Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sit a Spell

Wiggle your toes..feel the grass beneath your feet.


Go ahead..toss off those shoes.


Wiggle your toes in the warm sand.  Grab your book, sit awhile and read in the sunshine.

Smell the flowers, there is a breeze coming off the lake..

Ah soon it will be summer again.  The snow will melt..the flowers will bloom..the bees, ticks and the snakes will be back.

Bees, snakes and ticks those are the things I hate about summer…oh and skeeters..but without much moisture skeeters are no problem.

I am allergic to bees.  My parents were recalling that story the other night.  They thought I was going to die after I opened the hives and was covered with bees when I was three or four years old.  The bees swarmed and covered me, I was screaming..I made those bees so mad that they followed me into the house.

My parents were counting the stingers as they pulled them out of my skin and then lost track..I was a mess.  A few days later all my joints stiffened up.. I couldn’t bend any of my joints.  They took me to the Doctor and the Doctors gave me something that must have worked because I survived.

So I don’t like bees so much..but they sure like me.  I used to be very afraid of them..if one would land on me I would go all girly and scream and run away…and get stung.  My baby brother never got stung..if one would land on me he would say “ Hold real still and they won’t sting you!”  I held as still as I could whilst sobbing..and still got stung. 

Sedum and a bee September

I am not so afraid of bees anymore.  I can take photographs of was a major accomplishment for me. I keep EpiPens readily available.

I tolerate the ticks..I don’t like them..I don’t like that they carry Lyme's disease and other tick diseases that we have to worry about with Chance.

Snakes..I am very afraid of them..pee your screaming meamy away afraid. I am certain it is a fear that I will never get over..but as long as we have snow covering the ground I can relax..until spring:(

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Primitive Stars said...

Morning, I`ll pour a coffee and come sit with you.......Poor you, but I do like bees it`s those darn Wasps drive me crazy......Ticks I put up with too, snales, not so much either,, but would love some Spring right now, Francine.

troutbirder said...

Sounds good. I can't wait....:) It's ticks and especially the tiny deer ticks that cause Lyme disease that make me shower and shower and submit to the tick inspecter (the Mrs.) that give me nightmares. The rest are more an annoyance that a big problem for me...

Country Gal said...

Oh lovely photos ! Yes I think we are all waiting for spring and summer ! Have a good day !

Beth said...

My daughter is allergic to bees too.
I am ready for the warmth of summer!

Anonymous said...

My mom was deathly allergic to bees. I'm not that bad, but I do swell up pretty good so I don't want to tempt fate. I've learned to be very calm in the presence of bees (on the outside). Ticks, I hate. Snakes, I hate. Worms? They scare me ever since a traumatic worm incident when I was a child. I'm looking forward to summer too. :)

Nancy said...

Add spiders to your list, and you have my least favorite critters.

Connie Peterson said...

I carry an Epi-pen with me at all times, too. My problem is "Sweat" bees ... everyone says "oh, they are so cute and they don't sting!" But those are the ones that are deadly to me ... every one else pretty much leaves me alone. I stay in the house when we have an invasion of them. But I can't wait for Spring, no matter what little creepy crawlies come out!

Linda Reeder said...

Hi! I followed you tag from your comment on my garfen show post. thanks for stopping by.
I think I might enjoy following your blog too. And I'm right with you on snakes! Ugh!

linda m said...

Love your Summer pictures. They are needed right about now.

Linda said...

I'm looking forward to summer too....NOT however the snakes.....I scream like a girl but haven't yet peed my might hamper the running ability.

DJan said...

In Colorado the ticks were so numerous at times that they hung off the trees waiting for people to pass underneath. I would have to strip and shower after every hike, and then sometimes I would STILL see them climbing up the walls. Not so bad here in the Pacific Northwest, but I don't like them either!

thecrazysheeplady said...


Red said...

This is damned if you do and damned if you don't. The pleasures of summer and the horrors of summer..I hope the bees stay away from you.

RURAL said... substitute that word for bees, and snakes....and I totally understand. And don't you love when someone says "oh they are smaller then you are, they won't hurt you"...sure about that?


West Side of Straight said...

Sounds like you CAN'T WAIT for summer!

Leah said...

How refreshing to see the summer flowers! and I have to admit... shorts and barefoot sound wonderful!

Marie said...

I like bees - I'm not afraid of them and they never sting me, so I think it's true that they know when you're afraid of them. Guess that's not helpful for someone who's allergic, is it. My husband is allergic to them and he's taking the series of shots - I hope it helps. I seriously hate ticks though - I became deathly ill with Powassan virus from a tick 2 summers ago, spent 5 days in the hospital, so I freak out from ticks! Guess we all have our 'thing' don't we ;) Love your pictures - I can't wait for summer too, in spite of the unwelcome 'visitors'!

Lynda said...

I agree with you about the bees. It scares me to think about what you suffered when you were a preschooler and got stung so ferociously. I have been stung enough to not want to be anymore.
I love springtime, autumn, and like winter. Summer is tooo, tooo hot. It melts me. A/C is my best friend from May-September.

Jacqi Stevens said... sold me. I guess snow isn't so bad, after all. =)

Sam I Am...... said...

Same Mother was allergic to bees or wasps so I thought I would be but I got stung by a wasp and although it hurt...nothing happened. So, I still hate them and if one gets in the house watch out! I take the spray cans which are meant for outside and spray that sucker and then I'm left with a dripping mess on my windows, curtains, walls....whatever...but he's dead! I can breathe again. So, if you're ever in my house and there's a wasp.....get out of the way cuz I'm a mad woman with that spray fact I usually have one in each hand in case one runs out! Ha! Ha!
Snakes aren't so bad if I know what kind they are...but down here there are so many poisonous ones. When I first came here I was digging around in the back yard that first Spring and found these GIGANTIC red worms and I thought WOW....this soil is going to be great! Then I realized they weren't worms but baby copperheads and where the heck was the Mother? AHHHHHH!!!!! I dropped that puppy(snake) and didn't come out of the house for a week! You take your life in your hands gardening down here. Arkansas Department of Wildlife has a book on poisonous snakes in Arkansas and I swear that thing is over an inch thick! At least I knew the wildlife in the Midwest but here I'm a sitting duck! LOL! I must admit there are no mosquitoes here to speak of at all which is strange because it's so humid.
So...yep, bees, snakes, ticks (OMG do we ever have those!) and chiggers which I am blessed they don't bother me and "no seeums", sand fleas and we can't forget the armadillos which just LOVE to dig for grubs all over my yard and obviously I am grub headquarters here in my neighborhood! Good luck to us all!

Terry and Linda said...

I have two snakes that live in the chicken house all summer long...I don't like to see them, I always jump and scuttle away, but I let them stay, because the mice don't like them either and will leave after a few of them are eaten. Works for all of us.

Now spiders......that's another story.

*♥´¨) ¸.-´¸.-♥´¨) ¸.-♥¨) (¸.-´ (¸.-` ♥♥´¨

L. D. said...

Your shot of the chairs next to the birch trees and the shore really brought back many memories. I spent a lot of time up there in my younger years on Lake Pokegama. It is one of the reasons why I brought home a birch sapling to grow in my yard.