Monday, January 2, 2012

Good Gift Picker Outer

It must be a real pain in the butt to buy perfect gifts for everyone.

I do not say that as the gift giver..but as the gift receiver.

Our daughter Jen must lay awake at night thinking of cool gifts.

For our 42nd Anniversary we got keys..with all the addresses of the places we have lived over the years.  Thirteen keys will now adorn our Christmas tree every year.

Got keys

Every time we play cards we play with two very old decks that the neighbors gave us.  They are getting really old..even the automatic card shuffler doesn’t want to shuffle them.

These may be too good to use.

the cards for Christmas

Playing Cards

Jen took Chances photo when she dog sat him for us when we went to Canada.  “The Fives” photo was taken a year ago, so both are photos by Jen.

Usually I buy myself at least one new ornament for the downstairs tree..I didn’t this year. Jen remembered.

Waterford Christmas ornament from Jen

A beautiful Waterford ornament will grace our tree.  I wrote her name on the ribbon I will never forget.

One year I forgot  momentarily that she had given me a bunny ornament.  Luckily I blogged about it and she set me straight.

She is a really good gift picker outer.. and I am positive that she didn’t get that ability from me..come to think of it she didn’t get it from her father either…she must have been gifted with a supreme picker outer ability at birth:)

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  1. I'm with you, how does she think of such great and unique gifts??

  2. I love it when some wonderful thought goes into a gift that you receive. My mother in law is the best one! Hmmmm maybe that is a good one for a post! Yours are wonderful!

  3. Awwww. Way to go Jen. Love, love, love the keys.

  4. Those keys are a brilliant idea! You've given me a good idea or two as well. Or Jen has.

  5. That is so special to recieve gifts that are so well thought out.

  6. Gifts that say something...that is wonderful.

    From my view, thoughtfulness and creativity runs in your family.

  7. What wonderful gifts!
    My daughter has come up with some great ideas too - she didn't get that talent from me. The key idea was brilliant!

  8. Wow, I'm impressed. I'm totally useless at that task:(

  9. Definitely great gifts! I'd say she got some of that creativity from you.

  10. Wow - what amazing gifts!

  11. In our family my daughter is the queen of picking out very suitable gifts.

  12. I am laughing at your new turn of phrase: good gift picker outer! Our son was endowed with that gift as well. He would rather not give a gift if he can't find the perfect gift!
    I think you did receive perfect gifts - I love the key idea and the cards are absolutely wonderful! What fun! Oh, and that ornament... if you'd like to put my name on the ribbon... then you can remember to gift it to me.... right?!!!

  13. I love all of these ideas! My daughter gave me a deck of cards once of our newborn grandson (he is now going on 10) and we still love them. But I am like you...I don't want to play with them. LOL Happy New Year!!

  14. It's a rare gene. I've only known one or two in my 60 years. You just can't compete with gift genius genes. You can only count your blessings if you are a recipient. :)

  15. What clever, clever ideas! I especially love the one with the keys. She is one of those people who shows her love through the very-thought-out effort she puts into each gift. Things like that make you want to cry, don't they?!! I have felt that way about some of the stuff my daughters have given to me.

  16. Oh that girl of yours does come up with some wonderfully unique great gifts there!!! Yep, I agree....she must lay awake dreamin' 'em up!

    It's great that you get to be at the receivin' end of 'em! Fun :o)

    God bless and have a wonderful day sweetie!!!


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