Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Exchanges

Do you participate in Cookie Exchanges?   I did years ago, I packaged up twelve dozen wonderful Mexican Wedding Cake Cookies.  I came home with broken cookies, burned  cookies, cookies my girls wouldn't eat. It was a  total waste of time.   One time was enough for me after that I would let the children chose one or two kinds of cookies that they liked and we would bake before Christmas.   Jen liked Rosettes so I bought an iron and made them a few years.  Trica liked Fudge and we invariably would try a recipe and it would turn out to be spoon fudge..which was acceptable to her.  They both liked Star Cookies a peanut butter cookie with a chocolate star on top. I always had to hide the chocolate stars in the deep freeze or they would be all gone when it was time to bake.    I have not baked any cookies this year..the girls will bring some of their baked treasures along..I heard that one of them made caramels, mints, and  Star Cookies, she is my over achiever.  Hopefully I will get some pumpkin bread made..the grands all love it.

Jen called one day last week..she said she was going to a cookie exchange.. I said "Great, I hope some of them are edible."  She said.."Well Mother, times have changed and the women that don't bake just get gourmet packaged cookies at ten dollars a dozen..they can afford to have someone bake for them."   I thought..what a waste..good for the cookie baker..but ten dollars a dozen??  I hope they were edible..and not burned or broken.

I participated in an exchange this year!  I signed up for an ornament exchange. I got two cute little ornaments from a gal in Florida..they look great on my tree!  I sent off one of my handmade loons and a tin spoon with a painted Santa on it that said "Ho. Ho Ho" down the handle.   I was pleased with this kind of was a whole lot better than cookies.

Far Guy and I drug ourselves to a local shopping establishment last night armed with our "list".. we were confused.  Play Station Ones and Twos..DS... Wii..I pod.. all these thingys that we have absolutely no idea..what they do.  I approached one of the ASSistant Managers with my list, he said can't help you with your isn't in our computer.. I asked him if the movies are?  "Yup" the ASSistant said.  I said "WELL could you look up -------?"  OK he could..but the phone he had to talk to his friend on the STORE phone while I waited.  ( Picture me standing by the counter, clicking my fingernails on the counter to the tune of some death march) Nope, no luck,  they did not have that movie.  Luckily we ran into a group of teenagers who knew where everything was..and then a store employee that actually knew something helped us to find almost everything on our list. I remembered to get gift receipts..because I am positive we messed up on something exchanges will have to be made.  We headed home.. I have one final list..and IF I cannot find something..they are getting socks or mittens.  I have really had it with this shopping crap.  I don't like it, I hate that Christmas is a commercial holiday.  So far I have enjoyed this I am sure that when all the cooking starts next week I am really going to be happy..nothing like spending a day or two in the kitchen to perk me up.  

Far Guy is working on the Christmas Letter..the envelopes,  paper and stamps stand at the ready..I usually do them on a stormy day..haven't had one of those yet in December so the greetings remain undone.  I do have all that wrapping paper to use up..that part I don't hate..I find it rather freeing to slice into paper with a sharp instrument:)


Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Oh girl be careful with those scissors, ya almost sound a wee bit dangerous there! Ya, one of my grandsons wanted some computer games to play. Me absolutely clueless, grabbed my sons 12 and 10 year old sons and off to Wally~World we went. THEY knew exactly what Jacob would like. Woohoo, I helped them shop for their dads BD while we were there. We all had a fab time doing it and finished off with hamburgers 'round the table at McDonalds.

Have a great day and a fun time in the kitchen next week!

Nancy/BLissed-Out Grandma said...

Far Side, sorry you're not feeling the joy so far this year! I'm guessing the smells of cooking or baking will cheer you right up! We just put on the Christmas music, which does it for me.

Emma Rose said...

Amen! We suggested drawing names last year and our daughter-in-law wouldn't hear of it! But she will not provide us with a list so she and our son never like what they get. A total waste of time and money! Our daughters husband is a jewel. He provides us with excellent ideas for the adults and kids so shopping for them is much more enjoyable. I wish we could have only hand made gifts to exchange. That'll never happen!

The Duchess

Anonymous said...

DO NOT RUN WITH THOSE SCISSORS! Oh you tickle me! My ONE and only cookie exchange was a horrible experience too. I think of it as "germs to go!" Your ornaments are very sweet though.

Anonymous said...

I don't do cookie exchanges for the same reason....and I'd rather eat my own anyway:)

Rae said...

I've never done a cookie exchange. Sounds like it is a good thing I never did one too. I baked 10 dozen cookies today and it wasn't a labor of was just plain labor.

Andrea said...

Oh, sounds like a real pain. Have you tried shopping on Being sick this year I have placed 2 big orders there and they seem to have almost everything you could want (esp. books, video games, and music CD's)...not that I'm advertising, but I have been a loyal customer since 1998 and have always had a good experience. Next year, maybe try them. I had to cheer up by baking cookies all day yesterday (during the east coast blizzard). Thank goodness for snow!