Friday, February 10, 2017

Snowstick Contest 2017

It is probably time to start the snowstick contest.

Leave a comment with your best guess.   The date and morning or afternoon please.

Here is the history;
2011  April 8
2012  March 13
2013  April 30
2014  April 10
2015  March 11
2016  March 8
2017  ???????  Your best guess

I am not certain what the prize will be most likely a bark carving of a house. I better get busy and carve a few!  You can be assured that it will be a one of a kind Bark Carving!

I will add the guesses to this post.  Guessing will end at 9 PM Sunday night February 12th.  For the shy people you know my email address or if you don’t know it …it is in my profile…click on the little yellow flower on the sidebar!
12 inches Feb 9th 2017
When the snow, ice and water is gone from the snowstick I will declare a winner.  It must be grassy ground!
Blog Signature
Date         AM or PM     Name
March 1                   Sam I Am
March 3    PM         MJM
March 5    PM         Karen 51
March 6 PM            Dreaming
March 10                 Michele M
March 11  PM        Phyllis P
March 13  AM         Djan
March 14  PM         Mildred
March 15                diane
March 16                Terry and Linda
March 16  PM        Sandy B
March 16  PM        Linda
March 17                Mac n' Janet
March 17  PM        Marlys
March 18 PM         Wendy Danielson
March 19  PM        Karen
March 20  PM        Pippa
March 21  5:20 PM   Red
March 22  PM        Sonja
March 23 PM         Alvina
March 26  PM        LD
March 28 PM         Rita
March 29 PM         Kathy
March 29  PM        Linda Reeder
March 30               Cynthia
March 31  PM       Ann Z
April 1   PM         Dale K
April 2   PM         Bonnie
April 5   PM         linda M
April 6   PM           Anonymous
April 7    PM         J.T.
April 8   PM          Paula Kaye
April 10  PM         Sharon A
April 11  PM        diane in wisconsin
April 15 PM         Intense Guy



Kathy said...

March 29 PM Kathy

Sam I Am...... said...

I'm going really early this year as the dogs are already shedding their Winter coat but of course, that could be because we live in the south but it is only 30 here this morning but will be 65 by my guess is March 1st! I'll probably be wrong but I'm pretty sure it is going to be early. We shall see as I am no meteorologist.

Anonymous said...

Mar 14 PM Mildred

linda m said...

I am going with April 5, 2017 Afternoon

Karen51 said...

March 5 pm, that's my birthday!

Cynthia said...

March 30. I factored in global warming. 🤓

DJan said...

March 13, morning for me! :-)

Rita said...

I'll say March 28th PM just because it's my birthday--but I actually think it will be before that. :)

J.T. said...

April 7th afternoon - grandson's first birthday!

diane said...

March 15. Good a day as any other guess I'd make and it's my 70th birthday!

Mac n' Janet said...

March 17 in honor of St. Paddy.

Wendy said...

March 18 pm sure sounds like a good choice. Looking forward to spring to see more of your garden creations.

MJM said...

March 3rd, p.m.

Anonymous said...

March 16, p.m. Sandy B

Anonymous said...

April 10...Afternoon...Sharon A

Terry and Linda said...

March 16th!

Karen said...

March 19th pm

Bonnie said...

April 2, PM in honor of my Dad's birthday!

Pippa said...

March 20 PM

Red said...

I'm a sucker for wild guesses so I say mar. 21, 5:20 PM. Good luck to all the others.

Anonymous said...

March 17 pm


diane in northern wis said...

I'm going to guess April 11, PM.

Intense Guy said...

Apdil 15 AM

Linda said...

March 16, p.m.

Linda Reeder said...

March 29 PM

Anonymous said...

April 6 PM

Phyllis Pritchard said...

March 11 PM

Galla Creek said...

I am not guessing, but I am being thankful of being reminding that we had one little snow that was not deep enough to make snow ice cream and today it is 70 degrees in February.

Paula said...

April 8 p.m. My birthday!!

Alvina said...

March 23 pm

L. D. said...

March 26 pm

Dreaming said...

March 6, afternoon