Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blue Alligators and other stuff

You know you live in Minnesota when you stop to photograph blue alligators in the winter.


Someone has a sense of humor.


I took these photos yesterday..we still don’t have very much snow by Minnesota standards.

My kitchen cleaning was interrupted yesterday by  Dentist appointments.  “Look Mom no cavities!!”  Far Guy did not fare as well..he needs to have a troublesome tooth pulled. We have a Dentist in a further away town so it takes all afternoon by the time we both get our teeth cleaned and have our checkups.  We both like the same we schedule our appointments back to back.  Then we go over to the bakery and buy some Finnish Flat Bread and an Apple Fritter to gunk up our oh so clean teeth. 

One of our daughters wanted to know what was taking so long in the kitchen?  She asked her Father “What is she using a toothbrush?”  The answer is yes, sometimes and Q Tips and sometimes a tooth pick.  There is nothing  being done half a$$ed in that kitchen this winter.  Beside that if I am in there half the day..Far Guy cooks..cause he feels guilty.

I scoured the oven racks whilst the oven was cleaning itself..and the fridge got moved out and cleaned.  Not much more day maybe two and I might have it complete.

My other projects are coming along as well..entries from Grandmas 1912 diary, entries into the Cousins Cookbook and Photo Cards are being made and Newsletter Articles are being written.  One by one things are crossed off my January list:)


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  1. Oh, to get so much accomplished!

    1. Busy lady ! I have to get started on my spring cleaning soon ! LOL loved the stuffed animals all on the fence what a conversation piece ! I hate the Dentist thankfully I have good teeth ! Have a wonderful day !

  2. OMG! Those fence critters are just too funny!!
    The funniest thing I ever saw was the winter the movie Fargo was playing. Somebody had made a single set of tracks up to the fence alongside the freeway (94 right outside of Fargo), dug it all about, poured some red paint or food coloring or something about in the snow, made it look like something had been buried, and made a single set of footprints back down to the highway. I had just seen the movie and almost laughed myself off the road.
    Odd time of year for spring cleaning, but I have never followed the rules, either. ;)

  3. It does seem a bit bare for Minnesota. That must be why some clever person decided to get creative and make a landscape with a bit of humor. Cute!

  4. Your neighbors sure have a great sense of humor. Good luck with the cleaning. Are you using Far Guy's toothbrush. That is what I tell the Mr. when I clean. He just laughs. Little does he know!!

  5. I love all the "fence art". Glad to hear that you clean so thoroughly.

  6. Wow your kitchen is going to be squeaky clean! That hasn't come up on my list yet :) Hmmm curious thing about the stuffed animals....

  7. Oh boy, I don't think I want you in my kitchen ;) That is pretty funny with the alligators and such! Really makes you wonder what kind of person did it.

  8. It's amazin' what you might see when people go winter stir~crazy! Heeehehehe!

    I do believe I saw Big Bird and Kermit too, just hangin' 'round! :o)

    Sounds like your kitchen would pass even my inspection. Have ya cleaned out those nasty faucet screens and diffusers??? I disinfectant 'em weekly, they grow stuff ya know? I know...I'm twisted........

    Have a great day sweetie!

    God bless

  9. Hi:

    Here's a hint for easy cleaning of oven racks: put big towel on bottom of bathtub.Place an oven rack on top of towel. Cover rack with water from bathtub faucet then pour some ammonia over rack. This really gets that gunk off the oven racks! At least, it worked for me.

  10. Love the fence humor, I'd like to meet that farmer. Now you have me feeling guilty, I really need to deep clean my kitchen.

  11. Love the neighbor's fun fence! I'm sorry about Far Guy's tooth; that is going to be a terrible ordeal for him. Keep me posted.

    I enjoy deep cleaning a room at a time, especially in the winter. You sure have a pretty kitchen, Connie.

    Enjoy your day.

  12. People pay big bucks to have their car detailed that way. Maybe you could start up a kitchen detailing business. I would train others to do it though because your kitchen is already clean and you don't want to do that again for a while.

  13. It's so much fun to see something out of place. I love it when people do things like that, which make us all smile!
    You use the same tools that I do, when it comes to cleaning like that... I can go through more toothpicks during a good cleaning than I use in a whole year for other purposes!

  14. I agree. Great fence humor! Hope Far Guy fixed something wonderful. :)

  15. Your industriousness (is that a word?) makes me feel guilty? depressed? lazy?:)
    Good for you though and your kitchen!
    Uggh, don't get me started on the dentist and teeth. I got short changed in the good teeth department. Before much longer there will be more fillings, root canals and crowns in my mouth than actual real teeth. Oh wait, I'm loosing the actual real teeth too.:(

  16. PS
    And I love when you are driving along and see something like those stuffed animals. Hope they take them down they before they get gross and green and slimy.

  17. Like you I did my deep cleaning...toothpick, toothbrush type cleaning. Only I did mine in November. I threw stuff away, I gave stuff away and I stood back and admired my work.

    It is a good feeling!


  18. You are one busy lady! I need to get at some "deep" cleaning around here too. Like you we don't have our normal amount of snow but I'm sort of happy about that.

  19. Cleaning under the frig is a big one. I am always shicked at the dirt under it. How does it get there? When we had cats in the house, we had to do it more often because we burned up a motor from cat hair being sucked into it. That was an expensive lesson.

    It must be Dentist time. Terry and I both went this week too. We were good for another 6 months.

    Someone had a good time decorating their fence and it brings a smile to people too. What a nice gift.

  20. What a great way to get rid of all those stuffed animals that clutter up a home! Someone else was probably cleaning too when they had that idea! Now, everyone can enjoy them and they're out of the house! Very cute!
    I have a do you move a refrigerator? I live alone and haven't even attempted to move it...does it take special equipment? Does it take 2 people? I know that sounds dumb but I have never moved them. I even bought wheels for underneath but how am I going to get them under there? I guess I need to hire some movers to put the wheels under so I can move it by myself. I want to put flooring down too in my laundry room but how do I get my washer and dryer out of there to do it. I guess I have to hire someone to do the floor just because I can't move the equipment. Makes me mad because I could do the floor if there wasn't heavy stuff sitting on it and it would cost me a lot less to do it myself. Sorry...I'm rambling but you got me thinking about this stuff. Good for you though getting all that done in your kitchen! You go girl!

  21. I love the fence! Wonder how long the animals will stay there before they either get "liberated" or fall apart because of the weather. Inquiring minds want to know.

  22. Strange how stuff keeps us busy all day and we work so hard at it. Appointments can really eat up your time.

  23. Wow - you're practically snow-free over there! We have quite a lot now and the lake has finally frozen solid enough for skating.

    Love that fence - very whimsical!


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