Friday, August 14, 2015

Big Weekend

This weekend is an All School reunion in Park Rapids, Minnesota.  Anyone that graduated from High School there is welcome to attend.

Far Guy being The Class of 1968’s babysitter has worked on his class scrapbook and brought it up to date.  A classmate of his dropped off a photo that she found recently.

Home Ec Class

Home Ec. (ICK) Class everyone is wearing their creations.  I am not in this photo but many of my classmates(1969) are along with a few from 1968, 1967 and 1966.  I think the photo was probably taken in 1966.

Some of the classes decorated windows downtown.  The Class of 1968 has the window in the Pawn Shop cause Royce was in the Class of 1968.

Reunion class of 1968

Class of 1968 Road to Medicare…they all turn 65 this year. 

Far Guy ordered a cake that looks like a Medicare Card.  He made all the arrangements for a meeting place and has banners to put up…etc. All the details have kept him busy.

I invited a former classmate from Texas and his wife out to lunch the other day, ham sandwiches, salad and fruit…I even used the good blue plates and real napkins instead of paper towels.  They are RVing it for a few weeks and were appreciative of the lunch invite.   We knew each other in High School and were friends, since then he and I managed a web site for our class…which finally became a Facebook page.  He has not been back in the area since 1979.  We had a good visit.

I am going to help out with photographs for the Class of 1965, and then come home.  There are way too many people in town this weekend for me.  The only thing my class has planned is to decorate a pontoon for a flotilla on Sunday afternoon when it will be 90 plus degrees.  The rest of the reunion weekend with beer and music so loud you cannot visit just doesn’t appeal to me.

It is our daughter Trica’s 25th Class Reunion.  They have a party planned at the bowling alley/eating establishment.

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  1. Big doings! It sounds as though you've sliced off enough of the weekend to suit your style.

    1. Marty says what I was thinking so well!

  2. Sounds like a lot of stuff going on this weekend. This year was my 50 year class reunion. Can't believe how time has flown by. Have a great weekend and a lot of fun.

  3. That's pretty clever, to have a cake with a Medicare theme. Hard to believe that the Class of 1968 is now old enough for Medicare. It is true that time just flies by, doesn't it? :-)

  4. :) We visited the street music last night - there were quite a few people. I didn't see any of my classmates (maybe two that I am not sure of) -- :) Happy 25th to Tricia!

  5. Fun for small towns to have an all school reunion. That's what my hubby has in South Dakota. He also just turned 65.

  6. My small school has all-school reunion every three years. I rarely go, as no one from my small class ever attends. I guess we are Rebels!

    Please share a photo of the Medicare cake.

  7. My sister is in this picture. She is on the first step, 4th from the left. She's the one with the long black hair.


  8. It's good that somebody cares enough to organize a reunion. It's much appreciated.

  9. How fun to be helping out with a class reunion. Hope it goes well!

  10. Wonder how everyone feels about their home ec outfits now. Clothing has changed a lot since then. Have a fun weekend!

  11. Park Rapids is a hot spot this weekend! I hope you can find a quiet spot away from the beer and loud music to enjoy catching up on a few classmates.

  12. I hope we get to see a picture of the Medicare cake. I enjoyed seeing the outfits the girls made. Gosh they were good! I got a C on a simple apron I made for class. An apron!

  13. The glasses the girls are wearing remind me of some that I had. Good looking outfits.

  14. Oh WOW ! that's great . I remember Home economics and yes we had to cloths and what not lol ! . I hope all has a great time . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  15. I'm past my 50th high school reunion. I haven't lived in my small Oregon town since I went away to college in 1962, but I do attend the big reunions every ten years.


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