Monday, May 25, 2009

Decoration Day

Old people called it "Decoration Day." The day in May set aside to strew flowers on soldiers graves. The day to pause and think about the white crosses spread all over Europe. To honor all servicemen and women who "gave their all."

Now we are encouraged to stop for one full minute of remembrance at 3 PM. Somehow sometime someplace something got all messed up...perhaps if we spent just one full minute communicating with a child about the importance of this tradition of decorating soldiers graves we would make more of a dent. Perhaps if they visited a graveyard and just appreciated the tiny flags flying in the breeze...:)


  1. I'll second that Amen!

    A good dose of unadulterated history telling, national and personal sacrifice understanding.

  2. Yes - and do you remember the Poppy sales! We need not forget all that has been done and yet to be done to keep all of us safe. God bless each and every soldier and their families. jo

  3. My aunt and uncle, who were very involved in the Amvets, took me to Arlington when I was a kid. I'll never forget the row after row after row of little white crosses.

  4. I have been to Arlington twice in my life and both times it was an extremely moving experience. I get all chocked up just thinking about it. It is a shame that young people today haven't a clue about patriotism or that "Freedom isn't Free". Yesterday I was at the cemetery putting flags on my Father's grave and thanked him for his service during WWII. God Bless the USA and all those who serve Her and their families.

  5. I agree... there's no point winning a war if you can't win the peace too.

  6. Amen! Well said.

    And your photos are great!



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