Sunday, January 15, 2012

January 15 2012

I bet you have noticed that if I cannot come up with a title that I just use the date.  I am so imaginative some days.

It is mid January and we finally got a little snow..not much, but enough to cover up the brown.

Snow Jan 14

We  went to town..this is what it looked like traveling behind a snowplow.

On the way to town

We followed him at a distance almost all the way to town.  You can see that the snow does not cover the grass in the ditches yet.   Even with this new snow of maybe an inch there isn’t enough snow for snowmobiling.

We can usually hear the snowmobiles at night out on the trail that goes by.. but not this year.  The lake hasn’t been singing at night either..on real cold nights you can hear the lake moaning and is quiet outside at night..only Bailey barking when she hears us open the door to take Chance out.

We had 8 hours and 54 minutes of daylight yesterday.  On a day like yesterday when it is dark and dreary all day seems shorter.

I finally made a list.  I have been doing lots of “stuff” just not the “stuff” I should be doing.  Hence the list.  I put it up on the bulletin board..the first thing on the list is to put Christmas completely away..the second thing is to make note of new addresses on the Christmas Cards.  I pass that on to Far Guy.  I sort out all the Christmas Photos and I gather all the Christmas Letters after I have read them again and staple them all together like one huge book and file it away in a folder marked Christmas letters 2011.  Not sure why..perhaps they will be interesting to someone someday… and I still have room for them in one file cabinet.   I can hear our daughters say “Why in the world did Mother keep all this stuff?”  So perhaps I am keeping the Christmas Letters just to irritate them someday.

I decided the list was necessary..I was having way too much fun lollygagging around doing what ever I felt like since Christmas.  So I am going to stick to my list for the rest of January and then take all of February off and lollygag some more:)

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  1. Hi Connie, sometimes titles can be so darned hard to think up, but after adding this post, one came to mind in the spirit of post-holiday, Making a List. Seems most of us make these lists of things to do, then find other things to do instead. I am with you on the lolly gagging about and making the list later, much later.

  2. I don't have any idea of the "snail mail" address of most of my friends. I realize I've gotten out of the habit of it, and if I need it for any reason, I either ask or look it up on line. It's scary how much information is available about us on line!

    Many people have been commenting on the lack of snow in their part of the country. Even many Canadians are without snow just like you in Minnesota. At least it looks a little bit more normal now. :-)

  3. Lollygagging is good, anyway I certainly do enjoy it. I made a list, but am able to just walk right by it. One day I imagine it will stick its foot out and trip me so I will have to pay attention. But for now, I am just doing whatever comes to mind.

  4. Haha. Sounds like a plan, Far Side. :-)

  5. I am impressed you got a list done.

  6. I have no lists, wouldn't do me a speck of good. I always seem to get sidetracked. Getting something finished around here seems almost impossible. I need some retraining, I guess.

    Beautiful snow pictures, glad they're not mine.

  7. I see things that need doing around the house and think, "I should make a list, and put this on it." But... I haven't gotten around to that list yet. Maybe tomorrow ;-)

    I like your plan of working through January and then lollygagging in February!

  8. I like snow, but prefer it with sun!

  9. I could send you some snow!
    Lists are good, at least for me. I need to get one made. Too much lollygagging going on around here too, but I've catching up on my reading, too much:) A book a day means I don't get a whole lot else done.

  10. Lists, I don't need a list - I am retired!!! Oh yay, that's why nothing gets done anymore! Maybe I do need a list, can't lollygag my retirement away.

  11. A little snow can make the muddy stuff seem so much tidier (not to mention making my garden look better) but we haven't had any recently. Enjoy your lollygagging :-) Jo

  12. Lollygagging is a good thing, but then so are lists, they keep the paper industry going.

  13. Lollygagging is fun, and it's good for the heart. I like that you keep all of the lists, and letters in a day decades from now they will make for good reading.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  14. I love that word! Lollygag. I haven't heard it for some time. Warmed my cockles. I do a lot of lollygaggin' over here. ;)

  15. I need to start a list too but I sure do love lollygagging!

    Chance is so handsome in the snow!

  16. I went through our Christmas cards that were laying on the shelves in the dining room. Much to my dismay there was 2010 Christmas stuff still there. I DID get rid of everything. uh... unfortunately my file was under the sink.

    I would love to come visit you and hear the lake sing. That just sounds wonderful.

  17. I do about the same with the Christmas cards and letters but save them in a gallon Ziplock bag. One of my coworkers is going to show me how to do mail merge between Excel and Word this year so it will be easier to sort and update addresses.
    Good for you with the list. You know I love them. I agree with the R & R whenever you feel like it though. My thing with the lists is there are things I really want done - - - before our kids have to sort things out!

  18. A list is a good idea. I need a list for the computer. I think of all kinds of things through out the day that I want to do and then forget when I'm at the computer.
    Yes you need some more snow . we got some last night but had wind so the snow is drifted into piles .

  19. Yeah, at my age I kinda question what my kids will say when they have to go through my stuff. I pitch much.

    I'm kinda of a list maker too!

    God bless and have a productive day sweetie!!!


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