Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Wild Ride

Our youngest daughter is married to a "big kid". She often says she has three boys, one is just way bigger than the other two. This must be Andy's year for wheels, he got a unicycle for Christmas, and a Harley Davidson in April, a new Tahoe in May and a bicycle built for two..yesterday. Wheels...they make this "big kid" smile.
Noah was game for a spin with his Dad. I went out to take photographs..Jen was not going to go for a ride..Adam and Far Guy both said "Not today" ..bummer..the excitement of new wheels ..should be shared. Far Guy suggest that I go..what the heck..I was picturing a leisurely ride, and started singing my off key rendition of Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer please..Andrew took over in perfect pitch as he pedaled faster and faster... I'm half crazy...

Gone was the perfect photograph in my head, long billowing skirts, the beautiful flower adorned hat with the flowing ribbons, the breeze playing gently on my face. I was hanging on for dear life..we accelerated to speeds that would have been record setting if we had been in the Tour De France. Trees were flashing by so fast that they became a blur..briefly I thought about the Obit...Area resident, killed when she met a tree..then even worse.. Just an accident report..Victim was just skinned up over ninety percent of her body, but lives..unfortunately. I should have insisted on a helmet, and RULES before I ventured anywhere with my Son In Law on his Bicycle built for two. He did deliver me back home safe and sound..well safe anyway..Far Guy said "Wow what a ride..why didn't you use the brakes?" What brakes..there were none on my handlebars? Think old bike..the brakes are applied by pedaling backwards..I was a kid so long ago I had forgotten:)


  1. What a ride that msut have been. I laughed until I had to reach for the kleenex box . All of our son in laws are to serious. Our one daughter and husband had a bicycle built for two but I don't think they use it any more. Thanks for shring our ride with us. Lilly

  2. Thank God you lived to tell lol. It must have been fun.


  3. Oh how funny! You have me laughing out loud and I love the comment above mine "that you lived to tell!"

  4. What a delightful story, nearly as delightful as being there to watch! I like my panic vicariously!

  5. What a hoot! Don't let him near Geo and Vern!!!!!! You should see all the wheels in their garage! jo

  6. funny! :-)

    {pedal backward to brake} lol!


  7. Hysterical!! Loved this post.
    Hope your Memorial Day is filled with love, joy and laughter (I think you've already got the laughter part down pat, lol) and........

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  8. Hilarious and hair-raising... Helmets are a must!

  9. Hahahaha....I would loved to have seen that!

  10. You write so well and have such a knack for turning an everyday little event into great tale. I really appreciate your talent for storytelling and the written word (an am a bit jealous, too)!

  11. I agree, you have a great knack for storytelling. :) Hilarious, but what a cool looking bike for two... looks like it may have some history. :)


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