Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ta Da!

Ta da it is all done

Finally it is accomplished.  I am not sure it was worth all the time and effort I put into it..but the kitchen cupboard and drawers have been cleaned.  Far Guy said “Perhaps I should just clean one cupboard or drawer a week.”   I said “Knock yourself out sweetheart.”

Ta da view two

Yes, I probably should be all matchy matchy and have a black fridge ..but the white one still works just fine..keeps stuff cold and makes ice cubes..what more could you want from a fridge?

I have cooked the last three nights in a row..tonight I am making my favorite popcorn.  Usually once I announce that popcorn is what’s for supper Far Guy takes over.

New Mixer with storage

Here is the new mixer with the storage thingy…it holds the cord and the beaters so everything is all in one place..ingenious..a woman must have designed it.  The new mixer works just fine…the mixer mixes as advertised.

Lemon pudding topped with meringue

I made some meringue for the top of the lemon pudding we had for desert last night.  I always feel guilty if I throw the egg whites in the I make meringue.  I sit down right outside the oven to make sure it doesn’t get burned.  I have been known to walk away and forget about stuff under the broiler…and when the smoke alarm goes off I am reminded.  So I have a personal rule..Do not leave the stove unattended whilst using the broiler:)

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  1. Congratulations! Your kitchen looks fantastic, as do the lemon puddings :-) Jo

  2. Love your kitchen. And the lemon pudding.

  3. Glad to hear you finished cleaning the kitchen. That gives me hope. I've been seriously cleaning and sorting and dumping in the basement for the last six months. I now have one direction that I can look and be pleased with myself.

    1. Love your kitchen ! The lemon pudding looks YUMMY ! Have a wonderful day !

  4. Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful!!! And so is that dessert.

  5. Love your kitchen, your mixer, your meringue. That was a lot of cabinets to organize. I am impressed.

  6. Looks great. Nothing like a clean, well organized kitchen. I'm jealous!!

  7. Love your cupboard handles. :)

    Do you pop your own popcorn or use microwave or hot air popper?

    Have a great day!

  8. Love your kitchen, it's beautiful! We bought the same mixer for our oldest daughter.

  9. A wonderful kitchen! Popcorn and meringue - a lovely meal!

  10. Well, this time you got the meringue just right! I love the way those coffee-colored points look. And your kitchen looks fantastic. You would have a hard time doing it one drawer at a time, since life would get in the way. I also like to tackle something all at once. :-)

  11. How do you make your popcorn? I'm always interested in a new way to do something.

  12. I love your kitchen. It feels great to accomplish a deep, thorough cleaning and then stand back and enjoy! That dessert looks so tempting. Hope you guys have a great day.

  13. Your kitchen cupboards are besutiful! I believe Far Guy made them? He is quite the wood worker. Lucky you. And congratulations to Him.

  14. Congratulations on a job well done.

  15. Beautiful cupboards! Hats off to both of you...Far Guy for building them and you for cleaning them! You and a few other blogs, motivated me to get busy around here too. I have a stand mixer and I guess I haven't seen the new designs for the hand ones. They've really changed but love that storage they have for them now. Glad it met your expectations! I just invested in a Keurig coffeemaker and couldn't be happier. I'd been looking at them for several years but I check the reviews and wait until they get all the "bugs" worked out of them before I buy.
    Love the meringues! My favorite pie is lemon meringue! Have a warm, cozy Sunday!

  16. Looks great! Funny, I don't cook/bake enough to have just the whites sitting about--LOL!

    That is the smartest thing for the mixer!! Wow! Makes perfect sense, too, and easier to store that way. I am impressed!! Yup--must have been a woman. ;) LOL!

  17. Love your new mixer - how handy! Mine has a stupid storage space that tips over with the weight of the beaters, spewing them all over the place, the minute you lift out the mixer. Obviously some guy designed that one!!
    Our SC house had a white fridge, black oven and stainless dishwasher! Oh... and the harvest gold fridge was still plugging away in the garage!

  18. Ah yes, the burning smell of sugar, and egg whites. I have a distant memory of that one.

    And the popcorn tip? Ingenious, I will be using that the next time I don't feel like cooking.

    You have sooooo much storage space, that's amazing. And here I thought I had a lot of work to do on my peasly few cupboards when we put our condo up for sale. LOL.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  19. Believe me, cleaning out stuff like you did is worth it. It simplifies life for a while and then it gets cluttered again.

  20. My personal rule is the same as yours, but then sometimes I break it. If the stuff is just taking too long, well I figure I can do one little thing while I'm waiting... and you know how that goes:(
    That is a good idea for the mixer storage, I like that. Now if you could either use it to mix in, or had a small handle and cup markings on the side, so it has another use, that would make it even better.
    I hope your Hamilton Beach lasts longer than mine did. We killed ours just before Christmas.

  21. I have not seen the mixer with the storage container - - - but then I have not needed a new mixer.
    Yes, it was worth all the work you invested in your kitchen clean-up. It gives you inner satisfaction as well as knowing it is clean and organized. It's good for the respiratory system, too, to have dust gone from your environment. Like me, I would have kept the white refrigerator, too because it still works - - - even if it doesn't color-coordinate. It's clean and functional!!!

  22. You have a beautiful kitchen. That is a great idea for the mixer storage. I've never seen one like that. We have never tried to make meringue. Maybe someday. . .

    Kisses for Chance,
    Emma Rose

  23. Yes, beeeyoootiful kitchen!
    ("knock yourself out, Sweetheart"--haha)
    Love the mixer and I have SO burned stuff under the broiler. Your advice is spot on.

  24. Woohoo!!! A job well done, ya must feel proud. Again...I adore your kitchen!!!

    What a wonderful idea for the mixer storage...your right, it had to be a woman!

    God bless ya my friend. :o)

  25. I absolutely love your kitchen. Isn't it great to have it all nice and arranged. I have that same mixer. Love the little compartment attached to it. Have a great day.

  26. Your kitchen is really beautiful!!


  27. me2. I always turn on my loudest timer when broiling.
    I have started walking away and leaving my tea kettle and other stuff going on high.
    scary. (a neighbor on one street over burned her kitchen up badly last month doing the same thing. except she got in the car and drove away!)


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