Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Loony" Winner

Big drum roll.....and the winner is..

Please contact me with your snail mail address and whatever inscription you would like on the reverse side..my email address is in my profile! Congratulations Nezzy you will now be as loony as me! Thank you to everyone who commented with your traditions..I enjoyed them all!

Today I will share one of my miserable failures..it is a clay loon..I still have a whole bunch of this clay..it was sparkly and black..Fimo clay I think. I even numbered the loons on the bottom..I believe I gave one to my Mother..Mothers usually are thrilled with whatever their children make for them. My best friend Susan may have one also.. best friends always give you the benefit of the doubt. This clay was stiff and hard to work with..I think I actually built up my arm muscles trying to form this stiff clay into something that was recognizable as a Loon. I finally gave up..well ..not completely..this was years ago..I still have the peanut butter jar full of packages of black clay and a set of special clay sculpting tools. Now if I had thrown that jar away, I could say I really gave up. Why do you suppose I kept it, because I don't like giving up? Because I am a glutton for punishment and like to be reminded of my failures? It was probably a case of "just in case" ..I keep lots of "Stuff" for just in case.

I have two of these Loons on the tree..they hang a little off center..their heads are too large and misshapen, they look a little funny. Every year I look at them and shake my head and smile...the poor little things. BUT they are mine..I guess I must have two..one to hand down to each of our daughters..a reminder that their Mother was a little loony and sometimes she didn't do everything exactly perfect..but she tried:)


  1. Woohoo girlfriend, it think I better go play the lotto or something. This is the third giveaway in a row I have been honored to win. I'm doin' my little excited happy dance here. I won some chocolate covered fruit over a Aging Disgracefully that is somewhere in UPS Land. Thank you, I will always cherish my loony ornament from my loony blogsister.

    From one loon to another have a blessed day, you have sure made mine! :o)

  2. It's lovely to be loony! And these loony loons look just fine to me, Connie. I like the way the bottom one is looking up at the camera as if to say, hell-oh, what are you looking at?

  3. I think those two loons are lovely!

  4. I know, I know, you want them to hang straight. But who says they can't tilt a little? Don't be throwing away any of your crafty stuff yet...you never know when you might decide to make a few more clay loons!

  5. They are original and that is what matters. They are hand crafted and special. Congrats to Nezzy on her new loony ornament.

  6. Congrats to Nezzy! I love your clay loons also and thanks to blogging your daughters and grandkids will always have this blog to refer to about all the handmade ornaments.

  7. Congratulations, Nezzy. I had reserved a spot for that on my tree!

  8. Congrats to Nezzy - I'm so glad you will have a loon too! You deserve to win a few -- you have wonderful inspiring comments!

    The clay loon is cute and quirky in its' own little way....

  9. Congrats to Nezzy!

    Life can be seen in its imperfections, not its perfections! :-)

  10. Head over here and see a funny story about Swans



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