Monday, December 7, 2009


One snowy cold spring day a gentleman came by the greenhouse to visit.  He was newly retired and needed some help designing a few gardens.  We talked of rock gardens and perennials.  I asked him to come back in about a month, some perennials would be out from under cover by then.  

He came back and purchased a wide variety of perennials.  I gifted him some Phlox subulata that was struggling to look good enough to sell. 

He returned one day, with a gift for me.  A tiny pair of handmade snowshoes that he enjoyed making in the evenings while watching TV.  They are a one of a kind ornament..that reminds me of retired people, Phlox sublata and that one kindness often leads to another:) 

** Our tree is not up yet, this photo was taken last year..we still have time!  


  1. What a nice man and a precious handmade ornament. How sweet is that!

  2. How kind. That is an unusual and precious ornament. My favorite ornaments are the ones with special memories like that.

    Kisses for Chance,
    Emma Rose

    PS Our tree is not up and the shopping is not started, hopefully "we still have time"! Ha!

  3. Us old retired folks have to have SOMETHING to do!


  4. What a delicate, sweet hand-made ornament. One kindness for another!

  5. That is a very sweet story. How nice of you to give him the Phlox. His return favor shows the difference in generations. I bet a young person wouldn't even think of doing that. It was a very nice gesture and the snowshoes are so creative. They are a nice addition to the tree with a story behind them, just like the cinnamon ornaments.

  6. I am always struck by your banner when I look at your site. And I love this one especially with Chance all snowy and the chickadee below. Maybe I already said this, but anyway, they are always appreciated. I love the story of the double gift, or should I say a gift that keeps on giving? I hope I have a story like this; I'll look in my memories.

  7. They are really neat snow shoes. It is nice when you do things for people and not expect anything in return, and they really do appreciate it.

  8. Those snowshoes are awesome. What intricate work!

  9. Hi hun,

    How wonderful!! They are gorgeous and a great tale of how kindness is a circle..It always come back to you :)
    Love, Light & Blessings

    Mrs Snow :)

  10. Oh - such delightful small snowshoes! What a great present!

  11. We have that little flower all over here, in the spring. Always wondered what it was. Cool gift!

    By the way we also have loads of Baby's Breath that grows wild, if anyone wants some.

  12. Yes, you still have time. And so do I. I am finally thinking about those decorations. The snowshoe ornament is wonderful. It reminds me why I love the snow. And we are really getting the snow today. Now if it would just warm up a bit, I could go snowshoeing.


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