Sunday, August 29, 2021

Bucket Lists

 I have a Bucket List and a Photo Bucket List. 

I revised my Bucket List. The old list only had one thing crossed off!

Old List

1. Ride in a convertible...I did this twice. 

2. Beach Boys or Moody Blues Concert...Bee Gee's would have been on the list but only Barry is left.

3. Play in the World Series of Poker

4. Go on a Cruise in the Caribbean

5. Go to Finland for a sauna

New List

1. Visit Morden Manitoba Canada Display Gardens some year when it rains.

2. Visit the Peace Gardens

3. Learn to spin

4. Visit the church in Annandale Minnesota that my Great Grandfather helped to build

5. Spend two months in Hawaii during the winter.

This is the old church I longed to see in person.  On one of the recent trips to Minneapolis we did a slight detour...went early and visited the church and then went on to stay overnight in a hotel near the clinic. 

The church was originally built in French Lake Minnesota in 1896 -1897 and it was donated and moved to Annandale Pioneer Park in 1975.  My Great Grandfather Isaac Yliniemi was one of the founding members.

I was thrilled to see the church in person! 

If you have a bucket list...are you revising your list..or are you managing to cross some things off? 

Far Side


  1. 1. Revisit The Big Island. Sit by the tree where my fathers ashes were buried [I'm sure the ashes were swept out to the Pacific with the tidal wave in 2011.
    2. Hike the Ice Age trail segments.
    3. Camp out. And be like a wander-er.
    I like your choice of spending two months in Hawaii! That would be awesome.

  2. Never really had a bucket list. I had dreamed of being a published author when I was a teenager and I did get a few poems and a short story published in literary journals in my 50s.
    Love that old church! :)

  3. I would like to join you in the sauna - I'm a Finnish half-breed and remember being in the sauna as a child with my family at a friend's parent's place in Winlock, Washington. Although I have visited Helsinki I didn't do a sauna.

  4. I do not have a Bucket List, but I do have an endless supply of dreams. Kinda the same thing. I have achieved a few, including the big one I am living (having my own horse).

    I wrote some of my dreams 'er wishes down, and put them in a recently acquired Raku Dream Jar. The jar was apparently meant for me. The Dreamer is suppose to periodically pull out one of their dreams and meditate/pray/think about whatever people inserted and desire. The jar is probably a bunch of hooey, but I don't care. I love my beautiful jar, and I believe it is wise to think about and review ones wish list. How will they ever happen otherwise?

    Love the Church! Glad you got to experience it. I had Finland on my wish list too for decades, to see the Northern Lights. Before they got so darn over commercialized. Takes the fun out of everything. I think your new list is great and very do-able! I would love to see what you spin. My neighbor took up spinning. The last projects I saw were sport themed scarves for her family.

  5. That was an interesting "old" bucket list. I do like your idea of spending two months in Hawaii.

    On the travelling front my bucket list contains various cruises. I have one booked for January 2023 (hopefully things will be settled down by then) for a full-transit through the Panama Canal.

    And I'm still hoping to sell my big house in the next couple of years to allow for more travel. Not sure what that will look like.

    Lastly, using up the yarn stash that I have is a bucket list item. It'll probably never happen because I keep buying more but a girl can dream, right?

  6. Morden is renowned for growing cold climate things When you get there, be sure and visit the rose nursery.

  7. I had a bucket list, but health issues and other things took over. I'm glad you got to see the Church...nice.

  8. I never really had a bucket list, but in our travels I have been to most of the places I really wanted to see.
    Now my list is more day to day. Today I hope to watch the Sounders win, in person.

  9. I don't have a bucket list but if I did I would have two of yours. Then I've also done two of your list.

  10. I always say something is on my Bucket List, but haven't written anything down in a long time. I've crossed a few things off that list, but certainly not enough. Hmmm - now I may have to start a new list and actually put it on paper.

  11. No bucket list for me. At this stage in my life I'm quite content to just BE.

  12. I actually cannot imagine anything that I would put on that bucket list. I've done just about everything I ever wanted, other than raising my two children to adulthood, but you can't put that on a bucket list, since it's out of your control. :-)

  13. OMG, another Moody Blues Fan. I have been a fan of them since 1970. I have been to a number of their concerts and one Beach Boys concert where the Moody Blues opened for the Beach Boys. Right now I don't have a bucket list except maybe to move closer to my son who lives in Athens, GA.

  14. Very cool you got to see the church your ancestor helped found! I've always loved seeing the old buildings from back then. I had family that lived in Hawaii for a few years -- they said it was always weird to have Christmas with 70-80 degree temps all the time and one year "Santa" visited their kids wearing sunglasses, tank top, flowered shorts and sandals. I've never had a bucket list... I'm lucky to just make it through each day lol. Be blessed, Connie!

  15. I am so glad you got to see the church. My grandfather built a house, four square, in the country and I have heard it was moved to Lorimor, Iowa. I would like to travel the old little town and see if I could spot it. My dad was born there.

  16. So glad you got to see this church. I love getting to see it in your picture. I don’t have a list but would love to learn to knit again. I used to know how, but I am lost. Need a mentor. Can’t find one with covid.

  17. No bucket list here, I'm too

    1. You know, J-A RAMBLINGS. I don't have one and laziness is probably why. :)

  18. Great you managed to cross something off your bucket list. I hope you can cross more off the list soon, and don't have to completely revise it again.

    I had a list at one point. Then life happened, making most of it things that were no longer an option for me, and I didn't bother making a new one.

  19. I had a bucket list when I was younger but I have since given up on it! I do have a list of all the things in my life I need to get done before I'm much older, and a list of the things I want to get done, like completing the scanning of all my hundreds of family photos!

    I love the church and I'm so happy for you that you were able to see it! That is special!

  20. My bucket list consists of road trips to places my ancestors lived in the US. So far, I’ve crossed off Oklahoma City, Mt. Vernon Illinois and Missouri, Lincoln County North Carolina and numerous places in Virginia. Still to come are Rockcastle County KY, Abbeville County South Carolina, Charleston SC and North Myrtle Beach, SC.

  21. You have a splendid bucket wishes for getting everything crossed off it! I don't really have one, but I enjoy reading other people's! :)

  22. We have been revising our list from VACATION to STAYcation. We bought a new vehicle and a gadget so that we can sail through toll booths right before the shutdown. We don't have big plans, just long weekends and road trips to nearby states. The year before the shutdown we did make it to Maine (that was one of my bucket list items, eat a lobster roll on a beach in Maine). and did a quick trip (36 hours each way) to New Orleans to watch my niece get married. Actually we attended three weddings that fall in crowded rooms. Now we are afraid to go to the grocery store as our case count rises and even store employees have given up masks.

  23. It is good to have some goals written down (aka bucket list) - I always feel they help give some purpose to life, something to aim for. I've not had any for a while now and it makes life a bit aimless and wiffly-waffly. Must be time for me to write up a new bucket list for my new life! :) xx

  24. That is so cool about the church! I have a bucket list and one of the items is Learn to Spin!!! I still want to learn a language and learn to play piano. Ive crossed off several items that are now pretty impossible but you never know!

  25. Well, if you do your two month visit to Hawaii this winter, I might see you there! My daughter is trying to talk us into spending Christmas in Oahu this year.


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