flower on know...chest area. I realize as I've gotten older that the flower would now be longer and misshapen. So glad I didn't follow through with it. I also convinced my kids to at least wait until they were in their 20's to get one because you are very different at even 22 than you were at 16 (the age many kids were getting tattoos). As far as I know they did wait and neither one has any. As far as I can see.
Toe rings? I've done that before. Pinchy.
So there must be others like us, right?

Gail said...

I am sure she will laugh with all of us.

I am not a fan of tattoos or piercings, nor do I own a toe ring. I do, however, live in flip flops...which are the cause of many of my personal injuries around here.

Delightful post.

linda m said...

I don't "do" tattoos or toe rings. And the flip flops hurt my feet also. It's funny how you can wear something all the time growing up; but when you are grown up they hurt.

Pauline Persing said...

I don't feel quite as "out of it" now that I know you have the same feelings about tattoos, flip-flops and toe rings as I do. My mother was always saying, "You only get one body. Take care of it." I interpreted that to mean "Don't aggravate your body in any way." Tattoos, flip-flops and toe rings."

How about jewelry in the lips, belly button, eyebrow, etc.? i just read Major Pettigrew's Last Stand. He thought the young servers in his club had some sort of disease that caused them to develop holes in their faces until someone told him that a condition of their employment was that they remove facial jewelry.:)

Country Gal said...

ANN , you go girl ! I used to have rings on my toes but not any more , I have always wanted tattoos but to chicken and I cant wear those type of flip flops either. Our oldest son has tats and tryed to convince me to get one but mum chickened out, Oh well good for you Ann to be albe to pull it all off ! Far Side your perfect just the way you are ! Have a great day !

DJan said...

I'd rather wear a toe ring than a nose ring! At least they come off and don't leave a hole. But no, I don't wear them either. We are of another era, I think, Connie.

Flip flops are just fine for the shower at the Y, but that's about it. I like sandals that don't have that feature. My sister says you get used to them pretty quickly but I don't believe her. :-)

Rita said...

I never liked flip-flops, either! Can't stand that piece in between my toes--not even when I was a kid. ( I have a similar aversion to thongs--LOL!) Never got a tattoo because I pictured what it would look like at 90. (Had a grandmother who lived to be 104.) I did wear a toe ring for a while, but it made me walk funny and annoyed me. May have been too wide. My life was exciting enough without those little additions--ROFL!! ;)

Pearl said...

I can wear the flip flops but a tattoo? Shoot. I can't pick out wallpaper, how in the world would I pick out permanent skin art?!


Pamela Kieffer said...

I have read that flip flops are not safe for those past sixty.
I am nearly eighty and have wanted a "tat" for years, a giraffe from my ankle to my knee. I saw a girl with on up her arm across her shoulder and down the other arm. It was beautiful. I understand what I want would cut deeply into my social security check, costly.
Toe rings, a friend of mine who married a man in India was given ten from her new sisters-in-law.

Karen said...

Oh, thanks for the laugh!
I did buy a pair of nice looking flip flops that I have worn once so far this summer. I keep showing my age by forgetting and calling them thongs:) Toe thongs, butt thongs, all the same idea.

I find large tattoos fascinating to look at, but I can imagine how gross they'll look when the skin is all loose and wrinkly. No thanks!

West Side of Straight said...

No flip flop toe thingy for me either! Couldn't even wear them as a kid!!!! And I'm the only female in my family that doesn't have a tattoo either. Guess Leah doesn't either - but now Amanda has one too. Hers is nice, but they're just not for me either. Have a great day today!!!!

lisa said...

I am one that has never been one for tattoos either and they sure are popular though, just not for me. Toe rings I do like and once in a while if I wear sandles I will put them on. The toe thing doesn't bother me but I have wore sandles that were not made right that was very uncomfortable and I couldn't wear them.

Becca's Dirt said...

You are hilarious Connie. No tats for me or toe ring either. But I do wear flip flops. It's a wonder she didn't come after you for saying how her veins match her tatoo. I'm laughing so hard at you. Frankly it would match mine too.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Shhhhh, I'm not here...still in hidin' under a pile of requirements gettin' MIL into an assisted care facility but I have to admit...Ya had me worried with all the tattoo piercin' talk and I just had to see ya hadn't done went and gone off the deep end sister! Heeehehehe!!!

Me and my Croc flippies...inseparable. 'Nuff said.

God bless you sweetie and have a remarkable day! :o)

(Hopefully as soon as we get my MIL settled I can break my silence)

Karmyn R said...

With everyone getting tattoos these days, I've decided I'm going to go against the grain and NOT get a tattoo!

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

Confession time. I didn't wear flippers ( as I call them) from the time I was 15 until about 4 years ago. that's about when they started being so darn cute. Now I have the fancy ones with sparkles and bangles and do dads in all colors. I found the toe thing doesn't bother me like it once did. I had to find something becasue I wore harraches for decades and then I couldn't find them anymore.

Daughters 2 and 3 have tattoos. One has one on her back and the other on her front bra strap area. Then Daughter #2 designed a Mother/Daughter tatoo that involved a Celtic heart (representing the mother) with 3 ovals for the 3 daughters. SO they both got theirs done but neither I or Daughter #1 have done it. I'm a tatoo fail!

Lynda said...

Here's a funny about tattoos. Our neighbors just celebrated their 25th anniversary. He bought her diamond earrings and she let him get a tattoo- - - - a big ole Harley Davidson on his upper arm! First tattoo he has ever had and he said, yes, it did hurt to get parts of it done. I thought it funny that she gets something pretty and he wanted a tattoo. They are WONDERFUL neighbors. We are blessed to have them.

Anonymous said...

I can't even tolerate my wedding bands! My skin must be super sensitive - no flip flops, no rings, and no unnecessary needles for me!
Enjoy your Tuesday!
M. Lane

Anonymous said...

I don't have tattoos either - and am certainly not thinking of getting any either. My pierced ears are enough.

Ann said...

Miss this yesterday. I'm still laughing.
I couldn't wear flip flops when I was young. My feet must have toughen up. I used to wear a ring on each of my fingers. But over the years have lost a few and never replace them. I've never loss a toe ring.
As I told you if I'd have know how many black and blue spot I'd get over the year and they don't go away some times for two years. I'd have picked a different color then purple.
I'd wanted a tattoo for years. This one is at least 8 years old. This one means 3 things to me. My son paid for it. When I look at it I see all those mother day flower I didn't get when he couldn't afford them. My Moms' favorite flower. My favorite color.
When I see a great tattoo I start drooling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!