Saturday, February 4, 2017

Paige: Hockey and On a Stick

Last night we attended Paige’s last Hockey Game of the regular season.  There will be some play off games in the coming weeks.  She is tied with the record holder in her High School for the most goals in a season in Girls Varsity Hockey.

Paiges Hockey game

Paige is number 5 who ever gets that number next has some big skates to fill.

Action Shot Paige

It was a good game and Paige’s team won.  She skated hard and handled the puck well.

Paige has her own cheering section, she has a number of friends that don’t play hockey but they make a great cheering section.   They made a Paige on a stick!

Paige on a stick


Gene and Paige

Far Guy and Paige on a stick

Mom and Paige

My Mom…Paige’s Great Grandma

Whole group

Paige and her Parents, Grandfather, Uncles, Aunts, Sister and Cousins.

My other baby brother and his wife were also there to watch Paige play.  My Dad stayed at home, he was not feeling up to attending the game. It was a cold damp night and hockey arenas are cold places to spend an evening.

Well done Miss Paige!

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Anonymous said...

Great job Paige! I enjoyed the photos so much. Love the signs! Hope your dad feels better soon.

Cynthia said...

Congrats to Paige on tying the record! And kudos to the cheering section for all those hours watching in a cold ice arena! I always prayed my kids wouldn't want to play hockey because of that. Fortunately they both chose volleyball, a nice warm spectator sport.

Anonymous said...

Look at all that love and support! Great family photo. Way to go Paige! Good luck in the playoffs!

DJan said...

She is a very talented young woman. I look forward to hearing what she goes on to accomplish. And I forgot to mention how much I love the February header. :-)

troutbirder said...

You go girl! Trying to remember....Lumberjacks. :)

Linda W. said...

You must be so proud! Way to go Paige!

Patsy said...

Paige on a stick, how cute. Great to have loving family cheer you on.
(I have just about forgot how to cook,if he stops we may starve.)

Karen said...

Paige on a stick...that is great :-)

Red said...

Paige has what every player needs...lots of support.

Henny Penny said...

Paige looks professional! Bet she appreciated having so many family members there cheering her on. That's so good. She sure is cute too.

I want to try your recipe for the cleaning product (last post). It sounds good. Thank you!

Country Gal said...

Good for her that's awesome . I used to play hockey when I was younger cant now bad knees lol ! Lovely post and photos .Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

Linda Reeder said...

Hockey os certainly a family affair there in your neck of the woods.

Sam I Am...... said...

Awesome Paige! Congratulations! And look at all those adoring fans! You definitely have a "winning" Paige on a stick too! I think I'll do that for my grands.....and they can have Grandma on a stick for Valentines Day! LOL! In your case it should have been a little hockey stick!