Sunday, February 19, 2017

Car History

I like red.  I especially like red cars.  Red is a cheerful color.  Have you noticed how many different colors of red there are…Fire Truck Red, Orange Red, Deep Red, Raspberry Red…

The Cruze was not red because the red one sold really fast so I settled for black…years ago I had a red Dodge Charger…oh how I loved that car.  It was an 1982 I think.  Brand new.

A week ago Far Guy test drove a different car…and he was sold on the vehicle almost immediately, but it was a charcoal color.  The red car came into the dealership last Thursday.  On Friday I took it for a drive and three hours later we left the black Cruze and brought the new red car home.


Chance was not real sure about this whole new car thing.


We put his car blanket in the back seat and he took his first ride.

New Ride

Winterberry Red is the color.

It is the new Sunday car.  It doesn’t get as good of gas mileage (only 28 - 32mpg) as the Cruze that almost always got better than 38 mpg, we only filled with gas every two months for the Cruze now I suppose we will have to buy gas once a month.  We are not exactly big travelers.

All Wheel Drive should get us through the snow.  The heated steering wheel and seats will be appreciated on really cold Minnesota winter days.

Back up camera

How cool is a back up camera? Yes the yard is a lake…it was 50F here yesterday.

Maddie asked “Why did you choose red?”  Jennifer answered “ Duh…your Grandma loves red cars.”

Andrew asked How many brand new vehicles have you had over the years?

1973 Gremlin (White)

1978 Plymouth Horizon a special order with a special paint job (Black with yellow, orange and red trim on the bottom.)

1982 Dodge Charger (Red)

1986 Dodge Caravan (Silvery Light Blue)

1990 Geo Metro (Red)

1995 Nissan Pickup (Torquoise Green)

2017 Buick (Red)

The 2012 Cruze (Black) was not new it was either a rental or a program car.  It had 18,000 miles on it when we bought it and had 52,000 miles on it when we traded it in.

The 2005 Chevy Tracker (Red) was also a program car, it had some miles on it when we bought it, it is a 4 X 4 and is it our everday vehicle that now has 152,000 miles. It has some rust…Minnesota roads are very salty.

Other vehicles that were not new.  1959 Desoto Station Wagon (Willow Green), 1966 Mercury or Dodge Caliente (White with a black vinyl top), 1968 GMC Pickup (Baby Blue), A 1963 Ford Cortina (We called it our English Ford and it was light green), 1974 Gremlin (Torquoise Blue), 1973 Ford Pickup (Black), 1984 Nissan Stanza (Tan), 1984 Ford Bronco II (Blue and White)…I drove the Bronco for 20 plus years…I still miss that vehicle.

So much for Car History.  Far Guy says the best vehicle he ever had was the Nissan Stanza…he called it his office because he spent four hours a day in it commuting to and from work in Fargo.

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  1. I have to agree with Far Guy. I still miss my 1987 Nissan Stanza, it was the best car I ever owned!

  2. I hope you travel many delightful miles together in your new red car! You do very well to remember all that car history. I have had exactly two new cars in my life so that is easy to remember. I think my favorite was our Volkswagen van because we had so many adventures in it. Certainly not because of its mechanical perfection. It was forever breaking down and needing repairs!

  3. Congratulations on your purchase.

  4. Oh, I love that pretty red car! I also hope you have many adventures in it. You make me realize I've had lots of cars over the years but none of them stand out, except for my old Honda Civic, which I love but dream about a new car now and then. I'd love an electric one. Red would be my first choice. :-)

  5. A lot of cars and trucks. I wanted a red car this last time, but they didn't have one and I didn't want to wait so I got a pearl white one. It's 6 years old this year and has 14,000 miles on it. Not much driving.

  6. Your mind is like a steel trap! How do you remember all those cars and their data? I've never owned many cars in my life but then my life isn't over yet so we shall see! LOL! What is a Cruze? I've never heard of that one. You can tell cars are not a "thing' with me! LOL! But your new one is a beauty! I need a backup camera in my Tahoe for sure! The only accident I had in years was backing up into one of those expensive sport cars...porsch? Anyway, he was parked on the grass instead of in the parking space and he was so low to the ground I ran right over him practically! I'd never seen a grown man cry before! LOL! I felt really bad and apologized all over the place but he got nasty so I walked away and told him I would have my lawyers contact him. He told me I had to wait until the police came....I laughed....I told him police have no jurisdiction in parking lots. I paid for his repairs and come to find out it was a VW with a shell on top to look like a Porsch....I should have known when he was wearing a open shirt to his belly button and gold chains! It wasn't funny at the time but it sure is now! Enjoy your new 'baby'!

  7. Winterberry Red...I like it! My old Blazer is Victory Red. The backup camera is great! I get to use a loaner with a backup camera when my car is in the shop. Happy trails in your new ride!

  8. Very pretty. I had 2 red Acura Integras and 1 red Jeep Patriot. first car was a 1972 Gremlin. And I'd swear a Gremlin lived in it.

  9. Looks like a great "set of wheels" - enjoy! I've purchased three new cars and three used cars in the last 50 years. All but one were good cars.

  10. RED! You got yourself the perfect red car!

  11. You have a long car history.I've only owned 7 vehicles and the first one there was no such thing as registration. I don't think I even had a licence on it. It was a 1929 model A ford. I wish I had it today.

  12. Neat new car. Winterberry red sounds ( and looks) lovely.

  13. Wow, you have had a lot of cars! We tend to drive ours until they die. In 35 years of marriage, we both came in with trucks, and then have bought three more trucks, 2 cars and a van. We always had a truck and then a more 'family type' vehicle. Your new one is pretty well the same red as our truck,(the only vehicle bought brand new) although the reds are probably called different names. Our bright red car has 335,000km (208,000) miles and is still going strong. Plain Jane but excellent gas mileage. Enjoy your new ride, I sure would be!!

  14. NICE ! I know over here in Ontario Canada if you want a red vehicle the insurance goes up cause they consider red as a sport colour at least they used to lol ! Glad you are both happy with it and hope you get some good road trips out of it, looks comfy and a smooth ride . Happy travels . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  15. Ooh! Nice colour! I'd like a back-up camera. Those heated seats are magic!

  16. I can tell you, you brought home the prettiest car on the lot. I love it, and that is my favorite shade of red. I can't stand that orangy red or Chinese red. That is so nice! How do remember every detail of everything? It is amazing

  17. Congrats on your new car! Very nice looking!

  18. You will love this car. I bet the mileage will surprise you. Red was my choice for our car but I wasn't buying the car. I am wishing for a red truck but that isn't working out right now. Our car is an environmental version with a partial electric engine that kicks in when the use is slow. When I am at a stop sign there is no sound coming from the engine. I now park the car as far away from others as possible. The first ding on the fender did not make me happy.

  19. Beautiful! Love the color! I've never had a new car but a few "almost" new. I've been driving the same Honda Civic for years now and it's the most reliable car I've ever owned. Enjoy that new beauty of yours! ; )

  20. Winterberry red...what a great color. Enjoy your new ride!

  21. That's a pretty car and color. Enjoy!

  22. Interesting how many different brands and makes are the favorites'. We just bought our 4th Subaru Outback Wilderness Green.


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