Saturday, May 30, 2009

Chance : On Looking Handsome

Thanks for voting last week, these are the photos that Far Side entered in the photo contest at the local animal shelter. You all did great, and Far Sides conundrum was solved!

You know it is not easy looking handsome...sometimes it is impossible.
The weather has been so windy that I had some serious fly away hair...

Just when I think I might have pulled off my best sidewalk walk, twirl and sit shoot. I am told, "You have eye boogers dude. It is a really good photo except for your boogers." Well ya know, it is not all my fault sometimes when you have don't know it. Who is in charge anyway? Fix it, Fix it..Quick, Quick, Quick don't you have Photoshop??? DO SOMETHING! My sister is well known for the Quick, Quick, Quick saying...she is famous in Far Guys and Far Sides minds for just those three words.
Far Side says "It is not a perfect photo, too many shadows and your ear is funny, one eye is sleepy lookin, I must try harder to make you look perfect dude." It is much better...the eye boogers are all gone. I hope she feels better now. Where do those eye boogers really go anyway?? What are you supposed to do with them? Far Guy usually just wipes them on his pants leg. Far Side uses a Kleenex..if you have eye boogers what do you do with them? :)


Rae said...

To Chance: you are one really good looking dude. Probably one of the most handsome guys I have ever seen - except for the Lab I live with. Far Side and Far Guy are really blessed to have you in their life.

Ziggy Stardust said...

Chance my Sasha would like to meet you , she thinks you are "hot".

Chance is a beautiful dog.


Anonymous said...

Chance, you are so handsome!

I am surrounded by eye boogers - not only Harriet, but the two Goldens next door have BIG ones!!!!!!!! I always have a kleenex tucked in my pocket Far Side!

RURAL said...

I am eating a egg salad sandwich, kind of wish that I had some booger warning. Thanks!

Chance looks good to me no matter what he is doing.


Jan said...

Chance is one handsome dog. He and Andrea's Sophie are my two favorite bloggy dogs.

Emma Rose said...

The Duke uses whatever is handy and the Duchess uses a tissue. Chance is so handsome, even with eye boogers! **sigh**

Emma Rose

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Connie, thanks for entertaining us at Chance's expense, or delight...if only he could read. :)

Anonymous said...

I wipe the eye boogers on my trousers as Oscar doesn't like them. His son, Frodo, however will obligingly lick them off your fingers for you... (Sorry if this grosses you out, but you did ask!)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful dog!!!!!!!

Girl Tornado said...

I do so love your photos of Chance. :) That top one of him on the fence is awesome.

And eye boogers. Sometimes I just wipe them away, other times I use a tissue. Just depends. But I always Photoshop the away if the photo merits the clean-up. :)