Tuesday, January 3, 2012

More Good Gift Picker Outers

It is cold outside and snowy, so I am content to stay indoors and read and putz.  I wander around putting away Christmas decorations..read..computer..read again..cook..read some more.. scan old photos..read some more..ahh this is January in Minnesota.  I have not seen another soul since last Friday…well other than Far Guy and Chance. I could have stayed in my jammies for the past four days.

I have lots of new material to read.  Daughter Trica is also a good picker outer of gifts that I have to read.  Books are perfect gifts for me!

fixing Photos

Almost as good as taking a class..better if you are a slow learner like me.


Later in the spring I am taking a class by the fellow that wrote this book.  Far Guy will cut me out some blanks when the weather warms up. There are patterns for blanks and step by step instructions for whittling these cute little guys!

Far Guy was a great gift picker outer this year! *** I have to beg for his forgiveness.  Yesterday..I said he was not a good gift picker outer.. when he was such a good picker outer this year.  I am indeed blessed with many great shoppers in my family.

( Waving kisses to Far Guy so he forgives me and goes back to cooking.)


I am not quite sure how or what all this Kindle Fire does yet..but I can read..play Angry Birds and Sudoku and stay entertained for a really long time.

I need to buy a case..it is portable..so I can take it with me where ever I go.  I can read it even if the lights go out. I am not real great at their tiny on screen keyboard yet..I seem to have fat fingers.  I tried a pencil..it didn’t work. I wish it had come with a manual..there is an online one..I guess I should print it out.

I am cheap so I just downloaded some free books to read. 

For now it can just keep on snowing..it is warm inside and I have enough gadgets and books and projects to keep me busy for months:)

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  1. Your days sound like mine. Too cold to go outside. My son has the Kindle Fire and he really loves it. Guess I'll just have to get myself one so I can claim I am up to date with the younger generation. Just cuz I'm retired doesn't mean I have given up on modern technology. lol!

  2. My sister loves her Kindle Fire. I'm sure I would, too, but I really miss the iPad and will probably replace it with a new one. This seems like a really great second choice, though. I have heard so much about Angry Birds but you are the first person I know who actually plays it! :-)

  3. Are those pictures where you live? Looks gorgeous! Are you on a lake?
    I'm from the North originally and it's a long story how I got down here but I sure miss the North/Midwest!
    I am also "far side of 50" and like you I can stay in for days! I have more projects going than brain cells!
    I live across from a lake but it's not the same feel as the North and plus this is a man-made lake...that could be the reason. Glad to find you have this blog too!
    I wanted an Ipad for Christmas but it's REALLY pricey as I want the phone part and the 3g too. I'm holding out until I get the money saved up....I hope I live long enough! LOL! I tried playing Angry Birds but it wasn't for me. I got hooked on playing farming games on Facebook but they take too much time and effort and produce nothing so I am trying to wean myself off of them. The carving book looks great! Please keep us informed of your progress with pictures! That's cool!
    I'm off to knitting class this morning..first time I've been out in days! It is really cold here this morning..20...but supposed to warm to 50 by noon and no snow....now that I'm retired and don't HAVE to go out in it I would LOVE it! Happy New Year! And love to hear about your life up North!

  4. Sounds lovely, C! I love January read & putz time, tho my two students still keep it nearly frantic rather than leisurely. Pray I can delight in this pace for just a few more years! ;~) Both of the books I'm reading right now are big and heavy. I think a nice, light Kindle Fire w/variable font-size would be a great alternative to holding them up and out and squinting. Kudos to Far Guy, and wishing you a couple warm months of cozy reading. :~)

  5. Sounds like a perfect way to spend the day. Our last couple days have been similar. We finally have a light snow cover.

    Robert, one of the grandchildren recieved a Kindle last Christmas. He really likes his. A friend recieved one recently. Her children downloaded a lot of old classics for her. She says she is enjoying rereading them.

  6. I have that Photoshop manual and it is really nice. Haven't utilized it enough though, just not enough time. Can't wait to see your whittled little folk they look really cute in the book! :)

  7. Last night just found a knitting pattern for a kindle cover. At that time didn't know anyone with one. Sure it would be easy to sew one also. Enjoy it. I have to many needs at this time before I can get my wants.

  8. I bought a Kindle Touch for myself this Christmas, and I only download Free books, too. There are two blogs that feature free books for the Kindle and some for the Nook. Contact me if you want the urls

  9. I think you have started something here. Now anyone that gave you a gift and doesn't get mentioned on your blog might be feeling a little 'put out':)
    I'm having fun checking out your 'haul' though!

  10. Jen, Trica, and Far Guy did outstanding gift picking. I am enjoying my Fire also. Got a really nice case for it too. I play Angry Birds and Angry Birds RIO. If you decide to splurge - for 99cents you can purchase "Cut the Rope" in the game apps store. It is a fun and addictive game on the Fire.

  11. Woohoo, it's great to have good picker~outers in your life and it sure looks like they picked some good one!!! Jackpot baby!

    I can't wait to see your begin on your chubby little fellas, what fun.

    Snowed in huh...guess it finally came.

    God bless and enjoy your day closed in with your great presents.

  12. Maybe you can get a stylus for your Kindle.

    Good luck with all your reading, Far Side!

  13. We had a major snow storm yesterday after noon through the night and into this morning, now its sunny and a beautiful winter wonderland. Miggy and I went out for hours and I took over 300 photos, Had to come in before I wanted to cause poor Miggy was covered in snow balls stuck to her fur and was cold. I dont mind winter if its sunny I just dress for it but when its cloudy and dull those are the days I stay in ! Awesome gifts . I'm still in the stone age at times paper backs for ever for me lol ! Have a wonderful day !

  14. Winter is the best time for reading and puttering and watching movies. Ahhh!

    Those look like great gifts! And I am jealous--another person with a Kindle Fire. They look like a lot of fun! Enjoy! Enjoy!

  15. My husband& I each got a Kindle Fire from our grandson for Christmas & love them. I said I would never read anything but a REAL book well I was wrong. I download free books mostly but our granddaughter, said gson's sister, gave us gift cards for the Kindles so we can buy things. I just buy the .99 books. Too tight for more.
    I bought a stylus today but so far my fingers work better. We'll see.
    Have Facebook also on there and Angry Birds which G'pa loves on his. It's a whole new world for these two over 80 yr olds. The weather here in Kansas is not very wintery 52 degrees right now. We will enjoy it while it lasts as it is going to snow eventually I am sure.

  16. There seems to always be endless things that need to be done inside if need be for me that is. I always make sure there is a good book close by myself! Those little guys look so cute, can't wait to see how your class goes. That is pretty neat to have the book by him, you going to have him sign it for you?

  17. I noticed the huge system over your area dumping snow.
    Neat way to tell us what you got for Christmas.

  18. Good you blew a kiss. Wouldn't want to mess with the cooking bit. Had I been home for 4 days, I would definitely have been in pajamas. Enjoy.

  19. I spent one day last weekend in pajamas all day. It seemed like such a luxury! I just heard about the "missing manual" series so I'm going to look up the Photoshop one. Must do a post about my gifts, too. Way more tech fun than I expected!

  20. You aren't cheap. You are a frugal female. That sounds better! Those little people are so cute. Let's hope the teacher is as interesting as the people he creates.
    I am thinking of taking a digital photography class at the community college in a few weeks. They also have photoshop - - - but I don't have that software so will save that for another time and consideration.

  21. What great gifts. I have been in bed again since the kids left on Monday. Now getting back to normal, if I'll ever see that again. Miss all the noise and commotion, especially Renee. Gotta get rid of this bad cold again and ear ache. See you soon.

  22. My wife is always consulting the Elements manual. I don't like manuals. I had the old fashion photoshop training and it keeps my good for now. I still have an old version of it on my computer now. When I lose that computer I will lose the program.

  23. My wife is always consulting the Elements manual. I don't like manuals. I had the old fashion photoshop training and it keeps my good for now. I still have an old version of it on my computer now. When I lose that computer I will lose the program.

  24. I have a Kindle Fire that I got for Christmas!! IF you need help at all with yours, let me know!! I've got quite a few things figured out on mine so far.
    Stacey K.


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