Sunday, August 7, 2011

One Summer Evening

The sweet smell of fresh cut hay assaults my senses in the mornings.  We have had enough rain so the hay and grass are having a good year.

The other evening we saw a family of Turkeys..technically a rafter of Turkeys.  There were little ones, but they are not tall enough to be seen in the photo.

Turkeys in the hay

It is usually turkeys in the straw..except for my photo it is turkeys in the hay.

Some of my favorite flowers are blooming.


These are Rudbeckia or Black Eyed Susan’s.  They self sow themselves all over the wildflower area.   Far Guy is trying to get wildflowers to grow out by the sauna.  They are a little sparse this year, next year they will be better:)

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  1. Never saw the black eyed susan's before...very pretty.

  2. Love those flowers! They're beautiful!!

    And the turkeys, of course.

  3. We've been seeing a lot of turkeys around these parts.
    I love Black-Eyed Susans. I just planted some this year since I'm re-doing my flower garden with all my favorites, mostly perennials.

  4. I have had a tough time getting rudbeckia to survive - at least at my old house. I guess they need more water than I was giving them!!! (At least to get started)
    We have some sort of black-eyed susan growing wild along the roads. I do believe they are on the noxious weed list - but they are soooo pretty!

  5. We just bales some hay this week and I have to say we just love the smell of fresh mowed hay! I have black eyed susan's in the pond area and they sure do know how to spread, I had to go and pull a lot so they didn't over take the rest of the flowers!

  6. Love your Black eyed Susans. Just made some planters for the front door of our building, and used them.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  7. Awesome photos ! Have a wonderful day !

  8. Is that what you call a bunch of turkeys? Like a gaggle of geese, you get a rafter of turkeys? Glad to hear you're getting your hay baled, not to mention lots of black eyed susans showing up in your pictures...

  9. Black-eyed Susans - - - - we have always loved them! If we cut some trees down here, we would have enough sun to grow them!
    There is a children's book that tells all the animal 'group' names called "A Gaggle of Geese" by Dandi Daley Mackall. It's cute.

  10. Sigh - what gorgeous flowers!

  11. Never seen black-eyed susans with so much orange on them!! Gorgeous!

    My son and DIL have turkeys in the woods behind their place--more every year! I never knew it was a rafter of turkeys. Cool!

  12. I like your other wildflower planting. It is the best way to garden if you have the patience to wait year after year for it to fill in and be a natural garden.

  13. I think Black Eyed Susan's are one of my favorites too. I didn't know it was a rafter of turkeys either. It's nice to be educated;))))))


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