Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine Flowers

Valentines Day.
Wally World was ready for the masses.

As we entered the building there was a huge display of orchids, we walked around the table and enjoyed all the different colors.  I have never had an orchid in the house…Far Guy went as far as to read that they like three or four ice cubes a week…I had forgotten that.

It was like a flower gauntlet.

It started to smell like a Funeral Home…you know that heavy “rose” smell that goes along with death… they were all ready in bunches…every color you would expect for roses…and a few I had not seen in years…pale lavender, white tipped in pink…sunset colors… and the usual pink in many different shades, white, off white, yellow, orange and of course red.  I must have smiled as I bent down to inhale the smell, different roses smell different…and it must have been a recent shipment as there was not a bent neck to be found…a few had brown edges on their petals…but as a whole they looked good….it might have been a Wally World Miracle!  My husband said “I should buy you some roses!”  I replied “Nope a trip through that aisle was good enough for me.”   He smiled.

Then there were typical red and white bouquets with plastic Be Mine hearts on a stick and balloons.  On past the cakes and cookies with every kind of pink and white frosting with valentine greetings and sprinkles.  IMG_4541
I have enjoyed my roses outside for many years. 
I wish you blue skies and sunshine and someone or some critter (cat or dog) to spend the day with.
We will be staying home, avoiding the masses that go out for supper.  We will dine at home.  Steak and lobster that we will prepare together and something chocolate!

Happy Valentine Day!
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  1. I love the flower displays this time of year, but always wait until after the big day when they are marked down to more reasonable prices.

    Enjoy your special meal with Far Guy.

  2. Happy Valentine's Day! Have fun!

  3. I have three orchids here at my house! I need to re-pot them so they will bloom again this year. I have had them over 10 years! I agree with you. I'll stay home. I bought myself a small bag of Lindor Truffles. Happy Valentine's day!

  4. Happy heart to you. I am planning on fixing fish sticks, Mac and cheese and green peas. Does it sound romantic.

  5. Your valentine date sounds perfect....

  6. Well happy Valentine's to you. Have a great dinner.

  7. Your dinner at home sounds delicious. We rarely go out but we got an early start today and tried a new to us pizza restaurant. We were in and out before noon and thoroughly enjoyed it and missed the crowds! xoxo

  8. I'm heading out for a run with Meredith shortly, and am having supper made for me. I see he brought home cider too ;-) I've already been into the chocolate! Saw a funny thing on Facebook. A couple were in the store. They each picked out a card for the other. They showed them to each other and then put them back in the rack:-) Now that's the penny pinching way to do it!

  9. Strawberry shortcake for dessert ( made by me). Yummy

  10. Happy Valentines Day - hope your surf and turf was delicious! We avoided the crowds also and enjoyed steak :)

  11. I enjoyed my Valentine's Day and had a good night's sleep! Love the pink. :-)

  12. Can't get any better than a good steak and lobster...and chocolate! Glad you had a good Valentine's Day, your way!

  13. Glad you got a "Chance" to "smell the roses"...lol! Happy Valentine's day belated to the cutest couple I know!


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