Monday, January 30, 2012

Saving National Geo’s and Time

The other night whilst watching Hockey..I searched for a photo I did not find..but I found lots of other things.

Like these.


I had a whole bunch of 1930’s National Geographics and then these two.  Then I remembered the day that Far Guy and I were at a garage sale that had hundreds of these.  We searched through stack after stack until we found  one for each of the girls from the month and the year they were born..just for fun.  It could be worse..they could have been photos of half dressed natives of some foreign country. Jen is not going to appreciate those Eels or whatever kind of weird looking albino fish those are.

I tried to save some time typing fast and not saving..I was almost done..and then the blankety blank old dying Historical Museum computer hiccupped..and lost everything I had written.  I was working on the February newsletter.  I came downstairs..disgusted.  Went back upstairs after I was done feeling sorry for my stupid self..and every five minutes Far Guy would holler “Save your work!”  I finally got it done, came down to print it out and discovered that I could not access a pub file from either of our computers.  I called Jen to make sure I wasn’t missing something.  I wasn’t other than a  Microsoft Publisher Program on one of our computers.  That program costs about 120 dollars…the Museum may have to spring for that software after their computer crashes. I believe a former Director loaded her personal copy onto the Museum Computer.  So anyways we had to haul my printer upstairs and hook it up so I could print the Newsletter..and then I ran out of ink…twice.  So now I need to go get ink before I can finish…I figured as much..but I held out hope that I had enough ink on hand to finish the project.  It is not quite February yet..I still have time.

We tried one of those thingys from Wally World Electronic Department.  It is a thinga mabobber  that you plug into your USB port and it makes your old computer worked as advertised on the Historical Museum’s piece of junk computer.  Eventually I will use it on my old computer upstairs that has lots of games on it for the Grandkids.  For now it limps the Museums Desk Top Computer along for the winter..which saves me the hassle of having yet another computer downstairs..but I am not sure it saves me any time at least not yesterday:( 

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  1. So, where did our frustrations come from before the computer age? Ah, the simple life way back then. Take a deep breath!! Hope your Monday goes smoother.

  2. Computers are created with the frustration factor built in for me.

    I tried one of those wireless things for my old game computer...I guess I'm too far from my luck.

    Glad it all turned out well.

  3. Love the old magazines! John and I did that one year for family members with LIFE magazines.

    Sorry about all the computer woes! Hope today is a better day!

  4. How frustrating. I'm not sure I would have had the patience to deal with all that. Never thought of giving old magazines with the birth date to someone, but it is very clever. You always come up with some unique ideas. Guess that is where Jen gets her creativity.

    1. Doesnt that just frost your goat about the computer its to bad they cant get rid of the old clunker and invest in a new one it would be well worth it in the end ! Some issues of National Geographic mags are worth a fortune , I used to collect them at one time and got rid of them I wish I hadnt I could of got good money for them apparently so I was told by an avid collecter of them ! I would of loved of been a nature photographer for them but you have to be really good for that ! Hope you have a good day and you are able to get your notes typed and copied !

  5. I've had days like that with computers, too. But now my system saves my work automatically every couple of minutes. I decided it was easier than to deal with the frustration of having the start over. Nothing worse than that! Somebody kept all those National Geographics for years. I would have loved to look through them...

  6. Computers are just not user friendly - I don't care what anyone says. I love looking at all the old magazines, especially the advertisements. Hope today is a better day for you.

  7. You might try Open Office. It's free. I know their word processor will import Word documents. I know they have a publisher, but I've not tried it so I don't know if it will import Publisher files.

    It's supposed to be easy to use, and the people I know who have used it, like it.

    Just a thought. :)

    Have a good Day, Far Side!

  8. I'm glad you know more about computers than I do! LOL!
    Those old National Geographics are wonderful! My brother collected them for years (and all the LIFE series of books) when he was younger. I wonder if he still has them all.
    Happy Monday! :)

  9. I love computers - when they work. Hate them otherwise.

  10. I hate it when technology runs amok. I always feel like I'm beating my head against a brick wall. Arghhh!
    I love that you found Nat'l Geo's for your kids' birthdays. We had stacks of them before we moved from SC. In fact, I had made book shelves by stacking magazines on either end and putting a board across, then stacking more on either end and putting another board across. I had three shelves I made that way. The only problem was if you wanted a magazine in one of the stacks!

  11. Yep, some days you just feel like kicking the computer to the curb:)
    National Geographics, love looking through those, old or not, while I'm sitting waiting in the chiropractors office.

  12. It seems no end to computer issues. this is my first visit. And I have to say I love your cabinets from the post below. And to find you and hubby built them is awesome. I bought plans to do my kitchen ceiling some what like yours. And I love that I can see I will love it if it turns out a bit like yours. I will be recessing an area for the ceiling fan. As we have short walls in this old house. But any way good to meet you.

  13. I used to have a pile of those National Geographics but ya can bet I tossed 'em out...Farm Boy tell folks, "don't lay it down 'round Nezzy, she'll get rid of it!" Heeehehehe, he knows me too well! :o)

    Booger on the computer, those hic~ups 'ell get ya every-time. I use Microsoft Word.

    God bless and have a marvelous week sweetie!!!

  14. I have not heard of a portable airport on each machine. I know we love our net that allows we to go anywhere in the house. It works great on the borrowed school computer, once we finally found the password. I have some ancient geo's, one from war times when they were selling spam on the back page.

  15. Sounds like a day when everything that could happen did happen. Those days are extemely frustrating.

  16. Whoa Nellie...what a day you had! Maybe you should have checked your horoscope first. Computer problems can REALLY put a hitch in your day or longer! Hope you get your newsletter done. I don't have that software either otherwise I'd say email it to me and I'd do it for you. Wish I could help. Hope tomorrow is better!

  17. save your work.. ha ha... we yell that at our house, too!

  18. I remember both of these covers very well, mostly the boy. I think he was one of my drawing projects for art class in high school, I took a lot of my art subjects from the NGs. My Grandparents kept all their NGs and passed them to my mom, I took them after that but then the book case that they were in was against an uninsulated wall and they went musty, gave me horrible asthma fits when I touched them, moved them to the attic to make room for the girls' extensive library and then they went to the goodwill from there. Some days I feel bad, today would have been one of those days, except that for some reason I woke in the middle of the night not breathing, so today I am very glad I'm learning to not keep everything that comes across my path, I still keep stuff but not like I used to.

  19. On second thought it was a Peruvian I did in high school, I must be remembering these from my mom's continued collection


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