Sunday, February 2, 2014

February looks a lot like January

Uffda..still cold.  It is 9 PM on Saturday night and it is –19 F or –28 C already.

Chance needed to go out and play ball…he was antsy.  Now he is settled in with Far Guy watching an old movie.  There is only so much ball dropping and whining that I can take before he gets on my last nerve and then I take him outside to work at bit so he will calm down.  He can’t help it that he is Border Collie with excess energy.

The stars were shining brightly in the clear cold sky. The air was crisp.  The Big Dipper is pointed with the dipper part high in the air.  Orion’s Belt was easy to pick out.   I love the night sky.

So it is cold..what else is new?  The snow was very sparkly in the sunshine today.  The camera does not do it justice but I tried.

Snow sparlkles Saturday I worked on Museum “stuff” all afternoon.  I got my project completed and ready to mail.

Corn Field Trails

We ran a errand and recycled.  I think the trail along the edge of the corn field is a well traveled Wild Turkey Trail.

Layers of color 

Took the back way home…and stopped for a few photos.  This shows the color we have this time of year.  Doncha know everything is accented with white den… ya spring is still a long vays off.

Far Guy is out of sorts he might have cabin fever.  He wants to put the place up for sale and move away from the cold weather.  I asked him where to?  He replied “South, Arkansas or Missouri” I said “Why not Oregon or Washington?”  I said “Well we could rent a lake place in Minnesota for part of the year!” and he replied “What for?  Two weeks in July and August that it isn’t freezing?”  Point taken.  A few days of warmer weather and his sorts will straighten out again…or not.

I am sure that Groundhog will see his shadow and we will have at least 6 more weeks of winter except in our case where spring comes late possibly 12 more weeks of winter.

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  1. Yup Connie, looks like the same here, cold and more cold......Love the cornfield picture even with the snow, Blessings Francine.

  2. Our winter so far has been mild and wet. Very very wet. I think I've only seen Orion once this year. Getting more tha a little fed up with the rain. At least we live on a hill and so are not under water like some parts of the UK.

  3. Now that is cold. We are going to have the overnight temperatures down into the teens by midweek, which will be cold for us. I'll be in Florida, though, so I won't be feeling it. I'd be antsy, too! :-)

  4. Glad you finished the project and that you got out for a while. We get cabin fever, too. Very anxious for Spring

  5. I cracked up at south.... I expected South Carolina or some really southern place... not Arkansas!
    Yup, it sounds like a case of cabin fever. Take two aspirin, wait 4 months and all will be well. Mr. Dreamy makes the same sort of 'threats' - I have learned that most of his comments like that never pan out, but it is sometimes still disturbing. I think he knows he is pushing my buttons and that adds fuel to the fire!

  6. Those turkeys must wear some tall boots for that snow trail!

  7. Just so spring is arriving by the time I get there in May. ;)

  8. Sounds like Cabin Fever to me. Once the thaw hits, Far Guy will be fine.

  9. One of my blogger friends is moving from California to Sequim Washington. She wanted a place with more rain, as she has been throw two wildfires where she now lives, and has had enough. Sequim is in a rain shadow, so doesn't get the torrents of rain that some places in Washington do. I can understand how Far Guy feels. I like to be outside a lot, and a place where the winters are so long would make me difficult to live with:(

  10. Please tell Far Guy that I just returned to Minnesota from living in Oklahoma for two years (job changes). It was lovely there with mild winters with only a couple of snowfalls that melted the next day. Summers very hot and we had many days of 100 plus temperatures. The sun there is very strong much like Florida I thought.
    The people are friendly and we had a wonderful house and suburban community with lovely flowering trees and shrubs all year round - some I had never seen before.
    However, I did miss Minnesota despite our below zero temperatures, snow and ice. It seems that you can take the girl out of Minnesota but you can't take Minnesota out of the girl. You can't beat our natural lakes, green grass, and rivers and other water ways. Yes, I have cabin fever myself right how but with every passing day it is sunnier and the sunsets are later. Spring is coming.
    Shirley H.

  11. It is cold here this morning too, not as cold as you but bitter cold anyway. The ground is covered with 8 new inches of snow and I am sick of winter!

  12. This year has been one long cold spell after another. Not surprised your guys would have cabin fever. Hope you get some relief soon!.

  13. This too will change. I always figure if I suck it up to mid February then the rest is pretty easy.

  14. I'm in North Central Arkansas and it's snowing today. It's sticking. It would be better here. We have gone soft and complain about snow and ice when we have nothing compared to your state.

  15. We got about 5 more inches of snow yesterday here in our corner of Michigan, but it did reach 30! A little colder today, but last week I complained that I would welcome temps in the 20s. And so I am.
    But I would REALLY welcome temps in the 60s. I'll never be happy. :)

    1. Nothing like clear winter nights for sky watching. You can get an app that you point to the sky and it names the constellations , stars and planets.

  16. Yep the weather is about the same ~ we did venture out snowmobiling yesterday afternoon since it was above zero - it was nice to get out but was a bit breezy.... hopefully after this week we will get some February weather (oops that might mean more snow but warmer!) warmer would be very nice :)

  17. Haha. Wasn't that warm a winter down here, this year. Tenth coldest in 150 years.
    But we were warmer than you, so I guess that could be a plus.
    Not sure if you could find a place as pretty as yours. Maybe he just needs a sunlamp. That's what they use in Alaska this time of year.
    Have a great week!

  18. We love the night sky's to this cold clear air is the best for star gazing and for seeing stars and planets that you cant see in the warmer temps . We have had spring like temps so spring like something has returned here and in a big way ! Posting of it on Monday ! Thanks for sharing . have a good evening and hope you get to see more stary sky's !

  19. Like you I love the night sky! And the thousands of diamonds that sparkle on the snow. The cold...not so much!

    *♥´¨) ¸.-´¸.-♥´¨) Happy Valentine’s Day¸.-♥¨) (¸.-` ♥♥´¨

  20. Having to trek to school most days takes care of my cabin fever. I do have to get my wife out of the house so we have to make a trip to the big city when she can't stand it any longer. Our older neighbor lady thinks we are crazy but once you get into the car and find a close parking spot you only get cold shock going in and out.

  21. Hey, I know, come to CANADARRR eh?

    You can move up here, we barely have any snow compared to you, and it's only -15 at night here most of the time, the coldest it's been since we moved here is -25 C, and it's hardly been that this all


  22. Hey! I have just the place for you! I'm selling my house! I want to move back North...there's a lake across the street, 2 or 3 golf courses and all kinds of people from the North down here already. I've put a new roof on, new furnace and ac, new washer and dryer, Brand new sump pump. The house was built by my father who had his own construction company and he built it for he and my Mother to retire down here and they did. And it has a basement which most houses here don't have. 3 bedrooms, master bath in the master bedroom, another full bath in the hall, family room, 4 season porch, kitchen, formal dining room, huge living room, all brick except porch. Attached garage...the only thing I haven't replaced is the water softener and water heater. Tell your friends~! Taxes are low!

  23. The air feels so clean to me in the cold...and there's nothing prettier than fresh diamond-sparkly snow in the sunshine. Cabin fever passes. Love the turkey trail--LOL! ;)

  24. I do love how the snow sparkles like diamonds in sunshine even if the camera doesn't get all of that. Have Far Guy consider just "getting away" for a week or month but how could you all do that with Chance? I wonder if anyplace rents that includes pets. Even here in TN, we have some people who are "snowbirds" and head south to FL for the winter. They own a place there and here though. Generally it is persons who are retired.


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