Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chance : Needs your help

Hey, I need your help, Far Side is in a conundrum, you know a fix, she can't make a decision. I told her that her readers and my fans might be able to help out. I am a not only very handsome but I am pretty smart too! Far Side says "Chance, a little humility would go a long way."

Photo #1 Taken on April 22, 2009 We thought spring was here.
Photo#2 Taken on April 24, 2009 What happened to spring?

As you may have noticed, she takes many photographs of me, she says hundreds because I am easily bored with her camera, and have learned that simply closing my eyes will cause her to stop! There is another contest at the local animal shelter, she will enter again. Last May we entered two photographs, and we want to enter two again this year. Throughout the summer they have a travelling display, for 25 cents people can vote for their favorite, the top thirteen vote getters are featured on a calendar. Anyway she has way too many photos to choose from, so she sat at her computer half the night and came up with five photos which she thinks are really good. Now she can't decide... women. Last year, my photos raised about thirty dollars for the Shelter. Not a fantastic amount..but hey..Far Side says "Every little bit helps."

Photo #3 Taken last June, right after I had been to the groomer!

Photo #4 Taken December 20, 2008 Far Side says this is a anniversary photo, no not my anniversary..theirs! But I did celebrate four years with them a few days later!
Photo #5 Taken on October 07, 2008 I was on the lookout for Turkeys and Deer!

So here is where you come in, please leave a comment with the two photos that you think are the best..Thanks! I knew I could count on you! :)


  1. My favorites are 1 and 3. Best wishes!!!

  2. I like #2 and #5. Both show border collie traits—love of snow and nosiness. At least my border collie Maggie loves snow and likes to watch stuff.

    Chance is a handsome critter. He deserves to be on a calendar.

  3. They are all great photos. I think that the two that look most like calendar material would be #2 and #3. Mr. December and Mr. June. This is a beautiful dog.

  4. They are all nice, but I love #2 and #3 the best. If I lived nearby I would definitely spend some money voting on Chance. Good Luck!


  5. #2....Chance looks soooo disappointed.
    #5....On Look out....excellent

    I hope you win. This is a great way for your aniaml shelter to raise money. Harriet

  6. 2,3 and 5 = they're all good! can't follow rules and just pick two! jo

  7. Photo 3 and 5 are my favs. Good luck Chance. I know you'll raise lots of money. Buddy says hello and he is pulling for you... Becca

  8. It is a very difficult decision. I like #2 the best because of the pose and the contrast of the snow against Chance's coat.

  9. #5 for SURE! And #2

    Let us know how you do Chance. This is fun being part of your contest!


  10. #3 is my favorite, what a beautiful dog.


  11. CHANCE #2 and CHANCE #3

    Such a loving companion!

  12. Photo #3 is my favorite
    then Photo #2..

    Thanks for supporting the local Humane Society -- we also are entering some pictures this year!

    Best of Luck!

  13. I like his smile in number 1 but am voting for number 2 because I think his coloring is so pretty in the snow

  14. Definitely #2 and #3 for Sophie and I...although personally I think any photo of a border collie is worthy of winning. :)

  15. First choice: #5. It has so much FEELING, not just sitting pretty. Curiousity, intelligence, and energy come across--you can just sense that rarin' to go tensing of the muscles. You imagine one second later he is gone. Since I must pick a second: #4, maybe with Chance moved down a bit perhaps. Nestled in all that white with the black, plus the freezing snow surrounding a warm body/heart--I think it's a dramatic study of contrasts. He doesn't even look miserable--a bold, calm, steadfast gaze straight at the camera--nothing fazes this guy. What a MAN! It's interesting though at the variety of votes. What a wonderful idea and good luck. Chance should feel proud of his contribution to the shelter.

  16. Oh dear! He is so handsome I want to pick all of them. But my favorites are #1 and #2. Keep in mind this is coming from a female Border Collie that is head over tails in love with Chance!

    Emma Rose

  17. My dog has just whispered the winning numbers in my ear: number 2 because of the snow against the black fur. And number 3, because of the wagon wheel and your super cool groomed look.

  18. It looks like #2 and #5 are the clear winners! Those are the ones we will enter! Thanks for helping out! :)


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