Monday, August 3, 2015

Evening Drive

Sunday evenings ride gave us a deer count of five.   Most of those deer were in the pea field down the road a bit.  Steve grows peas to feed to his hogs.  The peas were beaten down by winds last week…last year the deer were belly high in the peas.

Deer in the pea field

  They were pretty hungry.

Last week the corporate farmers combined the pea field right across from our driveway.

Pea Harvest

We are glad that dusty mess is over with.  The wind was out of the west that day and blew that dust right at us.

Last night the Canada Geese were homesteading on that pea field.Canada Geese in the pea field

Apparently they left some peas behind for the geese.  I didn’t know geese ate peas but they must like them too.

Sunset and the neighbors barn.

Barn at Sunset


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  1. I always enjoy photos you share from your drive. The barn at sunset is especially pretty. We saw a deer in our backyard last week. My cat, Ditto, that passed away recently loved peas. When we would shell the peas and a few would "fly" across the room, he would run to eat them!
    Wishing you guys a good week. I'm taking a blog break...John's diabetes is causing problems.

  2. I love the photo of the neighbors barn. Never new that geese ate peas. Enjoyed sharing you Sunday drive with you.

  3. Geese like the peas here too:) Unlike some kids I know:) Nice scenery. hug B

  4. What is it with peas? I didn't know so many critters like them. I myself love the taste of them, but my niece won't touch them, never would as she was growing up. Now one of her kids loves them and one hates them. :-)

  5. Five deer on a drive is good. Twenty five on our driveway last winter not so much. One neighbor was feeding them big time. The rest of the neighbors were pissed....

  6. Lots of good vitamins -- those deer will be healthy. I'm learning about lots of varieties of peas here in the South. So far I've had fresh field peas (a bugger to shell) and purple peas. I miss sugar snaps from my garden.

  7. Are those dried peas, they look awfully brown?

    1. In the corporate field they sprayed with something that turned the whole field brown a few days before they harvested.

  8. Awesome sunset photo! I am only familiar with growing corn and soybeans, not peas. I'm sure the geese will be drawn to any sort of left behind grain.

  9. Geese eat peas? Wow, that's a new one to me, too.

    Love the barn photo.

  10. I think the geese have the right idea! Peas, YUMMM!


  11. Your last photo is nicely put together. Geese will eat almost anything. Yes, they'll certainly eat peas and some of the leaf matter left.

  12. Poppy would like to see those deer around here. Won't be long until hunting season again and I dread it. I Love the barn and the sunset.

  13. Nice sunset in the last shot. We have soy bean fields around here, and I don't think I have ever seen geese there. I bet they do love the peas!

  14. Wonderful pictures. I guess every one is proud of this crop.

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