Monday, August 15, 2011


In Minnesota comfort sometimes comes with cooler weather.


There was a quilt display on the courthouse lawn last Saturday.

I really liked the yellow one on the right.  It belongs to a little girl from California and she sleeps with it when she visits her Grandma in Minnesota. No doubt she is comforted.

Comfort for me, is having my own pillow and being able to have my body on the same level as my head..then I can sleep…I like noise too, the constant noise of a TV will lull me to sleep.

Other people I know struggle with getting comfortable.  Last night, Jen came downstairs..and told everyone ( the grand boys and me) that we had to be quiet..she could not get to sleep whilst the boys and I were talking.  She has really good hearing..and she sounded really we just whispered.  Last weekend she came all the way downstairs to turn the volume of our TV way down..we practically had to lip read what the people on the TV was a good thing that we had seen the movie Stand By Me before.  I think ear plugs might be a wonderful gift for her, perhaps we could find one of those fancy nighttime blindfolds and attach some ear plugs.

I can sleep through almost anything..except silence..if the TV goes off in the night or someone shuts it off..I am immediately awake.


Comfort is elusive sometimes, if only it were as simple as reaching for a quilt made by your grandmother:)

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  1. A wonderful post. We are all so different in a our sleeping comfort.

    I have a fan running to cover all the night sounds or I can't sleep. It has to be dark and in my bed, and then I'm lucky to get five hourse of good sleep.

    Hubby can sleep in his recliner with the tv blaring and yet wake in surprise if a new sound joins that.

    I guess if we were all the same, life would certainly be boring.

  2. Your photos of the quilts would be very nice framed. I love them! Larry and John accuse me of having SUPER HEARING also! They have finally learned (the hard way) that if I say I hear a water drip or a frig making a diff. sound, that they better investigate!!!!!

  3. I can sleep through some noise, but I find that my earplugs are priceless if it's too noisy. I use the ones that look like silly putty and shape to my ears. I also use them when I swim.

    It's light that I can't stand when I'm trying to sleep. It's got to be dark, and I also have some eye shades but don't need to use them often.

    And I love the quilts. My favorite is the pretty one that you like, too.

  4. A lovely post and beautiful quilts. I used to always have to have the tv on and a light somewhere to be able to sleep if my husband is away, but as I've gotten older I cannot sleep with any kind of noise or light. My daughter has to have noise and light to fall asleep. Last week's overnight hotel stay with her was...let's just say tiring. At least she doesn't need the tv on all night. I think I'll invest in a mask and earplugs for next time!

  5. The quilts are beautiful and we got some cool weather here in the south this morning. It should make us all feel better.

  6. I sleep best with a feather pillow that I can shape to my cradle my head and neck. I detest fiber fill and foam pillows. Yuck!

    Quilts hanging outside always make me smile. The yellow one in the first photo is my favorite.

  7. Love the idea of displaying the quilts like that, it's like they are hanging on a clothes line. That way too you can easily see both sides.

    I've never tried earplugs or an eye mask, but I think they would make me feel claustrophobic. I like to be able to see out of the window and hear what is going on, especially since we have farm animals. (Strange things happen in the night sometimes)

  8. What wonderful quilts!

    I'm like Jen - I need silence in order to sleep.

  9. I think the quilts should be framed also. Great shots. I have earplugs and they work fantastic. When hubby snores in they go. And when on an airplane they are great to keep all those sounds out and I sleep just fine....

  10. I used earplugs at a job and when teaching shooting black powder. They just filter out the loud sounds I could hear all the regular sounds. Some morning when hubby is up at 5:00am you will find me yelling turn down that TV as it filter thought the walls and bothers me. Most of the time I can sleep through anything even the phone ringing.

  11. I used earplugs at a job and when teaching shooting black powder. They just filter out the loud sounds I could hear all the regular sounds. Some morning when hubby is up at 5:00am you will find me yelling turn down that TV as it filter thought the walls and bothers me. Most of the time I can sleep through anything even the phone ringing.

  12. The quilts are beautiful. I have a few my grandmother's made that I cherish. You can feel the love in them in a cold winter night.

    I am so used to sleeping through noise. I read through a football game on TV. I would think any Mother could tune it out just like we tuned out our children. (Was that just me?) Hopefully she'll get better at it.

  13. Papa can sleep anywhere and with noise I on the other hand sleep to the sound of nature I dont sleep much always wake at least twice during the night!
    Love the photo of the quilts ! Have a wonderful day !

  14. I'm surprised the quilters allow their creations out in the sun. I met a bus load of Minnesota travellers yesterday...........wonderful people.

  15. Pooh. I love quilts! Like the yellow one.

    As to noise, did you know there is a soothing white noise app on the smartphones?

  16. My mom was a quilter and whenever possible, she and I would visit quilt exhibits.

    Funny about noise and sleeping, Our new house is on a fairly major road, although we are set back quite a bit. We have just begun to sleep with the window open, and even then, once in a while, one of us has to shut the window because the road noise is too much. We have lived for so many years without a road near us at all!

  17. Oh, the quilts are beautiful. I love to visit the quilt exhibition at the state fair...there are so many fabulous ones that I can never pick a single favorite. I can sleep through almost anything, most nights. I do love my own bed and pillow and down comforter, though.

  18. I have to have silence...I have very very good hearing. Terry will fall asleep infront of the tv not me...I'm like your daughter.

    Everything needs to be shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  19. You are like my sister who also likes the TV going so she can fall asleep. I am like Jen in that I like it quiet. I especially don't like listening to the 'talking heads' before I go to sleep but my husband enjoys them. We have reached an agreement - - he can listen to them in the den after 10 - - - not in the bedroom. Their arguing is not soothing.

  20. P.S. All the quilts are BEAUTIFUL. I especially like the blue one in the middle of the last photo.

  21. Hi - I also need quiet to sleep. My husband stays up a couple of hours after me. We keep the subtitles turned on on our TV. Not only is it helpful for foreign accents you might not understand, but the person staying up late can turn the volume down low and still enjoy the show.

  22. you are blessed. I have difficulty sleeping again now that I have had to quiter taking my fibro med. Last night I betcha I turned until 1 am Then the dog started barking (shrill) on the street one block over. Just echoed into the bedroom.

    I'm yawning tired.


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