Sunday, February 26, 2017

The last days of February

I am making absolutely no headway lately on the ongoing projects. It doesn’t help that I flit from one project to the next…or dream up new things I want to try.  I am real good at adding projects…several too many have been added. Then there are projects I didn’t put on the list …like taxes.  February is almost over and it is discouraging that I am not  able to cross some things off my list…and this next week is real busy with dental appointments and a medical procedure for Far Guy. 

The solar lights are beginning to emerge from the snowbanks.

emerging from the snow bank

Next summer I should put another coat of glitter on my bowling ball…it has faded in the sun…but that is a summer project. 


The solar lights are a welcome sight at night when I walk Chance…most are blue and turn the snow around them blue.  It looks like glacial ice…a beautiful blue color!

It has turned colder here, and it snowed again yesterday…but not enough to shovel…which made me REAL happy.  I am thankful it snowed instead of raining.   This winter has had it’s share of rain and ice far more than any other year I can remember.

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Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Connie. We were so relieved to check "taxes" off our list on Friday. We had a severe thunderstorms early Sat. a.m. and then our temps cooled off and the wind was crazy! A good weekend for us to stay indoors.
Have a nice day. Hugs to handsome Chance and best wishes to FG this week with his appts.

Still the Lucky Few said...

I'm in a similar boat...I just keep adding things to do on my "To Do" list. It seems I just finish up everything involving Christmas, when I have to think of taxes (horrors!). So kudos to anyone who has started the process!

Red said...

Some day many of those projects will be finished at the same time. Cold and nasty here this morning.

Mac n' Janet said...

Well brrrr, we were quite warm during the week, up in the 80's, but today is chilly, will only be in the 60's, we're very spoiled here. I haven't finished anything in a while, like you I can't settle.

Patsy said...

I know the feeling of starting and not
finishing. Hang in there spring is coming.

Linda Reeder said...

February is coming to a cold end here, with snow in much of the area, but 34 and raining here - the worst!
I have lined up a few more sewing projects to keep my occupied, and yes, those taxes need to be done now that march is arriving. I did spend three hours working in the yard Saturday, before the rain returned.

Terry and Linda said...

We are still cold, but the weather dudes say by weekend we should warm back up! I'm Ready!

Rita said...

Yes, way too much rain and ice this winter.
Projects have been on hold for me for some time. Pretty soon I'll find out how much I can do in this next month before new glasses time. ;)
The blue snow sounds beautiful!

Tired Teacher said...

It's been an odd winter all around. How fun that your solar lights are emerging.

Henny Penny said...

and we have had summer instead of winter, this February here in NC. Been strange everywhere, it seems.

Just read your last post too. Maddie is so pretty, and looks very happy. Her engagement ring sure is pretty. Bet you are looking forward to having a tiny baby to hold again.

L. D. said...

It has been strange weather here. I don't like the wind as it turns the warmer day into a bad wind chill. We warm again before another day of rain.

Sam I Am...... said...

Yes, remember last week when it was 77 here? Well, yesterday morning I woke up to 28! So glad I still had the heat on to kick in if necessary. It got to 50 and today will warm up more and tomorrow it will really warm up so there's a chance then of severe weather. Here comes Spring in the Ozarks! LOL!
I bet those solar lights are pretty in the snow. It has been a not so productive week here too but hopefully this week I'll get more done...I say that every week! LOL!