Saturday, January 28, 2012

Icy Roads

The roads are terrible, it snowed some and then the wind blew and so the North South stretches of road are icy.

Icy Roads  Jan 27

Milk was the only thing that drew us out of the warmth and safety of home.  We should get a cow…or Far Guy should buy larger containers of milk.

It was a pretty day, even if the wind was blowing and there were small snow tornados in some of the fields.

I am not quite done with the kitchen yet..procrastination must be my middle name..we did stop by Wally World and purchase a new cheese slicer and a new hand held mixer.  I declared our wedding gift one from 42 years ago..unsafe with a bare wire.. and too hard to clean with all it’s nooks and crannies.  Mixer design has come a long way in 42 years with dough hooks and cushioned beaters.  Far Guy was looking at all the choices.. we both agreed that we were not going to do any dough and all of our bowls are beater proof..and wouldn’t those cushioned beaters be a pain to clean anyway.  Good thing I cleaned out the cupboards..this new mixer is larger than our other one and has a special resting bowl….Far Guy was anxious to use it. 

I did finish up entering a whole bunch of recipes in the Cousin’s Cookbook.  I am waiting for cousin Geraldine to email me more recipes.  Cousin Kathy is all done sending hers. We have 200 plus recipes.  I am writing a section of cooking tips now.

Make house rules..who ever gets hungry first should do all the cooking.  Oh my I  guess not those kinds of tips.

Some of these are interesting reading anyway.

Run ice cold water over popcorn before popping to eliminate old maids.

( What about the soggy package..will it still work in the microwave?)

Do you have any cooking tips that you would like to share?  I could sure use them:)

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  1. Icy roads. No thank you. When the kids were in Colorado I hated that wintery drive on I80 across Nebraska and Easter Colorado. I only got a repetoire of about 7 recipies (mostly soups) & my moms Norweigian "Klub".... but recent domestic duties are expanding my horizons. :)

  2. I guess someone has some winter weather this winter then.
    I'd like to see what Far Guy makes with your new mixer!

    Have a great day, Far Side. :)

  3. The roads look treacherous. Stay safe. Enjoy the things Far Guy creates with his new mixer.

  4. My most important cooking tip is to let hubby do it! :-) That road looks really dangerous.

  5. Hate to drive on ice, not so much that I have a problem, but all those other drivers are crazy. Hope Far Guy makes all kind of good things with his new toy.

  6. Those look just like the Iowa roads I used to drive on when I lived up there but at least they were straight. Down here if you mess go off the side of a mountain although they're really just big hills but every day there are 1 car accidents...a car and a tree, a car and a cliff, a car and a deer and they like to drive down the middle of the road so can you imagine if we had ice too!?!?!? LOL! And most of the speed limit signs are more like "I dare you to drive this fast and make it around that curve" and there are no barriers on the side of the roads or even those little patches where you can pull of...oh no...not here! So, I guess there's a reason God doesn't send ice or snow here very often else they're be nobody left alive down here.
    As for kitchen all probably know this but "anal Annie" here did not until a few years ago. If you crack an egg on the table you will not get shells in your bowl like you will if you crack it on the side of the bowl. It's true too!!! I was always digging out eggshells from whatever I had in the bowl and now that I crack them on the shells! Also, proving you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

  7. Not sure I would have ventured out on those roads...looks dangerous! Be safe!

  8. Laughing at the popcorn 'tip'.... yup, my mind went right to the bag! I do like your tip about whoever gets hungry first!!
    Hmmm, cooking tips to share???? I can't think of one, sorry!

  9. Yup! Icy roads are awful! Just keeps getting too warm and we get rain or freezing rain. Arg! I do love the sight of a little snow tornado in a field, though.

    Hope you love the new mixer. LOL@ ice cold water over the popcorn! Proves that household hints can get out of date, too--LOL! ;)

  10. Icy roads are what we have to put up with for living in an invigorating country.
    We have many of those 45 yer old wedding presents which i'm sure we;re going to have replace.

  11. Here's a great solution to the milk supply problem! For years I used non fat dry milk which comes in nice large boxes and tastes just fine if you mix up a supply with your tap water, and put it in the refrigerator. To me it tastes exactly like liquid skim milk. You also can mix up each cup before you need it. Just follow the directions and stir. Of course then it is not cold as when refrigerated but it tastes fine to me.

    I decided to start using dry milk because at one point I was not able to run to the grocery each time I ran out of milk. Some might turn up their nose at dry milk, but believe me, it tastes just fine and mixing it is no biggie. You can keep it in a tall plastic container such as you use for frozen juices. I recommend this!

  12. There's a good thing about your icy roads, although there might be a little ditch on either side, the land is flat:) Always looking for a bright side you know!
    Never heard of padded beaters for mixers. I'm interested to know what you bought though. I just bought a 'good' stand mixer a month ago, and finally got it out of the box. The third and fourth things I made with it were oat bran bread and cinnamon buns, loved that dough hook!

  13. Brrr.. looks beautiful but so cold!

  14. Your popcorn has the same affect if ya keep it in the freezer. 'Sure eliminates the soggy bag outta the microwave! Heeehehehe!!!

    A few years ago I read where all that foil wrap and plastic wrap type boxed had little end tabs that you could push in and never have a runaway roll again. Sure enough most have those little tabs I never noticed. Funny!!!

    God bless ya and have a marvelous weekend. Maybe Far Guy 'ill whip ya up somethin' special with that new mixer!!! Woohoo!!!! :o)

  15. Thanks for the popcorn comment, I finally had a laugh for today. Ice and snow is bad. We will drive a half block to the neighbors today because it is ice covered and I don't need to fall down. We need to replace our can opener but not until it is totally dead. We use our hand held mixer all the time but our neighbor did buy one like yours with the stand. Stay inside and keep off the ice.

  16. Not really a cooking tip but I was told at MY wedding shower that if I didn't have dinner quite ready...I should set the table. If the man of the house saw that he'd know it must be at least close.....It works too.

  17. I'm ashamed to admit this, but when I couldn't convince my husband that 'three meals a day' does NOT constitute meat, potatoes and a veggie, I finally did something I've never done: I discovered that casseroles aren't the anti-christ! If there's enough butter, milk, cheese, pasta and frozen veggies, I've got supper....or something like it.

  18. We buy organic fat free milk that has an EXTREMELY long expiration date. Thus, no need for trips in icy weather. Of course you do sacrifice taste and flavor in order to last so long.

  19. I was feeling like I should have pulled my foot out of my mouth after I said is Far Side going to cook? Sure was hoping Far Side wasn't upset at my commit. Hope you have fun with your new toy. Ann

    1. Hi Ann, I have now cooked three days in a must be a record..soon I think I will go on offense is ever taken when it comes to my cooking or lack of it:)

  20. Oh be careful out there. It looks so dangerous out there. Did you really need the milk that bad? Thanks for the popcorn tip. I will be sure to dry out the package first.

  21. Oh I kind of like your tips...pretty interesting ones at that.

    Icy roads, yes it takes some getting used to, LOL.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  22. Brrrrr - - - no thank you icy roads and frigid temps! And since I am going backwards playing catch-up, I know you finished the kitchen.
    Tip - - - boiled eggs seem to peel better if you cook them at least 45 minutes on a slow simmer - - after almost coming to a boil. Then drain the water and cover with ice cubes - - - - when have ice water, crack and peel the eggs before refrigerating.


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