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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Retiring Fireman

At the annual fireman’s banquet there were three retirements.

My other baby brother, a friend and Far Guy.  Between them they volunteered for 58 years.


The third time is a charm for Far Guy.  He came out of retirement twice to help out because they were short handed during the daytime.  A while back he said “I am just too tired to keep up with those young guys anymore.”  So he turned in his pager.

The pager used to go off every night a 6PM for a pager test.  The dog knew that it was time for supper..the dog also knew if he and Far Guy were off someplace in the yard when the pager went off Chance was to go to the house.  I don’t miss the pager going off all times of the day and night..ignorance is bliss.

Behind every fireman is a helpful understanding family..sometimes they have to leave in the middle of a family dinner, sometimes they are gone for half the day, or all night.  You wonder are they okay..and what is holding them up.  Did they have one call after another..or do they have big problems?  Sometimes they miss supper time completely and even if it was not your night to cook..you cook anyway and save something for them.  They will want to eat and take a shower and sometimes talk..especially if it was a “bad call” and they need time to wind down.

Around these parts if we didn’t have a Volunteer Fire Department we wouldn’t have any Fire Department.  Well we would have one but it would be so far away it wouldn’t do much good.

58 years ..I wish I could get some long term volunteers like that at the museum..but I guess greeting guests at the museum isn’t near as interesting as going into burning buildings.

Thanks guys..you did good! :)

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  1. Almost six decades between them. You're right: they did good, real good, and everybody came out of it alive, with probably a lot of stories as well. :-)

  2. We have volunteer fire departments here as well and they are all brave and well appreciated for all they do ! Congrats guys on your retirement now get out there and have some fun lol ! Have a good day !

  3. Congrats on putting in so many years and on retirement... again! There is something about the allure of danger that seems to attract some men. My step-FIL volunteered up until his late 70's. In the last years his duty was to put a blue light on his car and direct traffic. Something that was important and made him feel good.

  4. Hats off to those three for a job well done. And to think of all the horrible things that might have happened if they hadn't been available to help out. They are the true home town heros!!

  5. A long and peace-filled retirement to all three of these wonderful men. Bless them all!

  6. Congrats to the three guys on a job well done. Connie, you've earned your peace of mind and 'ignorance':)
    Our local firehall here is also volunteer. Thank goodness for them.

  7. Such a necessary job in rural communities, congrats on a job well done guys. Your right if you didn't have volunteers help would be long way off.

  8. The job they did is amazing....imagine how things would turn out if they were not there to help.

    Great job guys, now enjoy your retirement.


  9. God bless those volunteer fireman and we are so glad they made it to retirement safe and sound.

  10. Kudos to these three men and all others who volunteer to protect the community. All the fire departments in my area are volunteer, and I'm sure yours like mine do much more for the community than fight fires. God bless them for all they do for the community.

  11. A great photo and fitting tribute. My thanks to these men and their spouse/family for their service.

  12. A wonderful job. Thank you all for your service of a different kind. Congratulations!

  13. Well, you can hardly beat the adrenaline rush of heading into a burning building, but I'd rather be a 58-year volunteer at a history museum any day. But thank God there are some guys out there who step up to do the job. Where would we be without our emergency response people?

    Congrats--and a huge THANK YOU--to Far Guy for those 58 years! :)

  14. Living in an urban setting with a professional fire brigade, one forgets the contribution made by volunteers to this vital emergency service. Congratulation to all of those three retirees, wherever we are we thank you and your fellow volunteers for their service.

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  16. God Bless them all! Having lived in the country or small towns I can appreciate the Volunteer Fire Department and always gave generously and attended and cooked for all events they had to raise money. And you're right about the families too. My son was one until they moved to the city. Unsung heroes and heroines for sure! Congratulations to all involved!


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