Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 In Review

This is a big is one of those "Blue Moons" ..that's what it is called when we have two full moons in the same month. The next time it happens will be December 31, 2028 and I will either be deader than a door nail or 87 that year. There will be a minor lunar eclipse in Europe..lucky ducks. I hope to bust out the tripod and get some full moon shots..hope it isn't below zero..or overcast this evening.

Last year I wrote about intentions instead of resolutions.. Quote " How about some one word intentions ..Like mine! Laugh, Smile, Hug, and Dance. Easy to remember, easy to do, I can have that accomplished a few seconds after midnight, and be free the rest of the year. Easy..peasy!"--Far Side December 30, 2008.

This year I will add a word to my intentions..exercise.  This one may just require a bit of a commitment beyond the few minutes after midnight.  I am bound and determined to have firm fat,
Lets do a check up: 2008 in plain type    2009 In BOLD

The children are all employed, and reasonably healthy. Trica our oldest daughter still struggles with Pancreatitis. Ditto..Trica is still struggling..she might just be a tad more cranky too. She has pancretitis from a Gall Bladder surgery years ago.

We still struggle with Doctors and Far Guys Trigeminal Neuralgia. We are comfortable with Dr. P. he seems adequate. There are no miracle cures..Trigeminal Neuralgia is a rare disorder that you must just learn to live with...easy for me to say..Far Guy is the one with continual pain.

No new Grand-babies..No divorces..a few deaths (two cousins and a very dear friend) This year five friends died.. Rhonda, Jim, Sam, Charles and Pat. Two family members, my Uncle Delbert, and my cousins fiancee.

Paige stole her sisters new kitty for a photo.
No new pets, and no pet deaths. In 2009 Madison got a new kitten that she named Ziggy. Trica found a new home for her Pomeranian Daphne or "Daffy". Daffy now gets to be the Queen of her castle and no longer has to tremble in fear and hide under the couch to escape her terrorist companion Dakota who had a stroke a number of years ago and has an ongoing thyroid problem and is just not right in the head. I miss Daffy..she loved me. When they all lived with us..she was my constant companion.


Biggest Adjustment..Far Guy's Trigeminal Neuralgia and how it affects our day to day life. Ditto..we must always be flexible.... it just may not be a good day, or a good week.

Biggest Change..Closing the Greenhouse business, a very wise decision. I miss it, but I am getting over it. Well I am way over this one..this years biggest eating..more exercise.

Biggest Frustration.. Doctors that don't know their butt from a hole in the ground, and the phone ringing. Ditto.. and gaining weight because I quit a nasty habit..that I enjoyed..but now my metabolism is all out of whack.  For now and since July I have been an ex-smoker.  It ain't has been one of the hardest things I have ever done in my entire life.  I have however curbed the desire to lick every ash tray I see..and those smokers outside freezing their skinny butts off..I envy them..perhaps I will get over that with time..old habits die hard..I began to smoke as a teenager..that was well over forty years ago.  My daughter said "Mom we would rather have you alive and healthy looking and a little fat, than dead and skinny."  

Happiest Moment..a very nostalgic Ferris Wheel Ride last August with Far Guy. Playing a little "kissy face" stopped at the top! I had to think on this for quite some time.. I had many happiest moments this year and if I had to pin it down to just one moment it would be watching Chance and Far Guy on the lake shore of Lake Superior..watching Chance run between us.

Happy New Year Everyone! :)


  1. Aw, what a year Connie. Page is an absolute doll and Chance, well ya'll know how we love him! Good for you kickin' the smoking habit. Something I never started but have helped friends and loved ones through. I don't do the resolutions but try to live each day the best I can.

    I have so enjoyed being part of your blogworld. You have a great New Year!!!

  2. Great post; I love your year in review. You have quite a lot to be proud of--especially kicking the smoking! Keep it up! I know it's an ongoing battle. Your and several other posts make me really want to do a "year in review" or retrospective--hope I find the time. Thanks for writing, I always enjoy reading you--and the very best of New Years to you!!

  3. Happy Blue Moon New Year to you.

  4. I think the greatest part of all you said is the willing to change. Some people are so in their ruts that they think all is going fine. I like that you have thought back to the whole year and events. I don't know if I can do that. I will need to rest up and read my blogs I guess to see what happened. Chance is that little bundle of love that encourages you two together. He knows his job is to keep track of Far Side and Far Guy and keep them alive and well in spirit. Keep up the great blogging and here's to a Happy New Year.

  5. Thanks for are always able to make me laugh. I had no idea you had the need to lick ashtrays ;) Change is good but routine is good too......sounds like you achieved some balance over this past year........Happy New year to you and the Far Guy and all the very best in 2010!!

  6. Wishing you the very best in the New Year. I hope you have many happy moments ahead in 2010.

  7. Connie, I think quitting smoking was the hardest thing I ever did, and I did it twice! I quit for seven years, had ONE cigarette and was hooked again, and it took three more years to finally quit. I gained 17 pounds and it took YEARS for them to finally go away (although now that I look behind me, maybe they are finding their way back home). Congratulations on quitting the habit, and doing the right thing by focusing on exercise and healthier eating, not dieting (doesn't work). Glad to have found YOU this year. Retrospectives are totally cool!

  8. Oh Connie, I knew we were kindred souls! I quit smoking on April 3rd after forty some years. Life has been hell since then. Who knew that cigarettes, or the lack of, could wreak such havoc. Sigh... I still tell myself that tomorrow I will smoke, but not today. So, maybe tomorrow. . .
    We'll see.

    The Duchess

  9. A great post, I have read and re-read it. Paige is just adorable and of course, I love all the pets! I wish you continued content with Far Guy's dr. - I wish for the good days to way out number the bad. I congratulate you on the quitting smoking - something Nalley did about 15 years ago after smoking for a lifetime. I desperately need to exercise too - I wish us both luck with that one! I am sorry for the deaths you experienced this last year. I know we both share in the loss of our humorous and loving friend Pat. My heart goes out to her family members this new year's eve. I am so grateful to have met you thru blogging and I truly appreciate your friendship, your visits, your comments. Life is richer for me by making new blog friends like you. Happy New Year!

  10. I am of course crying, that last part about your happiest moment really got me going. That and the ferris wheel.....awwwwww.

    I love this post, and wishing you a very Happy New Year, but it is probably one there already. We still have hours to go.


  11. you've inspired me. I'm going to tell everyone that I quite smoking and got fat. (I've never smoked, but what the hay?)

    Hey -- hang in there and go for the gusto.
    Happy new year and blessings on all of you.

  12. I too quit smoking a year ago September and I have gained and gained....I miss smoking and at times wish that I hadn't quit but at times I am glad I did. I think it would be easier if my husband would quit too. I loved reading this post!!

  13. Good on you for quitting smoking! Love your happy memories...

    I tried to see the Blue Moon but we had such heavy cloud cover it was impossible... :-(

  14. Congratulations on quiting smoking! 13 years ago I was in your place and not sure I would ever make it but it finally got better and now....I am free!!! I wish you the best with it and the New people are happier and skinny ones:):)

  15. Congrats on quitting smoking and sticking to it in spite of all the cravings. Ditto to Far Guy for coping with chronic pain. Sorry about having to move Daffy out of your life...what a pretty dog!


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